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=============== The goal of the program is to define a reduced reaction mechanism from a compound database. This can be done in a interactive session or directly from a parameter file. The program is written in C, but uses the external interfaces of the program XChem2 from the XChem package. The input and output is done in XML format. To run the program you will need the CMake and XChem2 programs. The program should be run with the specified command line or from a local CMake file. Input of reaction list: ======================================================= The input file and its content are described below: Input file: +————————————-+——————–+——————————-+ | Naming-Conventions | Field | Default-Values | +————————————-+——————–+——————————-+ |Element name | Element name | [inH doutH \[kJ mol^-1\] | | | | D\] ] | +————————————-+——————–+——————————-+ | Residue name | Residue name | K | | | | 2f7fe94e24

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~~~~~~~ Chemked-II is a program that performs a reduction-reaction analysis of organic reacting systems. The program has the ability to translate a mixture of chemical species into an equivalent collection of reduced reaction mechanisms. The reactions are reduced by eliminating intermediate or parallel reactions and in some cases by simplifying the reduced mechanism using a reduced number of mechanisms. The approach uses a top-down approach from which the reduced pathways are determined. The inclusion of simplified mechanisms, or reduction mechanisms, or mass balancing, is controlled with the use of the function variables. This version, with the addition of the saving function, includes the optimization and mathematical analysis of the reduced mechanisms and the graphical evaluation of the kinetic parameters. >>>>>> Concept Tutorial >>>>>> Installation >>>>>> Requirements >>>>>> Dependencies >>>>>> License >>>>>> Developers >>>>>> Help >> >> Notes: You can obtain information on adding support for Chemked-II in an extension for Chemkin from the website of the developers of

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========================= Introducing Chemked-II, an interface for the simulation of high-pressure and high-temperature gas-phase reactions. Comparing this software with other modern high-pressure and high-temperature simulation softwares like Gold and Superchem, it can be found to be much simpler and easier to use. A clear interface and a user friendly software makes Chemked-II to be used as an ideal starting point for those users who have basic knowledge of simulation software. Chemked-II allows users to perform low-pressure, steady-state and dynamic-pressure simulations. Chemked-II can be used in two different modes, either for steady-state simulation or for multi-step open-flow reactor simulation. A simple GUI interface is provided with the basic graphics tools. Chemked-II simulates the pressure-temperature behavior of reactive systems using the high-temperature and high-pressure equation of state (EOS). It also uses the Chemkin modeling approach to simulate the progress of reactions. In this approach, the structure of the molecules changes with reaction, which is an advantage over many other software packages, in which the structure of the molecules can only be viewed at set intervals of time and not during the course of a reaction. Chemked-II has a user-friendly interface with the following features: – Showing the hot zone, isothermal area, surface-area, energy, etc – User-friendly GUI for easy selection of the layer, layers, region of interest – User-friendly interface for easy selection of the reaction mechanism – A variety of specific features to simulate the pressure-temperature characteristics Key features: – A fully automated and accurate NIST modeling engine – A pressure-temperature equation of state – User-friendly interface – Can be used for steady-state simulations or for open-flow simulations Key Features of Chemked-II – Fully automatic modeling engine – Pressure-temperature equation of state – Supports both steady-state and open-flow simulations – User-friendly interface – Continuous update of Chemistry Composer – Three-dimensional graphics of the entire experiment – Definition of hot zones and isothermal areas – Defines the chemical phase, including flow rate, temperature, reactants, products, mechanism, etc. – Supports bulk reactor simulations – Can be used for steady-state simulations or for open-flow simulations – Acc

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-series, RTX 20-series, or AMD Radeon VII graphics card Disc 2 (DVD-ROM) Disc 1 (BD-ROM) Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 (64-bit) Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 2, or later (32-bit) At least 4 GB RAM Minimum DirectX 11, Windows 7 or later Minimum 1.8 GHz processor