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The two major areas of Photoshop that are interesting to people wanting to edit images are image-editing software and image-filtering software.

Both areas can be used to modify or create images in various ways, which is why it’s important to understand that one program can do so many different things.

Most of the images people are familiar with are created with Photoshop. Common image-editing software programs include Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge and Apple Aperture.

Some popular image-filtering software programs are Lumacode and PhotoMechanic.

For more information on the creative editing options that Photoshop has, read on.

Image-Editing Software

Image-editing software was born out of the need to edit images faster. It solved an issue the technology industry had where processing images would take days or weeks to create.

With the industry wanting to speed up the process of editing images, Photoshop was born in 1987.

It’s the image-editing software program that can create images that have the effects of film editing or video-editing software, or enable the creation of special effects for television or print media.

Photoshop is a raster (pixel) based program that leverages on the ability of the pixel values to be edited directly instead of making the image layer-based like traditional illustration programs, which require vector-based images.

The raster pixel-based technology enables you to manipulate individual pixels instead of the pixels collectively or in groups. This enables you to alter the color of a pixel (or any combination of colors within that pixel) in an image.

This software’s ability to change the color of a pixel makes it effective in digitally removing imperfections from images. The pixel-based technology also enables you to change the brightness of an image, and sharpen or blur images to create new and exciting effects.

Creation of special effects for television and print media is possible. These special effects create the finished effect of a background, allowing you to enhance images and create new images with special effects, like flames, fireworks or falling snow.

The image-editing program allows you to create complex layers that include transparency so that you can layer multiple images in front of a background or more than one layer that is visible.

Layer masks are also utilized in the image-editing program. A layer mask allows a particular pixel of the image to be masked and therefore unchangeable

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Adobe Photoshop Express is a feature-limited version of Photoshop available on the web. It is optimized for the fastest editing and can be used to create images for sharing with friends and family, or to edit images on the go using your smartphone. Adobe Photoshop Express can be used to download files from the web and take and edit photos.

Learn about Photoshop on the web

The web has changed the way most people use the internet. It is common for people to get involved in web publishing and content creation. But Photoshop has long been a central tool used by web professionals. If you are looking to expand your knowledge of Photoshop, we have written about some of the best Photoshop plugins for web designers.

According to web design agency Foto Review, web designers use Photoshop every day to:

Edit photos

Create images, Flash files and animated GIFs

Work with Lightroom

Get the most out of the web

The skills you develop as a web designer can also be used to edit photos. Most web designers have the chance to work with a wide range of photography, and to put their design talents to good use. Photoshop is widely used to create web designs and web images, allowing designers to edit photos in a much more streamlined way than they could on their computer.

Can you become a Photoshop photoshopper?

To become a Photoshop photoshopper, you will need to have a thorough understanding of the features available to you. This will help you to get the most out of Photoshop, so that you can create the images you need.

You will also need to make sure that you are comfortable working with a computer and have the ability to troubleshoot and work around problems. If you aren’t sure whether you have these qualities, you will need to take a course in Photoshop or learn about Photoshop.

We have also written about the best Photoshop courses to help you achieve your goals.


Learning Photoshop is not easy, but it pays off. Photoshop has become the go-to program for web designers looking to manage their images and set them on their websites.

Can you become an Adobe Photoshop Editor?

To become an Adobe Photoshop editor, you will need to be comfortable working in the program and familiar with the interface. You should also have a strong eye for detail and a good sense of color. If you are looking for a career in this field, you should check out our guide to becoming a graphic designer to

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4.3)


Problems with mySQL and phpmyadmin – login

i have probleme with phpmyadmin. i tried to log in after many times but I can’t. I have the same problem than this dude :
I have the error :

A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message:
Undefined offset: 1 Filename:
common.functions.php Line Number: 131

and i think that the problem is the servertue in first line :

Any idea?
Thanks for your help


Use this code, to login to phpmyadmin
‘user’ => ‘root’,
‘password’ => ”,
‘database’ => ‘dbname’,
‘dbdriver’ =>’mysql’,
‘dbprefix’ => ”,
‘pconnect’ => TRUE,
‘db_debug’ => TRUE,
‘cache_on’ => FALSE,
‘cachedir’ => ”,
‘char_set’ => ‘utf8’,
‘dbcollat’ => ‘utf8_general_ci’,
‘swap_pre’ => ”,
‘encrypt’ => FALSE,
‘compress’ => FALSE,
‘stricton’ => FALSE,
‘failover’ => array(),
‘save_queries’ => TRUE

//initialise session

//check the session is set or not
if(!isset($_SESSION[‘url’])) {
header(‘Location: index.php’);

//set form data

What’s New In Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4.3)?


How do I run an Maven project from Terminal (using the External Build)

I’m running Ubuntu 15.10, and I would like to run a Maven-based project from Terminal. Normally I would simply go into the project’s directory, and use Maven like so:
mvn clean install

but for this project, it uses an external build, so I don’t know where to go. Here is the contents of the pom.xml:




System Requirements:

Windows 8 / Windows 8 Pro / Windows 8.1
1 GHz Processor
512 MB Video Memory
Internet Connection
DirectX 9.0 or higher
HDD Space: ~21 MB
Additional Notes:
Performance: Fixed the bug that the starting point of files for the creation of background tasks was not changed by any operations. The default state of the start point of files is now changed by any operations.
Fixed the bug that the starting point of files for the creation of background tasks was not changed by any