AquaSoft SlideShow Suite consists of a collection of tools designed to assist users in creating slideshows, calendars, photo albums and screensavers. AquaSoft SlideShow Suite includes the following products: SlideShow Blue Net: · Creates impressive multimedia slideshows that can be burned to DVDs and Blu-Ray discs Earth Pilot: · Provides flight simulations via Google Earth PhotoCalendar: · Creates calendars in a few steps  PhotoAlbum: · Turns your photo collection into outstanding albums which can be printed ScreenShow: · Creates amazing screensavers with transitions and various effects







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AquaSoft SlideShow Suite Torrent Download is a collection of awesome tools designed for creating various kinds of slideshows and screensavers, including multimedia photo slideshows, slideshows with photos and videos, photo galleries, photo albums, screensavers and movies. In addition, users will be able to create and combine calendar, lyrics and contact database in one program. SlideShow Blue Net: · Creates slideshows from your photos, videos and music in just several minutes · Features a menu with a variety of slideshows like an effect-rich story, an animation slideshow, a slideshow with special effects, etc. · Compatible with any Windows system. You can create a slideshow with music, photos, videos and more. Earth Pilot: · Provides flight simulations via Google Earth · Features a variety of airplanes · Compatible with any Windows system PhotoCalendar: · Creates calendars in a few steps · Features a calendar with a variety of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendars · Features two kinds of monthly calendars: monthly and quarterly · Automatically calculates the current and next day of the next month and the next quarter and year · Compatible with any Windows system PhotoAlbum: · Turns your photo collection into outstanding albums · Includes the tools to build a basic album, a chronological album, a fun “Family Album” or a themed album · Automatically groups the photos by face, date, location, etc. · Compatible with any Windows system ScreenShow: · Creates amazing screensavers with transitions and various effects · Includes the tools to build an amzing screensaver with 5 screens, different transition effects and other cool features · Automatically groups the pictures by date, location or theme · Compatible with any Windows system Run Time: · This small and fast program can add a slideshow or screensaver to your desktop The program can be used by anyone whether it is your grandmother or a computer science student AquaSoft SlideShow Suite Cracked Version has been downloaded by tens of thousands of users worldwide. System Requirements: Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Windows 8 Microsoft Windows 8.1 Microsoft Windows 10 Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2016 Download AquaSoft SlideShow Suite and you’ll be amazed! It’s a program which allows you to create TV advertisement, it can combine TV ads, e.g. generic and logo

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Including a collection of tools designed to assist in slideshow creation, photo album creation, screensavers, and calendar creation, AquaSoft SlideShow Suite ( will make slideshow creation a breeze. AquaSoft SlideShow Suite features: Create Amazing Screensavers: · Screensavers which make your PC feel alive by changing the background image · The screensavers contain transitions, a number of effects and special features Create Amazing Photo Calendars: · Screensavers which are based on photos instead of static backgrounds · Create calendars in a number of steps Create Amazing Photo Albums: · You can easily create photo albums with several pages and custom layouts · You can also display and sort the photos in a variety of ways Create Amazing Slideshows: · Create slideshows with amazing transitions, animations and transition effects · Include pictures, music, text and video to help your audience be captivated by your presentation Create Amazing Holidays: · Includes 365 holidays from around the world · Make holiday cards for each day of the year · Display the images of the holidays in a slideshow Create Amazing Photo Albums: · Includes many features that will help you create photo albums of various sizes Create Amazing Scripts: · AquaSoft Script can be called from the command line, from the “Start Menu” or from the “Desktop” · AquaSoft Script supports manual and automatic input from a text file and script files Create Amazing Music: · The user interface for AquaSoft Music is based on the playing of a piano with simulated hammers and strings. · You can use either traditional orchestral music or any kind of music file · You can also use the piano and play the music automatically to create a real-time slideshow AquaSoft SlideShow Suite is available as a 25-day trial and as a full version (normally 50% cheaper) Instructions for Unzipping the Downloaded File To unzip the downloaded file, double-click on the downloaded file extension (.zip). If you’re using Winzip, the program, double-click on the file and select open. Extract the downloaded file After the file has been unzipped, the folder structure should be similar to this:  Aquasoft SlideShow Suite  Readme.txt  Aquasoft Slide aa67ecbc25

