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Lightroom has been purchased by Adobe, so expect it to stay in the Adobe family.

## Understanding Photoshop Layers

When creating an image, you can think of Photoshop as having a _canvas_ (see Figure 14-1) that’s divided into multiple layers. It’s a long-established feature that is important to the program’s ease of use and the fact that it can handle such complicated alterations to images. To make an image’s canvas all one color or solid, you would have to draw a crude outline of the image using the Pen tool and then fill it with that color. Making an image with just one layer of color is difficult, if not impossible.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements Features

Lightroom is an image manager and Raw converter that also allows users to easily manipulate and retouch their images.


Start with a blank document.

Load your image into Photoshop Elements

You should have at least a basic understanding of how to use Photoshop Elements before using it. There are a lot of new terms, and the learning curve is not smooth.

Adding Text & Fonts

You don’t need to be a graphic design pro to add text to photos. Photoshop Elements allows you to add text with different fonts, sizes, kerning and more.

While you may not have access to a lot of professional design software, you can still create professional looking text. The following are just a couple of ways you can tweak text on images in Photoshop Elements.

Tool Panel (View Menu) – Text > Display Text

Clipboard (Ctrl + C) – Text > Text

Select All (Ctrl + A) – Text > Select All

Paste & Edit (Ctrl + V) – Text > Paste and Edit

Adjust the text settings in the dialog box.

You can adjust the fonts, colors, spacing, kerning, alignment, and many other options in this pop-up.

Image Processing (Adjust Menu) – Text > Adjust

There is a lot to do with text in Photoshop Elements. From adding text to aligning and resizing elements, to changing the colors and adding a drop shadow, you can do a lot to make your images look great.

Text Tool

The text tool makes it super easy to select and move text within the document or even another document. You can make sure that any difficult fonts will not have an effect on the background, and you can just copy and paste text from any webpages.

Channels (Colors)

When you have a color image, you need to understand the different types of channels. There are usually an RGB and a ‘View’ channel. The RGB channel usually has the colors information, while the ‘View’ channel generally shows the image’s histogram and tone curve. You can use the ‘View’ channel for text coloring.

The Channels panel includes the RGB, ‘View’, ‘Grayscale’, ‘Luminance’ and ‘Hue’ channels.


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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop Download Cs8:

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