The Dark_Injector application was designed to be a small tool to inject your own code into a darkbasic professional exe. The code is executed soon after the exe begins running.
This is only of use on exes produced by darkbasic professional, if you arrived via search engine looking for a generic dll injector this is not what you want.
Dbpro exes consist of a normal exe with data appended on the end. The exe part is very similar between all dbpro exes. The same exe handles the three different typesof dbpro exes, normal, compressed and exe with .pck file.
With a compressed exe the exe sees that the first appended file is “compress.dll”.It then extracts “compress.dll” and then calls the decompress_block function within the dll. To this function it passes a pointer to the rest of the appended data and its size. The “compress.dll” then decompresses the data and returns a pointer to thedecompressed data back to the dbpro exe.
If we inject our own “compress.dll” as the first attached file then the dbpro exe will extract our dll and call the compress_block function it contains passing a pointer tothe rest of the appended data and its size.
We can then just pass back the already decompressed appended data and the dbpro exe will start as normal. We can also return 0 which will tell the dbpro exe an error occurred and it will silently exit.
This is mainly useful if used to inject a user friendly directx version check but it could be used to do anything that you can be done in a dll and needs to be done as soon as possible after the exe starts.









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1. Injects a new module in an Dark Basic Program.
2. The new module executes almost immediately after the old module has started.
3. The new module can place any type of code that you want to execute at that point in time.
4. The new module can place any type of code that you want to execute before or after this point in time.
5. Any changes to the code will be appended to the end of the executable so they will be run at the same time.
6. Your code has full control over the file that is going to be injected.
7. Your code can use any function that is available to other modules.
8. If you make your own code then you do not have to use a fully compatible windows API (like directx).
9. Dark_Injector For Windows 10 Crack only works if the executable is in a DLL file.
Dark_Injector Download With Full Crack Requirements:
1. Visual Studio C++ 2008 or later.
2. Installer created by Dark_Injector.
3. A Dark Basic Professional Starter Edition or higher.
4. If you want to make your own code then you need to make sure you are not using any of dark basic’s functions.
5. Dark_Injector does not work with any other form of appending other then DLLs.
Dark_Injector Files:
1. Dark_Injector.cpp
2. Dark_Injector.def
3. Dark_Injector.dll
4. Dark_Injector.xml
5. Dark_Injector.win32
6. Dark_Injector_x86.pck
7. Dark_Injector_x64.pck
8. Dark_Injector_auto.exe
9. Dark_Injector_Automatic.exe

Dark_Injector’s self-installing installer is currently a bit out-dated, you must extract it with 7-zip.

One more thing. You must make an installer.

One more thing. To make the exe you must put Dark_Injector.dll into the same directory as the other file that has the code to be injected.
I have provided an option for you to make your own exe that installs Dark_Injector.exe in

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Code’s purpose is to be a small tool to inject your own code into an exe.
It reads the first appended file and decompresses it. It then passes the rest of the appended data to a function within the decompressed data.
The code is processed as late as possible within the normal dll code execution flow and can be used for anything that can be done in a dll but needs to be processed as early as possible.
This also means that the code can be executed within a debugger on a copy of the exe and can be used to debug something later on in the dll without affecting the original exe.
This can be useful for finding out what is going on when the exe starts that can’t be done within the debugger of the original exe.
For example if you inject a.pck file, and.tib file. You can then watch the decompression of the.pck file and see if it contains the.tib file.
This can be used to create a type of version check to determine if a dll has been changed without changing the exe.
For example if you load a compressed dll instead of a normal compressed dll then before the program starts the dll checks the version of its own code and if its different it prints a message and quits, if the versions are the same then it tries to load the xe and continues normally.
You can use it to extract a.tib file to see if it contains data that has been added to the exe without actually changing it.
Example Injections:
– Just a simple.dll for version checks
– Your own type of directx version check, for example a.exe with a.dll that uses dxgi_dll.
-.exe with different version of itself, for example 1.1.1 and 1.1.2
– Inject a version check into an existing.exe
– ChkDll / UnchkDll
– This works to deter normal users but if there is a decompression failure then the exe will just crash.
*Input parameters:
1- The location of the compressed file you want to inject.
2- The name that the file should be called in the exe

This program converts an exe into archive.



* Obfuscate the code and code section so it is not the kind of thing that can be decompiled easily.
* Execute the code section (if a dll) as soon as it is injected.
* Create the injector.
* Extract the needed files from the exe.
* Check for “compress.dll” file.
* Decompress it.
* Create an “Injector.dll”
* Check for “Injector.dll” in the exe.
* If it’s there, mark the exe and then call the injector.
* Run the injector.
* Extract the “compress.dll” and run it.
* Run the injector.
* Extract the “compress.dll” and run it.
* Extract the “compress.dll” and run it.
* Run the injector.
* Print the message.
* Run the injector.
* Close the injector.
* Extract the “Injector.dll” to get the code section.
* Replace the original injector.
* Delete the original injector.
* Reboot your computer.
* Hope you liked this tool. Please post comments and help in any way you can.

Just compiled the second version of this with the function added to the code section. This adds a bit more obfuscation and compression and adds some more checks to make sure you are running under win xp.
Note: I only tested this under windows xp and win 7.
This is pure untested code, so don’t expect it to work without some minor changes.

About Us

DarkBasic is a deceptively simple to use, powerful and robust programming language for the new generation of programmers. It does not require a graphic interface but can be fully manipulated with the keyboard. It’s easy for people with little programming experience to master this versatile language and get some surprising results. DarkBasic was originally designed by Dorusen Ltd. in 1993 for use in embedded systems development. They have gone on to develop many other languages and programs including the very successful Dark Synergy (DSYNC) PC Game Tools, DarkVox2 for the NASDAQ and many others.Q:

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What’s New In Dark_Injector?

Injects a DLL file on exe start.
The DLL has to have a header with a strange looking name.
The code injects immediately after the exe starts and must be fast.
The code doesn’t need to be rewritten as often as with other methods.
Any error will silently exit the exe.
The DLL must be loaded without the exe using LoadLibrary or GetProcAddress.
The DLL and exe must run in the same process.
The DLL that is injected is placed on the end of the exe.

Downloads and Updates

Dark_Injector 3.1 is now available for download.
There is only one difference in the download program.
Dark_Injector v2.1 is still compatible with the new version.
Dark_Injector v2.1
Dark_Injector v2.0
Dark_Injector v1.1
Dark_Injector v1.0

White list?

A white list is being requested for this tool.
If you are on the list you may now download the tool from the link above and it is guaranteed to work.
If you are not on the list, you can use the update form to add yourself or you can email the code to me (see contact) and I can add you to the list.
If you send me the code I will add you automatically.
If you do not add yourself to the list then you will not be able to download the tool and it will no longer work.
As mentioned in the description the tool only works with a dll called “compress.dll”.
I would advise adding my email address to your contacts or just keep an eye on the email if you are not already.
Download Updates here.


HID v2.2
HID v2.1
HID v1.2
HID v1.1

Dark_Injector 3.1

Dark_Injector 3.1 is now available for download.
There is only one difference in the download program.
Dark_Injector v2.1 is still compatible with the new version.
Dark_Injector v2.0 is a significant improvement over v2.1.
Dark_Injector v1.1 is a slight improvement over v1.0.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan)
512 MB RAM
300 MB HDD
PCs with Intel HD Graphics 3.0 or higher
First time owners get the game for free
PC players
1 or more Razer Mechanical keyboards.
Mac players
Your system must be configured to support graphics.
Touch Displays are not supported
Not supported on mobile devices
Safari or an alternative browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox