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need to be excluded
0000-00-00 00:00:00
0000-00-00 00:00:00

need to be included
2014-11-24 13:30:00
2014-09-01 14:00:00


You can use the standard string module.
>>> import string
>>> import re
>>> pat = re.compile(r’\b((\d{4})-(\d{1,2})-\d{1,2})\s(?:Th:|Fr:|Sa:|Su:|Mo:|Tu:|We:|Th:|Fr:|Sa:|Su:|Mo:|Tu:|We:)’)
>>> list(pat.findall(s))
[(‘2014-11-24 13:30:00’, ‘2014-09-01 14:00:00’)]


Only thing in the parenthesis

I have very simple question about parenthesis (Beginner)
I have to create the form in python:
import sys
f = open(“test.txt”,”r”)
a =‘
print (“Hello”)
print (“Name: “)
name = input(” “)
age = int(input(” “))
print (“You are “, name, ” years old”)

I can create “Hello” and “Name: ” without problem, but the parenthesis are waiting me.
I know that it’s something about for, if, while, while..


Namely, your print statement contains two arguments, so you have to use parenthesis to force the interpreter to put them in the right order.
print (“You are “, name, ” years old”)

should be
print(“You are {} years old”.format(name))

Read more about format() in the docs.


How to update Salesforce records via App Script

I have a requirement where I need to update a field in Salesforce object at regular interval.
Is it possible to achieve this using App Script.


Yes it is possible.
If you are talking about trigger in salesforce
You just need to do a page refresh to update or edit the record

Go to Setup ->

The term avant la lettre occurs in the Dauvergne test and other ways in the same sense as avant-garde, but appears to play much the same role as forte. First used by Gautier in his scène de ballet (1858) and then more frequently in other plays, it was

Although we are still in the “lazy” stage of the digital revolution, the time has come when it has now become mandatory for all schools to maintain a “book-keeping file” for each student, which will include all the complete financial records concerning his/her

The accused, directed by Vijaya Mohan, started shooting the film in the year 1994 and it was released in 1995. The movie became a success in the Tamil Nadu box office and it gained a huge fan following. A film of the same name was released in the year 1999 also starring

Chicago School of Professional Psychology | Department of Psychology | University of Illinois – Chicago

B.A. Psychology in 2012 As a Psychology student, you have the opportunity to enhance your higher education and to broaden your experiences by studying in Chicago, Illinois. Our undergraduate Psychology course provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of the human mind and behavior.Deforestation remains a major global environmental problem and industrial agriculture is a major driver of deforestation, but there is increasing evidence that elevated ambient carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations are increasing yield of some crops, even when applied in the absence of extreme temperatures (highlighted in the article, Take a look at Crop Yields in a Time of Climate Change, published in the current issue of the Journal of Experimental Botany)

But the inability of plants to grow well in elevated CO2 concentrations, even in the absence of extreme temperatures, is a serious practical limitation on sustainable production of various important agricultural crops worldwide. Moreover, in some cases, plant breeders have been able to compensate for this problem by developing crops that have greater yield potential than the wild-type, but that are still well within the normal temperature ranges of the environment.

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[Ambient SFX Library | Digital Ambience Library].

These utilities will help you maintain and debug your.i686 and.x86_64 archives.
This manual is accompanied by a graphical user interface, called Unp. i686 and x86_64 are now mutually exclusive architectures.
After upgrading to 2.0.0, 2.0.1, 3.0.0, 3.0.1, 3.0.2, 3.0.3, and 3.0.4, you will need to uninstall any previous version of US3 and.1017 or.1017. As with all US3 releases prior to.1017,.1017 is fully backwards compatible.
OS2008 and.1010-1015 are now the first released versions to produce undecodable media archives.
These users will now need to manually uninstall.102,.103,.104, and.105.
The previous versions of US3 will continue to work with.1016.
This manual has been updated to refer to.1017 as “US3.1017” throughout.
Changes in US3·
Changes in.osx-developer/usr/local/lib/cocoa/.
US3 installs its.dylibs in the.osx-developer/bin/audio/audiod/audiod.
The previous US3 builds required you to manually install US3’s.dcompiled files.
Installation on Windows·
US3 now has an.exe installer, packaged with each version of US3.
This installer is available at:
The installer will validate your computer, and download the appropriate.
If the installer fails to start, you may need to manually download the.
. The installer will prompt you to install updates.
There are two installation methods for the.
The first method,.. If this method fails, you may need to manually uninstall.
Download from the US3 web site.
The second method is..
For some users who install OS2008 on a Mac OSX 10.3.
.1017 includes US3 for Mac OSX 10.3.
Before.1017, there was only support for 10.4.
.1017 does not replace.1010/1011/1012.
If you have any other version of

Download or play free from your browser safe.

Memsky Songs by Memesky


Oklahoma City

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Memesky, Oklahoma City

Memesky, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City band, we love to play live and to write our own music, our band is influenced by bands like Aussie band The Butterfly Effect, Dragged Into Sunlight, Alter Bridge and Muse.

i have downloads of the whole album and all songs are of good quality
uploaded on monday 12th of january 2015
it should be complete till the album ends and all the songs are downloadable

You can download albums online but after several attempts I have not been able to download
I use Windows 8.1
I downloaded the 15.12.2012 Universal Album Downloader which is listed in the Official Poshify Store

Even the first song which opens the album is broken. I tried the I-DROID application and am met with this message.Q:

How do I find the point on the derivative of a function at a given value?

Let’s say I have a monotonic function $f: \mathbb{R} \to \mathbb{R}$ with derivative $f'(x) \geq 0$ for all $x$, $f(a) = b$, and $f'(a) = 0$. In this case, I would want to find $a$, and by extension, $b$. However, if $f'(a)
eq 0$ (so that $f$ is not locally linear at $a$), is there a way to find $a$ and by extension $b$? I have access to the values $f(x)$, $f'(x)$, $f”(x)$ and $f^{(n)}(x)$ for all $x$, so the answers I seek are not numerical.