Whenever you have a lot of work to do, a simple application that enables you to store important ideas or backlog items can be incredibly helpful.
As its name suggests, Backlog is a program designed to help you manage tasks that you need to get to sometime in the future, but it is also great for saving ideas or quickly taking notes.
Basic electron-based application for creating item lists
No installation is needed to get started, so you can just unpack the archive and start the application by launching the executable file. The user interface features a pretty straightforward design, but it would have been great if some alternative color themes were available.
Backlog can be used to store anything you need, and even very long texts can be added to the list. When inserting new items, they can be added to the beginning or end of the board.
Store important items in multiple lists
Only one board is available when first launching the application, but you can add as many as you need afterward. Additionally, you can change their names and customize their order.
When it comes to adding new items to your boards, things could hardly be simpler. Essentially, you only need to type or paste the text and press Enter, though you may also wish to specify where the note should be added.
Simple but useful application that can help you organize your day
While Backlog doesn’t offer a lot of features, this is not necessarily a bad thing. If all you need is a basic utility that enables you to store ideas, tasks or anything else you wish to remember, this application will do the job just fine.
On the whole, Backlog is a straightforward electron-based application for users who need a simple way to store memos or tasks without complicating matters unnecessarily. It lacks more advanced features, though, and there are no alternative interface themes to choose from.


DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Backlog 1.4.0 Download PC/Windows [Latest 2022]

Let us organize our day so we can get more done! Track time for meetings, tasks, projects, or goals.
• Multi-board (Freeform & Multi-sequence)
• Memos
• Different Outline Types
• Statistic
• Color themes supported by: Windows
• Various layouts
• Highlight colors supported by: Windows
• Multiple undo/redo
• Full Unicode support
• Easy navigation on long lists
• Drag & Drop
• Auto-save
• List Management
• Customizable columns
• Text Drag & Drop to paste into the board
When installing Backlog, you may want to opt for the pro version of the application in order to unlock a couple of additional features, including the addition of a board per day and the option to hide specific boards.
Backlog is a simple, but extremely useful application for users who need a simple way to create notes, tasks, or anything else that they wish to store without complicating matters unnecessarily. It lacks more advanced features, and there is no support for alternative color themes.
The free version of Backlog is limited to 3 boards. If you need more, you can purchase the pro version for $2.99. As a result, you will also be able to purchase more than 3 additional boards.

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Backlog is an application that helps you manage notes, ideas and tasks. It is inspired by To-Do List applications, though Backlog has a very simple and intuitive user interface.
Basic Application Features:
* Emulates a To-Do List application without any complex features.
* There is no need to install or sign up for anything, so you can start using Backlog immediately.
* Each note can be added to the beginning or the end of a board, and you can personalize them with colors, names, and sizes.
* Each board can hold multiple lists, each with a name and number. Backlog offers a simple board browser that allows you to add or remove lists and items.
* Notes, notes and even more notes are all stored in Backlog, so there is no reason not to use it as a daily planner. Backlog makes sure that you will never forget about your plan, no matter how many notes you add.
* All information can be exported to a JSON file and imported into other applications. Backlog has no connection with other services or applications.
* Backlog can be customized to match your current color scheme, so you can save your time by using it on a daily basis.
* Backlog allows you to edit notes, add new ones, remove existing ones, and even do basic changes.
* Backlog is inspired by To-Do List applications, though its user interface has been made very simple and intuitive.
* Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Windows Phone all support Backlog. However, its support for Linux, Android, and iOS is limited to the desktop versions.
* Backlog has no connection with other applications or services, so there is no need to sign up for anything. It is always free and always open source.
* Windows.
* Java 7 or later.
* Python 3 or later.




Special Features:
* Backlog saves its data in localStorage, so the information you add will be there even if your computer restarts or is shut down.
* Backlog stores each board and each list in a JSON file, so you can move the information to your Dropbox folder and manage it from there.
* Backlog allows you to export your data to an HTML file, which can be sent to other users or just exported to a folder on your hard drive.
* Backlog stores all information in localStorage

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User interface doesn’t allow you to add new items

Backlog Pro Description:
Cloud-based Backlog for teams, online, offline

Backlog Enterprise Description:
Cloud-based Backlog for teams, online, offline

Backlog is a project management app that automatically keeps your priorities in sync across devices.
Visit our About page to learn more.


+Dummy text for multiple lists

+Set names for lists

+Clear list names

+Move items between lists

+Import and export list from.txt files

+Highlighting important items in list

+Highlight multiple items at once

+Quickly convert text to emoji

+Import and export.txt and.md files

+Export list as HTML

+Export list as markdown

+Export and import projects (.json)

+Filter items

+Sort projects by name, date or size

+Backlog for teams

+Sync lists and projects between team members

+Remove user access

+Duplicate items

+Undo / redo items

+Backlog for teams Features: +Cloud-based Backlog for teams, online, offline +Cloud-based Backlog for teams, online, offline

How To Use:

+Open the Backlog application on your phone or computer. +Open the application and you’ll see a main board +Press the Menu button on your phone or computer and select Add Item. +Add items to your boards +To remove an item from a board, select and move it to the Trash.

Backlog is a basic to-do list and task manager written in Electron that can be used on the desktop, mobile, or tablets. It’s designed to be an effective companion for managing work stuffs by letting you create lists of work items and organize these items into multiple boards.

Backlog is the first version of a new project started by Matthew Leggett, the Backlog project manager. Backlog is a free Electron application written in JavaScript and CSS and designed to be a task manager, idea board, and to do list at the same time.

Backlog is designed to be a simple application to quickly store ideas, to do lists, and longer notes in list form. It is simple to use, runs natively on Electron, and is written in JavaScript and CSS. Unlike other similar

What’s New in the Backlog?

Backlog lets you put tasks, memos, notes, quotes and other to-do’s into lists. It keeps the lists in order and you can easily edit them. Backlog also has a sync option to automatically sync the list with the web service.
Backlog is free.
Extract the archive into your computer’s My Documents folder.
Double-click on the install.exe file to start the installation.
Backlog Website:

Install Backlog in Windows

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There are two ways to access your files from the C: drive.
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System Requirements For Backlog:

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