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In a leaked document obtained by The Times, it is claimed the new scheme is in response to a rise in the number of asylum seekers from
the war-torn countries of the Middle East. The information was leaked ahead of a key Conservative party meeting on migration, scheduled for tomorrow. Lord Young’s letter, which was copied to David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Nick Clegg, suggests
a new visa of “designation”, for people who do not intend to enter the country, but want to spend time here.
The document, seen by The Times, refers to a “military operation” in the Middle East and suggests that UK embassies in Lebanon and Jordan will be among those targeted.
It was also reported that a small group of British and European officials were sent to Lebanon, around the time of the 2009 bombing, which killed three people and injured more than 100, including 20 Britons.


This included a small group of British and European officials who left Beirut for Amman, where they were briefed on the growing threat of extremists in the country.


The group also reported increased numbers of Syrian refugees in Jordan.


At the same time, the Middle East Committee of the Foreign Office, according to the leaked document, had informed the Middle East embassy in London that an intelligence-led operation to target groups “such as the Muslim Brotherhood” was in progress.


In November last year, the Foreign Office introduced tough new guidance on its website urging UK diplomats to be “cognisant of” religious and other minorities’ rights. Lord Young wrote that this was in response to “further instability in the wider region, as well as a perceived rise in the number of asylum seekers from the Middle East as they seek to reach Europe”. “I would note that recent events in Libya and Syria have seen the threat of radicalising asylum seekers and others in the UK become more acute,” he wrote.


The Conservative leader, David Cameron, said that he welcomed Lord Young’s “message”.


However, he added: “We remain deeply concerned about the security situation in the Middle East, and the threat that increasingly violent sectarian groups pose to British interests and to international peace and security. The government will remain fully engaged in working with our partners and allies to prevent these threats and protect our security.”


A Foreign Office spokesperson said that the Government was

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