Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector License Code & Keygen

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Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector Crack Free License Key [Latest-2022]

Lookup your Internet Protocol (IP) address, routing information, and the computers on your local network.

Lookup DNS records for domains that have been affected by the DNSChanger malware.

Find computers that have been hacked.

Remove the DNSChanger malware and fix DNS settings.

From Virus Total:

Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 -4bitdefender/Bitdefender


If your DNS server is screwed up, you won’t be able to browse websites, so that’s pretty much the only reason.

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Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector Crack +

Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector is a lightweight Windows application designed specifically for helping you scan your computer for the DNSChanger malware and fix your DNS settings.
The threat is able to modify your Domain Name System (DNS) configuration so attackers are able to steal sensitive data (including authentication parameters) about your banking accounts, email clients, or social networking utilities.
Simple looks and performance
You are welcomed by a minimalistic UI that allows you to trigger the scanning operation with minimal effort. The tool was designed with an overall simplicity in mind, so even less experienced users can master the entire process in no time.
The program offers support for a single scanning mode which allows you to look for the DNSChanger virus. At the end of the scanning task, you are offered details about your DNS settings.
In case, the virus is found present on your system, the Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector tries to automatically adjust your DNS settings. Depending on the connection type, the tool restores the recommended DNS settings and informs you if the problem has been solved or not.
During our testing we have noticed that Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector carries out the scanning operation pretty quickly. It doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.
Bottom line
All in all, Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector comes with a simple yet useful software solution for helping you assess the status of the DNS settings, find out if the DNSChanger malware is present on your system, as well as fix DNS settings so as to reconnect the infected PC to the Internet.
Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector Key Features:
– Automatic Scan – Finds out if the DNSChanger malware is present on your system
– Quick Scan – Scan the system to check the configuration of your DNS
– Restore Correct DNS Settings – Option to restore the DNS settings so that you can reconnect your computer to the Internet.
– Find Infected Drives – Option to check whether the infected drives contain any important files or not
– Automatic Fix – Enable automatically restore the DNS settings if the virus is present
– Remove Virus
– Detail DNS
– System Info – Choose the display mode of Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector
How to get the latest updates:
Free Bitdefender Safe Zone downloads:
– Windows:

What’s New in the Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector?

The DNSChanger malware can modify your Domain Name System (DNS) configuration, so attackers are able to steal sensitive data (including authentication parameters) about your banking accounts, email clients, or social networking utilities.

The malware downloads additional modules into Windows registry and modifies a number of important system settings, including the OS cache and DNS settings.

As a result of this infiltration, the infected PC cannot locate specific DNS addresses as the malicious modules are constantly updating the DNS cache entries.

Being unable to locate DNS addresses makes the malware more effective, since users will be redirected to malicious websites at all times. Attackers are able to perform numerous identity theft activities, including phishing, sending out spam email messages, or stealing data from banking apps or other sensitive applications.

Risk factors

You are most likely a victim of DNSChanger if you have been observing this problem with your PC:

You are redirected to malicious websites for the second time in a row.

You have been keeping an eye out for previously known domain names, which have been redirected to malicious websites.

You have changed your computer’s IP address settings.

You have noticed that unwanted pop-up ads appear when you are browsing the Internet.

You are also a victim of DNSChanger if you have been checking “Show notification for “this” issue” and have seen red circles in the Notify me of new malware and security threats section.

Spyware programs usually try to conceal themselves. They don’t show you a dialog window.

If you like to be notified about important system changes, make sure that you have selected “Show notification for this issue” in the Notify me of important changes and updates section of the Bitdefender Windows security solution.

Most often, the malicious DNS entries are generated after the infection by the malware itself.

If you have been receiving corrupted web pages or antivirus and anti-malware utilities refuse to work properly on your computer after the infection, it is a good bet that the DNSChanger virus is present.

In case you are familiar with Bitdefender’s anti-malware solutions, you can check the database for new malicious DNS entries.

In case you haven’t been receiving the warnings about possible DNSChanger infection, your system may be contaminated with other threats.

We would like to suggest that you remove DNSCh

System Requirements For Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector:

-Windows 10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise (64-bit editions only)-Mac OS 10.10.2 or higher (64-bit editions only)-Windows 8 or higher (64-bit editions only)-Processor: Dual Core or better, 2.3 GHz or higher
-RAM: 4 GB
Graphics: DirectX 11 or higher
DirectX: Version 11 or higher
Rendering API: OpenGL 4.0 or higher
OpenGL: Version 4.1 or higher
Driver: 381.82 or higher