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– Could be bought from Greirat for 7,000 souls after he has successfully pillaged Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

– If Greirat dies, his ashes may be given to the Shrine Handmaiden, who will begin promoting the Lothric Knight Greatsword for the same worth

– The Lothric Knight Greatsword will also be a uncommon drop from the Lothric Knights who wield them in Lothric Castle

The following essential activity you should take part in is the Una’s Token Alternate. If you complete Una’s Duties on a every day and weekly basis for 폰테크 your whole roster, you accumulate points, which grant Una’s Tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged for Gold by way of the Gold Shop NPC situated in main cities of every continent. Depending in your principal character’s tier, you’ll be in a position to accumulate larger portions of Una’s Tokens. So if you’re presently in Tier 2, 70 points value of dailies and weeklies should yield 475 Una’s Tokens but when you’re already in Tier 3, then the same variety of factors will grant 1,040 tokens.