Creating backup copies of your DVDs can actually be a bit more challenging than simply copying files from the optical drive to a location on your hard drive or LAN. This becomes evident the moment you want to clone a movie and preserve the menu structure, languages and extras.
To make this task as less tedious as possible, many specialized tools have been created and among them you will surely discover 1Click DVD Copy. As the name clearly states, the main focus is to minimize the interaction with the user and create perfect disc copies on the spot.
Since such an application should be very easy to use and target beginners and professional users alike, 1Click DVD Copy's look has been reduced to a minimum, so you won't waste your time with complex configurations.
Thus, the main window comprises just the tools you need to copy a DVD on the fly, but those looking for a bit of customization can have a look in the options menu. In there you will find the settings that enable you to create a copy on the local disk, include extras or episodes from the DVD, make all the languages available in the copy as well, include subtitles and movie menus.
Although it may seem a basic tool, 1Click DVD Copy hides many more features. Not only that you can choose the burn speed and the volume name via the right-click menu in the main window, but it also comes with some goodies for expert users, such as DVD-R write mode and CPRx error correction.
The copying process can take quite some time, depending on how much information you have stored on the disc. During our tests, 1Click DVD Copy took a whole hour to clone a full DVD to a local folder.
To conclude, it's safe to say that this application can get the job done very well and it really needs only one click to do that. The extra settings are a welcomed bonus so both advanced and less-experienced users can benefit from it.







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Clone DVD movie and all contained disks to hard disk.
Brings the original DVD menu and all DVD contents to the hard disk for backup/restore.
Automatically back up the ISO file in the DVD drive for DVD movie backup.
Set DVD language and subtitles.
Support DVD region, DVD region setting and DVD region code.

Copied DVD plays perfectly on any DVD player.
Enables you to playback copied DVD on the DVD player without software installed.
Allows you to transfer the backup copy to any DVD disk including DVD region 1/2/3 discs.
All language with French/English/English/Chinese/German/Spanish/Portuguese/Japanese/Korean/Russian/Latin American.

With this tool, you can create a backup copy of DVD/BD/CD/A DVD/CD/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-RAM or a CD/DVD/BD-R/BD-RW/DVD+RW/BD-RE/Blu-ray+RW/Blu-ray Discs to a local folder. It’s also possible to backup the contents of a DVD and its menus to a hard disk. With this program you can also rip the DVD menu to XML file.

It’s possible to backup all sub-features as well. For example, DVD ISOs (ISO images), the DVD’s audio file, subtitles, menu and so on.
It is possible to backup both DVD and DVD/BD/CD/A as well as DVD/BD/CD/A/Blu-ray Discs as backup sources.
You can specify the DVD region. All DVD Regions can be backed up to a hard disk.
You can copy any number of DVD’s.
You can specify the DVD region and make the DVD region code also as a backup source.

DVD Clone Suite 4.1.7
DVD Clone Suite 4.1.7 is a powerful application designed to copy DVD and DVD-RW discs and batch encode up to 50 DVD’s, with a lot of extra features. In addition to copying the titles from a DVD, DVD Clone Suite also allows you to copy up to 6 or even 15 DVD-RW discs and batch encode up to 4 DVD’s to DVD-RW discs. You can also create ISO files from DVD’s and use them to distribute DVDs. This is the most complete DVD copying package.
Some of the key features of this product:

The option to

1Click DVD Copy For Windows

1Click DVD Copy is a complete DVD Clone, Backup and burning software. It was designed for those who need to duplicate a DVD or burn a disc quickly. Because it uses the industry-standard DVD-Video format, it is also compatible with all new DVD players and most DVD-Video ripping applications.
Key Features:
– Burn a copy of an existing DVD to another DVD disc.
– Create a blank DVD disc.
– Backup a DVD or the main folders to a different DVD or hard drive.
– Include extras and episodes from the DVD.
– Include subtitles and a DVD menu.
– Add music tracks to the copied DVD.
– Change the files and folders from the backup DVD.
– Play the backup DVD on a DVD player.
– Create backup CD discs.
– Supports file sizes of 2G or more.
– Create a disc from a folder.
– Have full control over the IFO file.
– Create iso files from a disc.
– Make a DVD image with nero or any DVD burner software.
– Convert DVD discs to digital files (avi, mp4, mpg, mpeg).
– Make a complete image of an existing DVD disc.
– Make copies of whole DVDs or individual files.
– Change the copy options.
– The hottest DVD backup tool that makes it all simple to get the best from your disc. Just choose copy, choose files to backup, choose a destination, add music and burn! 1Click DVD Copy will get everything else done for you.
– Is it time to make a DVD copy? Use 1Click DVD Copy to do it quickly and easily.
Key Benefits:
– Clone a DVD
– Backup a DVD
– Makes a DVD image with Nero
– Make a DVD copy
– Make a DVD backup
– Create a DVD from a folder
– Copy the files
– Make a CD backup
– Copy disc
– Make a backup CD
– Movie files backup
– Burn a CD
– Create a backup disc
– DVD backup and image
– DVD DVD burning
– DVD burning software
– DVD backup software
– Burn the disc
– Burn the backup CD
– Create DVD backup
– Create a DVD image
– Burn the DVD disc
– Copy the DVD
– DVD copying
– DVD DVD copying
– DVD DVD copying
– DVD DVD copying
– DVD DVD copying
– DVD DVD copying
– DVD DVD copying

