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Developer: Azzcardfile, AzzcardfileDevelopment and testing of a novel plant-based test for quantifying hazardous and toxic elements.
Alternatives to use of animal-derived test kits for quantifying hazardous and toxic elements in plant samples are limited. We previously developed a novel plant-based test (PBT) based on extraction with HNO3, weight adjustment, and semi-quantitative validation testing that uses potato plants (Solanum tuberosum) as the test organism. Here, we evaluated the PBT’s reliability to measure the toxicological effects of toxic and hazardous elements (Al, Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, and Zn) in plants. We also tested the PBT’s reproducibility, accuracy, sensitivity, and robustness, and provided PBT validation results for 11 sets of standard samples. The PBTs for Al, Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, and Zn were determined to be reliable and robust, and correlated well with corresponding inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) analyses of those elements in plant samples. We demonstrated that the PBT can be used to test the toxicological effects of toxic and hazardous elements on the growth of potato plants, and to infer the potential risk of toxic elements to plants.The major focus of this project is to understand the structural and functional roles of specific components of the two complex enzymes that hydrolyze the amino acid L-Gln. Glutamine synthetase (GS) is a tetrameric glycoprotein, and serves as the major enzyme for catalyzing the synthesis of this amino acid in the plastid of photosynthetic tissue in plants. Glutamate-2-semialdehyde aminotransferase (GSA) is an octameric homodimer, and serves as the key enzyme for catalyzing the conversion of L-Gln to 2-amino-3-oxobutyrate. In the past year, the three-dimensional structure of the recombinant type GS protein of tobacco was resolved at high resolution. We have also been working to develop a new in vitro assay system to more efficiently test anti-tumor activity of various substances, as a prelude to the search for a tumor-specific agent as well as a mechanism to inhibit tumor invasion in the laboratory

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The Pro Version of AZZ Cardfile is a desktop Windows program that offers a vast assortment of features to organize, store and maintain your contacts in one handy application.
This product generates and maintains card files in the Microsoft Card (CRD) format, XML files, or HTML file format and it is able to work with Windows Card (MS Windows Card) files.
This program facilitates the storage and recovery of information such as phone numbers, addresses, dates, and notes, in an encrypted environment.
The software allows you to compile several card files into one file by merging them into one card file or by combining multiple cards into a single card file.
Importing/exporting options
You can import and export files that are in the Microsoft Card format, XML files, or HTML file format. In addition to cards, you can export your contacts to Microsoft Card, XML, or HTML.
You can get an encrypted backup of your original card file in the Windows Card or the Microsoft Windows Card, or you can save your card file to your desktop.
The Windows Card is a solution that helps you avoid PC, tablet or smartphone memory loss by storing on an SD card the information that will be lost in the event of a crash.
You can also work directly with Windows Card files, and you can copy, edit, or delete the information in this file.
You can print the information in Windows Card files.
You can print your card files by using the default printer settings, which lets you choose the printer that you have on your computer, the printer settings, and output format.
Card management features
You have many options to edit or delete cards, sort the cards, edit the name and category of each card, and set the creation and modification date and time for each card.
You can assign a theme, a color, a background color and a text color to the cards you create, and you can add pictures, web links, tables, horizontal lines, page breaks, symbols, dates, and objects.
You have the choice to save the settings so that you can return to them later, or choose to delete them so that all the information is reset to the default settings.
When you insert a card into a page, you can set a theme, color, background color and text color for the page.
Cards can be added, sorted by title, date, author, creation date, and modification date, and this information can be viewed in the list.
You can filter the list by

AZZ Cardfile

ZZ-Cardfile is a multi-functional Windows tool that lets you create a collection of cards, store contacts in your computer, email and other files. AZZ Cardfile was designed in a simple and friendly way. It does not only provides a powerful but easy to use method for you to store your personal information, but also makes your task easy. If you have no idea about what AZZ Cardfile is and that is what you want to do – just try it.
Screenshots of AZZ Cardfile:

AZZ Cardfile Features :
Features of AZZ Cardfile:

Easy to create your own cards.
Can store many text, notes and email files.
Can save all information as one or many files in.txt,.rtf,.xml,.hwp,.doc.
Cross-platform compatibility.
Z-Cardfile is a multi-functional Windows tool that allows you to store all of your information in a single file. It also lets you create a contact list, personal record or an address book. AZZ Cardfile is able to maintain and save all of your information in the Windows registry.
Allows multiple instances for storing and searching.
Create a contact list, personal record, or address book from scratch.
Can store large amounts of information in small individual.txt files.
Specify the type of the file.
Allow you to email, print, store in a database, email or read items from the card.
Unique customizable interface lets you view and search items quickly.
Can open, close, and edit password protected files.
Can search the card file and/or title that matches to a record.
Automatically dials or sends a phone message from your phone number to someone else.
Can automatically detect and remember phone numbers.
Allows you to set custom background colors for each card.
Can set custom icons for each item.
Holds large files and enables you to split the large files into multiple smaller files.
Easily add or delete items, create bookmarks, insert hyperlinks, change the font or color, and more.
Allows you to create custom groups, sort cards by title, creation or modification date, or icons.
Create a card with only a name and has a full featured contact database.
Exports to HTML, Microsoft Word, RTF, plain text, and binary, to make it easy to email.
Supports PostScript (.ps), Microsoft Word (.doc,.

What’s New in the?

It is an easy-to-use application which allows you to create electronic cards, organize your address book, store files, contacts, recipes, bookmarks and notes. You can use it on your own PC or your own mobile device. It is a Windows application that requires no installation and can be installed in a matter of seconds.
Specific features:
* Automatic conversion of CRD cards into XML cards
* Various drag-and-drop operations
* Import and export contacts, recipes, files, etc.
* Import Microsoft Card, XML, XML cards and Outlook cards into the application
* Export of files, contacts, cards, notes, bookmarks and recipes to various formats (txt, rtf, html, mhtml, pptx, mppt, djvu, ppt)
* Spell-checking
* Works on both Windows and Mac platforms
* Works on mobile devices
* Command Line interface to perform special actions
* Ability to print, create mailing lists, zip up cards, compress cards
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System Requirements For AZZ Cardfile:

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