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The latest version of Adaptrade Builder Serial Key has moved away from being a simple program to one that actually identifies market anomalies, and builds and optimizes trading strategies using genetic programming. Adaptrade Builder does something that other market analyzers simply don’t do, and that is help users build and optimize their strategies. Genetic programming provides an algorithm to build and test hundreds of trading strategies for various markets, in a fraction of the time it takes other stochastic market analyzers. Adaptrade Builder is also far superior to most trading programs on the market today for that very fact that it focuses heavily on identifying market anomalies – this is extremely beneficial, as the more characteristics and market conditions that are covered, the more likely the results are to be more accurate. The key features of Adaptrade Builder’s genetic programming are as follows: Analyzes all of the most important characteristics of a market Aims to identify anomalies and price clusters Identifies and builds strategies on “unobserved” trends Generates optimized trading strategies that are the most profitable There are four main types of technologies that allow the program to do what it does best: Algorithms that analyze hundreds of variables at once Market trend searching algorithms Monte Carlo simulations Optimization algorithms that use genetic programming The program also uses the fourth most important technology: Market data and historical data dumps Genetic programming and cross validation Source: Features: Can be used with two different types of markets Trades, stocks, and futures trading with both stocks and forex TradeStation, MultiCharts, NinjaTrader 7, MetaTrader 4, and AmiBroker compatible Various historical data options Ability to use both automated and manual trading Can be used for both stocks and forex Can construct both automated and manual strategies Allows for various types of strategies Provides automatic cross validation and open risk Ability to save, load, and export various strategies Compatible with MAC and Windows The latest version of Adaptrade Builder has moved away from being a simple program to one that actually identifies market anomalies, and builds and optimizes trading strategies using genetic programming. Adaptrade Builder does something that other market analyzers simply don’t do, and that is help users build and optimize their strategies. Genetic programming provides an algorithm

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Generates optimal strategies using genetic programming techniques Builds trading strategies and backtests simulations Used to measure trading strategies in a stochastic environment This… … Also see an overview of Unwinding Option Strategy Scenarios. General Information about Unwinding options… process with the option to unwind the position earlier. These additional features include the ability to provide a potential value of the option at the end of the call period (or a “value at option expiration” (VOE)), and the ability to provide the ultimate payoff of an option prior to expiration. These details allow the investor to control the risk associated with the position by limiting the possibility of a loss. Unwinding Option Strategy Scenarios The Unwinding Option Scenarios include four risk limiting position types: L-Call R-Call L-Put R-Put The L-Call, R-Call, L-Put and R-Put are the four risk limiting position types in the original option selling and purchasing model described in “Option Selling and Purchasing Strategy Development” found on page 5 of the Options Institute, Inc. e-book. These risk limiting position types offer limited risk using options in a way that would be considered risky if performed with traditional instruments such as futures contracts, or any other financial instruments. The risk limiting position types are modeled using similar principles as the original risk limiting position types. The Unwinding Option Strategies replace the underlying futures contracts with one or more option contracts. Option contracts are risk neutral contracts because they “do not pay off if you do not exercise.” Like the risk limiting position types, the Unwinding Option Strategies use option contracts to limit risk by forcing the investor to decide whether or not to exercise the option at expiration. The Unwinding Option Strategies are ideal for situations where a futures position has been created as part of a strategy whose objective is to roll or extend the futures position to a later date (for example, September delivery on a June futures contract). The Unwinding Option Strategies protect the investor from the risk associated with extending the position further. Market Overview The Unwinding Option Strategies contain four positioning models that present the risk of rolling or extending a futures position to a later date. These four models are summarized below: L-Call: The position is held until expiration of the underlying futures contract. The investor rolls the position to the next expiration date. Theoretically, this risk would be reduced if the price of the underlying futures contract aa67ecbc25