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The AquaSoft SlideShow Suite is a collection of powerful tools for multimedia slideshows and calendars. The SlideShow Suite includes many functions for organizing your photos into slideshows. These slideshows can be watched by other people on a DVD or other media. The slideshows can also be viewed on YouTube. SlideShow Blue Net SlideShow Blue Net is an attractive application for producing multimedia slideshows. SlideShow Blue Net provides you with all the tools to create a nice, clean, and professional slideshow with lots of transitions. You can import your photos directly from your digital camera. You can create slideshows with many different themes and also add music to your slideshows. You can set up your slideshows to be burned to DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. You can even print your DVD slideshows. SlideShow Blue Net contains the following new features: · You can import both JPEG and Raw images from any digital camera. · You can create slideshows with different themes. · You can add music to your slideshows. · You can create slideshows with transition effects. · You can import your image collection from many different sources. · You can create slideshows that can be viewed on a DVD and Blu-Ray Disc. · You can burn your slideshows to DVD or Blu-Ray discs. AquaSoft SlideShow Suite Release Date: May 27, 2017 AquaSoft SlideShow Suite 6.3 Release Date: May 17, 2019 Fotor Photo Studio 2.0 1.0.2 Modern Pics Magazine Mobile App 1.1.0 Fotor Photo Studio VIPER Data Recovery Pro 10.0 File Type:Freeware VIPER Data Recovery Pro is a powerful new application for people who have had their computer hard drive damaged by malware, virus or power failure. It supports many popular operating systems such as Windows (Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1), Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva), Mac OS (Macintosh, Apple OS, Linux), Solaris, BSD etc. ( FotosDirector Professional 7.0.0 File Type:Freeware FotosDirector lets you create slide

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SlideShow Blue is an exciting new slideshow creator program. Its main features are: · Unlimited themes · Unlimited transitions · Animation · Screensavers · Built-in zoom · Easy to use · Theme editing · A quick start guide · New screensavers every month SlideShow Blue is an easy to use program which makes it easy to create professional-looking slideshows using any photo, music, or text file. With the SlideShow Blue installer, you can choose a theme, transition, folder or screen, and then add photos, music, or text. The slideshow is created automatically and saved to your hard drive. Your creation can be saved to an image file, including a high-resolution TIF or JPEG file. SlideShow Blue features an ease of use interface, and includes a slideshow starter guide. Four built-in themes give you the ability to create eye-catching slideshows in minutes. Themes let you edit the layout, controls, and effects for each slide. SlideShow Blue provides several transition effects to give your slideshow the look you want. Earth Pilot is a flight simulator that lets you fly in the clouds. You can add a variety of planes, including: · Commercial 747 · A-26 Invader · A Cessna 172 · A Cessna 180 · A Cessna 182 · An Irish Air Corps Grumman Albatross · An Irish Air Corps Vickers Viking · An Irish Air Corps Grumman G16 Albatross · A Greek A-2 · A Korean K-100 · A Japanese Super Jumbo · A PC-12 · A Trans-Canada Air-Canada Canadair CSeries · An Italian Aero L-39 Albatross · An Italian Aero L-39 Albatross · An Italian Mil Mi-24 Hind · A Russian Yak-42 · A Russian Yak-44 · A Soviet Yak-18 · A Soviet Yak-36 You can control all aspects of your flight, including the number of passengers and weight on board. You can also fly along with the satellites, look down at a beautiful landscape below, and even look at the ground from the sky. Thanks to its innovative satellite tracking function, you can even fly the plane with your own satellites, such as the Ammon/Kittuya, the Terra/Martin, or the Vantage/Eos

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 CPU: Dual Core 2GHz RAM: 4GB HDD: 8GB GPU: ATI or NVIDIA GF 100 series or better. Networking: Internet connection Sound Card: DirectX9-compatible sound card Other: DirectX9-compatible game controller Minimum:OS: Windows 7CPU: Dual Core 2GHzRAM: 4GBHDD: 8GBGPU: ATI or NVIDIA GF 100 series or better.Networking: Internet connectionSound