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Advanced SystemCare Pro 13 Crack Serial Key 2019 {Windows Mac}

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div jumps up on mobile screen

I have a problem with my contact page on my website. I have built it myself using bootstrap and css, so I can’t change the code, only templates.
The problem I have is that on mobile screens (iPhone, iPad etc) I have a small gap (1px) before I reach the headers that sits under it. I have no clue why this is happening. My website:
If I look at my website on a smaller screen, the menu is aligning to the left instead of staying right aligned. Here is an image for it:

I hope someone is able to help me 🙂
PS. I have already tried to change the padding-top and a margin-top but it didn’t really helped.


The issue has nothing to do with your css, the first element in your HTML contains a height attribute that is causing the content to stick to the top.

The issue is with your Nav Bar. You are using a class called navbar-default, however bootstrap defines this class as a navbar for desktop. If you want to use the navbar-default as you are using it in the desktop version of your site, then you can add this as a class to the section.

If you wish to have it as a mobile navbar, then you will have to use another class.

You also need to remove the padding-top from your navbar, this is not needed when using bootstrap and you also need to give the div a height, otherwise it will stick to the top of the content.

He said the

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