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1. Console commands are available (e.g. for the creation of strategies, for the construction of analysis results and for the export of strategies to the application TradeStation, NinjaTrader,…). 2. Vector graphics including graphs, tables and windows are available for better understanding of your analysis. 3. Algorithms for the construction of strategies based on genetic programming (GP) are used. 4. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of strategy results is possible. 5. Support for historical data sets (for example day, week, month, year) allows for the evaluation of a strategy on historical data. 6. Algorithms for the construction of optimal indicators are used for a better understanding of a strategy’s design. 7. The built-in analysis services (for example for the construction of statistically significant indicators) are in accordance with the SLAM procedure and can be used to analyze stochastic trend, random walk and stochastic reversal analyzer. 8. A lot of information is displayed in the initial description page. 9. The output documents in the application file format TradeStation, NinjaTrader, MetaTrader 4, AmiBroker (but not all of them) are created. 10. A great variety of history data is provided (for example day, week, month, year,…). 11. There are about 30 strategy development examples available. 12. There is the possibility to apply different testers (maybe there are more testers in the future). 13. Exporting strategies in the MSA, MT4 and NinjaScript format is possible. 14. It is possible to export the results of an analysis for further evaluation. 15. The analysis process of strategies as well as the analysis process is fully automated. 16. The results of an analysis can be used for further evaluations. 17. It is possible to evaluate an algorithm/strategy in the frequency domain. 18. You can save 10 different types of analysis result. 19. The strategy generation time is still a bit long. 20. The use of genetic programming algorithms is still a bit simple. 21. Unfortunately it is still a bit difficult to use it to develop trading algorithms. 22. The bug issue is addressed in the version 1.0. 23. The next version of the program will improve the usability. 24. The next version of the program will include the professional and technical means to create user friendly strategies which are suitable for the beginning of

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Trading involves a lot of risks, but also sizable profits if correct strategies are implemented at the right moment. What’s more, the dynamic nature of most markets means these tactics have to be constantly updated to keep up with new trends. Adaptrade Builder allows its users to build and evaluate hundreds of trading scenarios and, thus, generate improved strategies, with correspondingly better results. Build and test trading strategies The output results can be applied in conjunction with programs like TradeStation, MultiCharts, NinjaTrader 7, MetaTrader 4, and AmiBroker, although none of these applications are required per se to run Adaptrade Builder. Analysis results can be applied to a wide range of markets, including FOREX, stocks, and futures. It should be stated that the tool can gobble up resources quite quickly, more-so when building or evaluating strategies. In this respect, the more memory and raw computing power a user can provide the utility, the faster the analyses will be. Track multiple metrics Concerning the actual results, the program follows a simple four step layout, in which users provide input parameters – such as market data, as well as the desired outcomes. For the latter items, one can choose multiple metrics, including L/S profit and trades ratios, maximum consecutive wins or losses, as well as standard indices, such as gross profit or losses and account returns; source information is extracted from CSV documents. The next two steps involve building the actual strategy, a task that is entirely automated, and generating strategy codes – which are dumped into a text box once analyses are completed. To build strategies, the application tests hundreds and even thousands of scenarios – a task that can take considerable time, using genetic programming technology. The comprehensive analysis results are displayed in ample text boxes and users also have the option to view and analyze trend line graphs. Once satisfied with their projects, users can export strategies to MSA, MT4, and NinjaScript formats. An overall comprehensive solution for creating trading tactics based on genetic programming models All things considered, Adaptrade Builder is an asset for traders who regularly transact in the stocks, futures or FOREX markets. It allows one to build and test hundreds of strategies to obtain improved results. As always, caution should be exercised when dealing with stochastic analyzers, as actual results can vary from computed ones. Trading involves a lot of risks, but also sizable profits if correct strategies are implemented at the right moment. What’s more, the dynamic

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• The game requires 2GB of available space. • You must have a computer with an Intel or AMD processor, OS of Windows 7 or newer, a DirectX 9-compatible graphics card, and a monitor that supports WXGA resolution (1280×800). • You will need a good internet connection to download the game as the download size is about 3.2GB. • You will need a microphone to participate in the audio mod features. • You must be at least 18 years of age. • The game