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Note You may need to first select All Programs or type **`all apps`** in the Windows search field to locate Photoshop before you can open it on its icon. 4. **To open a new image, click the File button in the upper-left corner of the Photoshop window.** You see the New file window. 5. **Click the folder icon in the top left corner of the New file window to open the folder.** A new folder appears in the New file window where you can save a new file. 6. **Click and drag the new folder to your desktop.** A folder named New Folder appears in your desktop. 7. **Drag a new image file from your computer’s file browser into the new folder.** By selecting and dragging an image file, it becomes an open selection in the New file window. When you release the mouse, the file is saved in the New folder and Photoshop creates a new blank layer atop the current layer. You may need to resave the file to get it to open in Photoshop. 8. **Click the swatch of the layer you want to use in the upper-left corner of the New file window.** The active layer appears in the Layers area, in the left side of the window, and the small icon in the upper-right corner of the Layers area changes to a Paint Bucket icon. This layer is editable. 9. **Click and drag the cursor inside the New folder.** Your cursor changes to a brush tool with the Brush settings (refer to Figure 16-4). 10. **Click the New folder and drag it to the left side of the New file window.** The New folder disappears, and Photoshop puts the new folder in the current folder. 11. **Click the new folder and drag it to the top of the New file window.** The new folder disappears, and you see the new image file in the top section of the New file window.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements is the successor to Adobe Photoshop. It is an image editing and design tool. It lets you edit, retouch, and develop your photos. You can build or fix a web page, upload photos to a social website or create a new poster design. You can edit a photo using different photo editing tools. You can also use layers to build Photoshop-like photo collages. Adobe Photoshop elements you can use in Windows Let’s take a look at all the features that Photoshop Elements has. We will go through what you need to know and what’s included. Basic Features A feature-packed image editor You can resize and rotate objects You can edit the whole photo using simple tools and you can easily remove objects, add text, or change their color You can add objects like arrows, circles, lines, etc. You can edit objects, backgrounds, paths, and even path elements You can change the color, colorize, or use a special filter You can use an eraser tool to remove objects or a brush to paint in black colors You can apply different effects You can easily duplicate objects You can add the picture to the text You can add text You can work with curves You can create new layers and work with them You can use all the tools that Adobe Photoshop has You can work with the paths You can edit a photo’s mask You can work with layers You can work with the blend tool You can work with blur effects You can work with masks and layers You can use the liquify tool You can work with selection tools You can work with the healing brush You can work with the polygonal lasso tool You can use a smart object to duplicate or move objects inside it You can use tools for special effects You can work with Live shape tools You can work with filters You can work with the live paint brushes You can work with color wheels You can work with a painting tool You can work with a path tool You can work with a mosaic tool You can work with the offset tool You can work with the oval and rectangle tools You can edit photos with basic editing tools You can work with 388ed7b0c7

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if(image.IsKnownNull()) { this.context.Visit(image); } else { this.context.Visit(image); image.InputQueue = null; } SetOutputListItems(this.context); } protected virtual void SetOutputListItems(Context context) { this.context.OutputListItem = outputlistitems; } public OutputListItems(ProcessorContext context) : base(context) { this.context.Visit(this); } } } Wednesday, June 28, 2012 Monday, June 26, 2012 After much deliberation I have settled on these prints as the final designs for the print shop. I realize they are not in the best condition and may not be to everyone’s personal taste. I tried printing the images on proper canvas but the canvas suffered terribly and I found that while I was unable to free them from the canvas I was unable to get a satisfactory result. I am actually quite happy with the result. This print looks much better in person than it does in the photographs. The day before we took photos of the print I decided to drape a piece of cardboard across a few the print. It was the right choice because the print looks much better that way. The values are more apparent and

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