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1Click DVD Copy was created to provide a simple and fast method of copying DVD and CD. The creation of the program started from the simple need to copy an audio CD. But as users started to ask for the possibility to copy an entire DVD, the first version of 1Click DVD Cop was born.1Click DVD Cop has been an amazingly fast program, and it did not take too much time to create it. The only reason for this, is that I decided to use only commercial applications that have all their source code open source. Nobody wants to buy a program and then later finds out that it was built from public source. So I bought a license for the Windows XP, and I never had to pay a cent in the future for any version.The program is intuitive, easy to use, and anyone can make an amazing job with it.The program has many different options, such as options to make the format of the created DVD compatible with all kinds of players. I included the option to include subtitles, in case a user has problems with subtitles or there is not enough room for subtitles. The program also has the ability to clone the DVD or CD so that the titles of the DVD or CD are preserved. After the DVD has been cloned, the audio tracks, chapters, and other information are saved in separate files. The included cloner is very accurate, but it was designed only for DVDs.1Click DVD Cop is a great tool for users looking for a time-saving tool.1Click DVD Cop is a great tool for users looking for a time-saving tool.Rating: 4/5,

Monday, April 26, 2010

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The simple interface of this software make it very easy for anyone to use. All the functions are the same as on the premium version, except that for free users, there are some limitations. If the most important function is not important to you, don’t waste your money on the premium version. As a rule, it is better to use the basic version without any additional features.DIscovery Pro – the best data recovery software…Rating: 5/5,

3. Download Skin.ASP – Samples Skin for Direct2D/DirectWrite –

Skin.ASP is a skin that is going to apply on all interfaces, so that you can look at your project in the desired way. You can

What’s New In?

1Click DVD Copy performs DVD copying in a simple and easy-to-use manner. It comes bundled with the most recent updates of official DVD software to provide 1Click copying of nearly every DVD player and recorder on the market. It starts to copy discs in a blink of an eye and requires no special manual settings. If you know how to open, copy and close an application, then 1Click DVD Copy is exactly what you need.

Truman – The Vision-Dateien(2014/09/25,Auserlesen.)Beschreibung:DANIEL WILLIAMS
will be at The Miami International Boat Show from Sept. 23 to 27, 2014.
The Vision® Technologies booth will be located in the Miami International Boat Show Main Arena at Booth No. D625.
Williams will be accompanied by Two Keynotes with numerous presentations and exhibits. Williams also will give personal presentations to visitors and media.
“We are very excited to be at this year’s Miami Boat Show,” Williams said. “We are pleased to be exhibiting our Vision® Technologies products and services in the business systems center at the new show.
“Williams Technology Solutions is proud to be the first boat contractor to offer such a comprehensive integrated design, engineering, manufacturing and installation service.”
The Vision® Technologies booth will feature a technology demonstration that will show the boat industry a unique new design and engineering process, using laser-scanning technology and computer software to create an accurate, interactive, floating virtual vessel model. The virtual reality model then can be used by designers and engineers for visualization, validation and other project planning tools, as well as for trade fair and other marketing tools, the company said.
In addition, William Technology Solutions will conduct one-on-one discussions with boat manufacturers. Williams Technologies will conduct comprehensive product testing, demonstrations and surveys of products that are currently on the market, and will display a custom pressure testing boat simulator that will measure and record the boat’s performance in the event of a repair or major rebuild. Visitors will be able to ask questions of Williams Technologies engineers and consultant on how boats are designed, built, and constructed.
“We have had a lot of interest in this booth concept from the boat industry,” Williams said. “We always enjoy finding new ways to further our goal of making fishing and boating more enjoyable.”
Williams Technologies will also host an educational fishing tournament using the unique technology at the show. Visitors will learn about ‘virtual boats’ and an opportunity to participate in the tournament.

System Requirements:

Minimum Specifications:
Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or newer
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 2 GB video card capable of DirectX 11
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
OS: Windows Vista/7
Minimum Graphics Requirements:
Processor: 512 MB Video Card (800×600, 1024×768)
Recommended Specifications: