When working with a lot of emails, you can easily lose track of any saved attachments, especially if you saved them on different locations. Outlook is an email client that allows you to install add-ons, in order to better manage your emails.
Attachments Processor for Outlook is a handy add-on that can help you extract any attachment found within your emails. You need to install Outlook in order to use this add-on tool.
Dependable email processor
The application allows you to extract any attachments found in your emails, then save them at a target folder. Extraction rules can be defined,saved and then used for each processing. This way, you can set different actions for each email folder.
The program has powerful filters, that can be applied in order to extract only certain attachments from emails. For instance, you can extract attachments that have a specific size or a certain keyword in their filename and email subject. Furthermore, attachments can only be extracted from certain senders and recipients.
Attachments Processor for Outlook can be set to automatically download attachments at certain periods of time. You can schedule the add-on to save attachments every several hours or minutes, giving you a certain feeling of automation, since you do not have to manually search attachments in each email.
Another powerful feature of this application allows you to archive save attachments, so that they will be structured and organized. Additionally, you can set the program not to archive very small files or already archived ones. Besides, each archive can be encrypted with password protection, so that only you will have access to your private files.
A seamlessly powerful email attachment extractor
Attachments Processor for Outlook gives you the possibility to batch extract attachments from your received mails and messages, then further process them in order to optimize your workflow.







Attachments Processor For Outlook With Key [32|64bit]

A professional email processor provides a very convenient solution for your email management by allowing you to save your attachment efficiently and gain an enjoyable experience of managing emails with out any of the hassle.
The add-on supports all common email clients such as Thunderbird, Eudora, AOL, and Yahoo.
Attachments Processor for Outlook is also an advanced email processor for reading the recent mails and for saving attachment file.
The tool can be easily integrated with mail clients like Thunderbird, Eudora, and a lot of others. You can save attachments including JPG, EXE, DOC, APK, PDF, SWF, and other stuff easily.
Key features
Batch extraction
Apply attachment rules
PDF decoder (Encryption with password)
Advanced filtering
File size and file extension
Download attachments at scheduled time
Get the latest version of the add-on for free and download it for your Thunderbird or Eudora for free.

Microsoft Outlook is the default email client of windows. It is very easy and quick to get into new emails as it has been designed to make the most of the features of Outlook. It is also easy to use. The new version of the application will soon be released. You can download this application from the below link.

For the following functions, The Outloud Byte Keyboard Navigation Key is a useful tool.
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– Compatible with all operating systems
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– Standard GUI
– Fully customizable
Keyboard Navigation Key Features:
– Copy the link to the recent email you just received
– Paste the link
– Open the link
– Copy the email address of the link
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– Don’t save it as a bookmark
– Back/Forward your browsing history
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– Copy the link to the email you just received
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– Copy the subject of the email
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This application acts like a virtual memory, once you attach a file, this information will be saved at your targeted location within the program. All files are in an archive format and encryption are already set up to be used with this add-on. It is very useful if you want to save all attachments in one folder.
– Saving all attachments at the same folder (Outlook Folder)
– Managing a special size limit per file
– Archive up to 5 different folders
– Use regular expressions as a condition
– Encrypt files using password
– Ensure new files are not extracted if the archive was already been opened and was closed by a user
– Automatic downloading attachments at specified intervals
– Easy to use
– Powerful to configure
– Able to schedule tasks
– Able to set a file size limit
– Able to specify a word filter in attachments
– Able to use date and time as a condition
– Able to use both the sender and the recipient as a condition
– Able to add condition per folder
– Able to remove all unneeded attachments from the archive
– Able to remove unneeded files from archive
– Simple and very fast

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Attachments Processor for Outlook

Rating: 4.1


File Size: 21.9 Mb

Price: $99

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Attachments Processor for Outlook is a simple program which let you download and extract attachments from your received mails. Once you attach a file to your email, the information will be saved at your targeted location within the program. All files are in an archive format and encryption are already set up to be used with this add-on. It is very useful if you want to save all attachments in one folder, make backups of your originals, and also if you want to burn important files to DVD.

Great Attachments Processor for Outlook-

Rating: 4.8


File Size: 34.5 Mb

Price: $99

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Great Attachments Processor for Outlook is a simple program which lets you burn and extract attachments from your received mails. Once you attach a file to your email, the information will be saved at your targeted location within the program

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– Extract attachments from various email clients to a single folder
– Extract attachments to different folders based on the email subject
– Save attachments to various folders with password protection
– Set various date-based filters for extracting attachments
– Batch extract attachments from emails and messages
– View attachments in a special window
– Extract attachments from SogouMail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo Mail and others
– Automatically download and extract attachments based on specified periods of time
– Show all attachments in a PDF file for viewing all their metadata
Detailed description:
Attachments Processor for Outlook allows you to extract all attachments from emails and messages, then process them according to your needs. The program helps you to save them to different folders with password protection. You can also set date-based filters in order to get specific attachments at certain periods of time. This way, you will be able to save attachments at a specific time and get them later whenever you need them.
The application lets you save attachments in various archives, which can also be encrypted to ensure privacy of your private files. Additionally, a PDF file is opened, displaying all the attachments for your complete convenience. The program shows the attachment’s metadata as well, giving you all the information you might need.
The program is completely stand-alone, so you can decide whether to run it automatically by scheduled task or manually by right-clicking attachments. In case you want to process a number of files and emails at the same time, you can use the batch mode, which allows you to save attachments from various sources and different email folders to a single folder.
The add-on makes a perfect fit for any Windows mail clients, since you can use a different message or email client and it will be perfectly integrated. Attachments Processor for Outlook is the only program that you need to fully use the usefulness of different mail clients.

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What’s New in the Attachments Processor For Outlook?

Attachments Processor for Outlook is a tool that can extract and process attachments from your received and sent mails. It makes it easy to find your old photos, videos, and documents in many different places within your mailbox. To begin working with the program, simply open a mail that contains an attachment, and click the “Extract attachments” button located on the toolbar.

From here, you can choose to either extract only single attachments or many of them, both on the fly or at a set time interval. As for the attachments location, you can choose a few different options:

Now you must decide whether you want to save the attachments in a folder of your choice (given location must be an existing folder or a new one), or extract them to a folder that you create in the left hand side window.

From here you can set the specific actions to be performed on extracted files.

If you choose a Target location for the extracts, the Attachments Processor for Outlook will save the extracted attachments to this location.

There are many other options available to you with this product, making it one of the most feature packed and useful tools in existence.

What is new in this release:

The location for the extracts have been replaced with a Target location for the extracts – BUT – the default behavior is to save them to the folder that you started from.

The process of saving all extracts to a folder has been added.

Once you have completed the extraction process, you can move the files by pressing the “Move items to” button.

You can now view all of the extracted attachments at once.

Compatibility issues fixed:

Incorrect extension error fixed.

Possibility to create folders through Shell integration fixed.

Drag and Drop enabled through functionality of Shell Integration fixed.

Incorrect help file fixed.

Release Notes:

A lot of bug fixes and small improvements…

File Attributes Editor

To view and edit file attributes of the files of your choice, and further modify and customise them, the File Attributes Editor is a useful tool.
The application can work with.zip or.rar archives, so in the event that you have extracted some files or folder from an archive, this tool is very beneficial.

After launching the File Attributes Editor, you can view the file attributes of the selected files/folders, and change them if you so desire, for instance, you might decide to


System Requirements For Attachments Processor For Outlook:

MS Windows XP or later
1 GHz or better PC
512 MB of RAM
1 GB hard disk space
17.8 Mb free hard disk space for installation
Hardware-Based Video Card
A hardware-based video card (NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT/AMD ATI Radeon HD3850 or better) is required to use the Windows 8 application. You can download
Windows 8 from MSDN/YouTube: Download
Windows 8 will not run on a virtual machine.
If you are using Windows 7,