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* **Flexible layers:** Each layer can be moved, sized, and altered with the flexibility that professional photographers crave. * **Finer brush strokes:** Photoshop lets you paint with a brush that is more sophisticated than a mouse. * **Hiding:** You don’t have to use the erase tool and mask. Hiding is a better choice for image editing because it gives you more flexibility. * **Quick manual layer selection:** Don’t be afraid to edit images on a layer. In Photoshop, a layer selection can be made with a couple of clicks. * **Smart tools:** Graduated filters, color samplers, vectors, strokes, and more give you tools for working with smart objects, text, and color. * **Media importing and exporting:** Use the Media Browser to drop files into Photoshop for editing. Photoshop handles converting between the picture’s image type, the resolution, and the dimensions. The program also handles resolutions, creating a ready-to-edit version when you export the image to another program. Photoshop has a few features that are unique to the program. These powerful tools are easy to learn with some helpful online tutorials. * **History:** Photoshop’s History panel lets you undo or redo. * **Crop tool:** Use this tool to crop photos to the desired dimensions. * **Layer’s masks:** Use the Layer’s Mask feature to place light and shadow effects over specific areas of an image. * **Magic wand:** The Magic Wand is a fast tool for selecting all colors or areas of an image that have the same color as those on the current selection. * **New smart object:** Photoshop enables a user to create a smart object, a feature that allows you to separate the file’s background from the foreground. * **New Pen tool:** This feature enables you to create vector shapes by clicking and dragging. * **Smart Paths:** Let the program select the most common areas for you. * **Rotate tool:** The Rotate tool enables you to rotate, flip, and scale images. * **Smart objects:** An image can be separated into a background and a foreground. When you edit the foreground, the background is untouched. * **Spot Healing Brush:** With this tool you can spot heal a blemish in an image. * **

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All of this makes it a useful tool for something other than designer-photographers, but here are some of the things that artists use Photoshop Elements for. You can find some of these tools in Photoshop or other graphic design programs, but Photoshop Elements takes a lot of the guesswork out of finding them. Make the most of your camera’s auto-settings When photographing a subject that has a lot of little details, it’s often worth using the camera’s auto-settings to save time. However, those auto-settings aren’t always the best and need a little work to look their best. You can use Photoshop Elements to give your photos a bit more attention to detail and a more neutral look. It can change the colour of things in photos to make them more pleasing. It will bring more contrast and brightness to photos in an effort to make them look more professional. Find the best typeface for your logo The best typefaces for logos are often found in a typeface creator. You can use Photoshop Elements to create a logo with a nice clean font. You can use it to create logos that fit well with a particular style of website. You can even create logos from scratch that look completely different from the typical logos out there. Make high-quality line drawings and illustrations When making a line drawing or illustration, you need the best tools for the job. As a beginner, you may not have the skills to make a line drawing for high-quality and professional results. But, Photoshop Elements can help you get there. It can help you produce high-quality drawings and illustrations for your designs. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can download the best free line drawing Photoshop Elements templates. Make higher-quality images that pop When you are working on an image that is going to be printed large, getting more light into the picture is essential. If you’re working in the dark and your light source is somewhere far away, you need to get more light into the image to create more contrast and make it brighter. Photoshop Elements can help you with that. You can change the brightness and contrast of your photos to give them a much higher-quality look. It also contains other tools to add more light, such as spot and layer masks. Make more vibrant images Most graphic designers will tell you to shoot in RAW to get the most out of your images. It helps you get more a681f4349e

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Note The Brush tool menu and the Brush tool drop-down menus in the Tools panel are available if you select the Brush tool and choose a brush from the menu or the drop-down menu. * **Text brushes**. Use these to draw text on your images and layer. * **Textured brushes**. Use these to simulate texture effects, such as the effect shown in Figure 6-5. * **Pencil**. Use this tool to outline the image (or layer) with soft lines. You can also use the pencil brush to apply a soft edge on a selection.

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MINIMUM: OS: 64-bit Windows 7/8, Windows Vista, or Windows XP (SP2 or later) processor 1.6 GHz (2 GHz recommended) processor 2 GB RAM 10 GB available hard disk space Display: 1280×1024 resolution or higher DirectX: Version 9.0c NET Framework: 3.0 or later RECOMMENDED: OS: 64-