Your kingdom are invaded by the monsters. Develop your cat warriors stronger, build your robot larger to defeat the enemies. Simple, however enjoyable to play, you’ll undoubtedly be hooked by these epic battles.

Unique GadgetsVarious number of Devices, each one has their very own unique abilities. Equip them on the robot and use them as weapons to protection against the enemies. Every combination is a different strategy. This makes every sport a new expertise.

ARCHERAn military can by no means be an army with out warriors using bows. They are essential to the battle. Grow your archers stronger. Nothing can stand your mighty power.

MIGHTY HEROESLegendary heroes are back to your military to save lots of the kingdom. Heroes come along with mighty energy and particular abilities. They’re the best support to your military in the battle against the monsters.

CREEP & BOSSThe monsters trigger the horror on the kingdom. The cat military should defeat those creeps. There are 20 completely different sorts of monsters and bosses. The cat army is gonna get an epic battle against them.

CONQUER THE CASTLENot only should you defend your kingdom, you can attack and reclaim the castles defeated by your enemies. Each castle is an infinite problem, together with many useful rewards on your military.

Equipment CRAFTINGWith a complex system of researching and manufacturing, you may accumulate dozens of materials to create new highly effective devices, new uncommon weapons in your heroes, and lots of different magical spells.

QUEST & FAME SYSTEMComplete quests to get perks robots to buy your military. Extra perks, the military will turn into stronger. Infinite number of quests are waiting for you.

PLAY Online WITH PVP, Arena, AND CLAN Struggle

Construct your clan and be a part of the warfare against other clans, in extremely intense battles. It’s also possible to challenge your power in Area and PvP battles against different gamers.

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– Over 50 gadgets, making endless number of strategies

– Improve devices into different ways

– Over 10 heroes with special expertise

– Over 10 pets to help the army

– Skill points with 20 different skills

– Millions of combinations, thousands and thousands of strategies

– Fascinating quests and fame system

– Ranking system

– Build your clan

– PvP battles

Straightforward to play with one tap, intense battles, upbeat music, cute graphic and addictive gameplay. Cat’n’Robotic Idle Protection is gonna offer you an exciting expertise.