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History Originally released in 1996, Photoshop was originally a program designed to edit and develop photographic images. In 2002, Adobe released Photoshop Extended, which changed the user interface (UI) from that of the original Photoshop program to the flat, minimalist layout that made the program so easy to use. The new UI features are accessed through the program’s menus, or by the “palettes” that the program includes. The original Photoshop program became a favorite among college students who could use the program to develop images for use in their school projects. After the release of the new software, Adobe could brag that it’s user base had doubled to include more than 130 million households. An Early Dilemma The problem with Photoshop, however, was that it was only meant to perform a specific function. While it could be used to develop raster images, it could not be used to edit vector graphics. As a result, Adobe needed an image editing program that could edit both types of images at the same time, or have them act separately as needed. The Solution: Adobe Illustrator Adobe’s solution to this problem was to release Illustrator, a graphic design program that could edit both raster and vector images, and could be used to design graphics that could be exported to Photoshop for image editing. The Evolution of Photoshop In 2004, Adobe introduced a new major version of the program called Photoshop CS, which introduced many new features that allowed advanced editing, an extra layer palette, channel selection (which is a way to edit an image’s color elements), a built-in web browser for viewing images and web pages, and a new “Smart Sharpen” feature to allow for selective sharpening of an image. In 2005, Adobe released Photoshop 7, which featured a new interface that was more intuitive for editing. In 2006, the company released a first-time introduction to Photoshop Elements, which is a light weight, low cost version of Photoshop. Adobe Productivity Suite (2010) In 2010, Adobe released Photoshop CS6, the successor to Photoshop CS, which featured new features like a new file format that saved users’ time. The program also allowed users to create and edit their images by using a smart object, a feature which made it possible to show a hidden layer behind an image on the canvas. Bonus Photoshop Tricks You can also apply up to three styles to a single layer and undo or redo

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This guide will help you to get the most out of Photoshop Elements and Photoshop, and prepare you to explore Photoshop. Table of Contents General Photoshop Adobe Photoshop is a professional graphics suite and is packed with many tools and extensions that help you create and edit quality images. You’ll be able to edit these images on Macs and Windows. Adobe Photoshop is a fantastic image editing tool but it’s not the only option out there. There are a number of free and open-source graphics editors that offer more flexibility and customization. Open-Source Software The free and open-source software community has created a vast resource of applications to develop graphics programs. Popular programs such as GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) are excellent image editors that have more features than Photoshop Elements. Price As with other applications, there are no official prices for Photoshop Elements but from the maker’s website, it’s estimated to cost between $7 and $40. Be aware that the price varies between the various editions (pay and pay-per-use), and between Mac OS X and Windows, so get this information from the official site. You can also get Photoshop Elements for free but you will need to sign up for a Google account to do this. When purchasing from a third-party, be aware that most products are the same price as the consumer version, only with less features. When dealing with free or open-source software, you’ll need to use the trial version for at least 30 days before buying the software. Some editors have a 30-day trial, some have a 14-day, and some have a 30-day trial but if you pay for a extended license, you’ll get the 14-day trial. Buy a Website License You can buy a website license of Photoshop Elements on the Adobe site for up to seven users. The cost is quite high due to it including desktop and portable versions. If you’re not going to use all of the features in Photoshop Elements, you should buy a license. The price will vary depending on how many users are using Photoshop and what version you’re buying, but it will cost more than $25 per user per year (not including the desktop or portable versions). Features Typically, the full version of Photoshop has more features than Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements also offers more features than other comparable products. This guide will teach you how 05a79cecff

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Photoshop Elements provides a special Brush in the Toolbox for tracing over your photo. Click the Brush in the Tools panel, and then click the Trace button to see the brush cursor open. (If you don’t see the Brush, click the arrow at the top-right of the Toolbox until you see it, then click the Brush in the panel.) You’ll see a brush cursor, similar to the one in the following image. As shown in Figure 9-2, you can trace an image at any time by setting your cursor to the Brush tool, then tracing over the pixels you want to copy from the original image. Use the Selection tool to click and drag over areas of your image. When you release the mouse button, Photoshop Elements creates a selection around the areas you clicked. The tool provides many options for changing the size, shape, and opacity of the selection. You can make selections from different areas of the same image or from different images. The Eraser tool is used to remove items from an image, such as a star, which may cause trouble if you try to paste it elsewhere. To erase an area, position the cursor over the area you want to erase and use the Eraser tool to make a quick selection of the area to remove. When you’re done, use the Eraser tool on a blank spot of your image. The Quick Selection tool works in a similar way to the magic wand tool, as covered in the next section. **Figure 9-2:** Using the Brush tool to copy sections of an image. Quick Select When you’ve found a place in an image you want to add something, you might want to quickly “select” that area to apply a different effect or find the right place to add text. For example, the previous section shows how to use the Brush tool to paint around specific areas. When the Brush tool is selected, click the Quick Select button on the Toolbox panel to insert a box around the area that was selected. Photoshop Elements then changes its cursor to look like a Quick Selection tool; you can move it around the image and click to add other elements (such as another layer or a selection) to the image. The Quick Selection tool helps you select any area of the image you want to add something to and quickly find the right place to add text. As you can see in Figure 9-3, the Quick Selection tool has the same appearance and functions as the

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OS: Windows 7 64bit or later Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core or equivalent Memory: 2 GB RAM Hard Disk: 30 GB available space Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290X or equivalent Internet: Broadband internet connection Software: DirectX 11, Windows 10 Gamepad: Xbox 360, Xbox One, Dual Shock 4 controller or equivalent Additional Notes: Licence activation code is required to activate the game online. To do so, please download the Kamea Activ