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Date is a simple Windows application that tracks the number of days until an important event. The interface is easy to use and so it must be pointed out that Date is not a calendar.

Date is the best solution for tracking the number of days until important events, such as weddings, graduations, and anniversaries. You can use it to check the remaining days until a particular day of your life, personal, or commercial purpose.

Date is based on the Windows.NET Framework (4.5+) and runs smoothly on most computers. It also works well with the widest range of languages and needs no registration or activation in Windows 7 / 8 / 10.


Measure the time until an important event
Check out how many remaining days until a date
Show or hide a timekeeping
You may automatically start Date on Windows Startup
Display the days of a month
The time before an event

System Requirements:

Windows 7 / 8 / 10.
Pentium III 2GHz or higher


Date Features:

Configure the tool

Use the print_labs module

Import a custom image for the UI

About this Software

Date is a simple software application developed specifically for helping you check out the number of remaining days until a certain event takes place.
Interacting with the GUI
After going through a quick and simple installation process, you are welcomed by a simplistic panel that records the number of days until an important event. By default, the programs track the number of days until New Year, and you can change this particular aspect from the configuration panel.
A help manual is not included in the package so you need to experiment a little bit with the dedicated parameters in order to understand how the tool works.
Track the time until a specific event
Date offers you the possibility to keep an eye on the number of days until a certain date by specifying the name, selecting the date from a built-in calendar, and showing the remaining time or passed time. Plus, you can automatically run the tool at Windows startup and hide or reveal a timer from/in the main window.
You may also customize the looks of the GUI by altering the colors of the background, text, numbers, and timer, as well as adjust the transparency of the primary pane. Other important configuration settings worth being mentioned enable you to change the font and size of the text, numbers, and timer, alter the layout by importing a

Date 1.2.0 Crack License Key Download

Single Date Torrent Download tracking
Keeps track of remaining days until a particular date
Times to Display
Displays remaining time to current time
Timer Caching
Runs the timer when the tool is closed

Date: Code: EAGRGD, Version:, Date: 2000-10-01 23:55:19.


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Date 1.2.0 Crack+ Free Download

Perfect date conversion and shows remaining days until you leave for, return from, or arrive at a destination. The date can be entered manually or via a calendar.

Add, edit, and remove events to keep track of them.

The most accurate date calculation algorithm

Every date calculation is a precise process that displays the shortest number of days for the specified date.

Creates and edits a handy calendar for the user in their free time.

Advanced date sorting options allow you to see the most current information.

More configurations than you can shake a stick at.

Date works very fast and does not eat up system resources.

Pricing and download info

Date is available as a free utility. A 7-day trial version is also provided as a way to try the product before purchasing. You can get Date for $24.95.

Date is a simple application developed for Windows. It can be downloaded as a portable app for Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10, as well as a portable app for Windows Vista, 8, and 10. Date does not have a trial version so you may have to buy it.

Date Windows 7

Date Windows 8

Date Windows 10

Download and install Date

Date is a small utility developed to help you check the number of remaining days until a specific event occurs.
It is available in a simple and intuitive GUI and can be used to keep track of days until New Year, birthdays, holidays, travels, and lots of other events.
Date is a simple tool that comes with a few basic features for helping you keep an eye on the number of remaining days until an important event.
The software is available in three versions for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 10 and supports multilingual interfaces in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.
Date works easily and does not require advanced knowledge so you do not need to worry about any complications.
In order to make the process simple, the program comes with a Help file that offers assistance when starting Date.
Date does not affect the overall performance of the system. It does not require much of the CPU and memory.
You can hide and un-hide the timer from the main window to avoid bombarding the users with visual clutter. You can also set the color, font, size, transparency, background, and border to customize the appearance.
Date is a very easy tool that does not take much

What’s New In?

Allows you to count the number of days until a certain date,
Keeps track of how many days until the new year,
Show or hide the timer in the main window,
Allows you to automatically run the application at Windows startup.

Uzbl Is A Lightweight Text Based Web Browser (Source)

Once you start using Uzbl (Ubuntu’ s “popular” text-based browser), you quickly find out that it is far more lightweight and convenient than almost all web browsers that have been produced so far.
There are a number of things that set Uzbl apart from the other text-based browsers: the search engine, the webkit based engine, the cookie manager, and the much-needed and important Uzbl browser in a terminal emulator.
The below screenshot shows you exactly what we’re talking about.

Here you can clearly see the list of open tabs. Besides this, on the left you can find a search engine, the suggestion engine, and a cookie manager, all of which work better than their counterparts in most browsers.
Next to the URL field (look at the below screenshot), you can find a search box; this is a handy key shortcut.
There’s also another handy feature in Uzbl, and it is the ability to view the source code of any website.
In the below screenshot, I’m showing you the source code of the website although this is not something that you do a lot, this is one of those things you might want to view the source of to quickly understand something.
Next to the url field, you can find the source code that Uzbl automatically fetches by default. Notice how you can see the entire source code of a website in a single webpage.
Totaly worth mentioning, Uzbl has an incredibly intuitive and beautiful interface. It’s simple, clean, and easy to use!
Let me show you some more screenshots of Uzbl.

This above screenshot shows a folder with multiple links to different sites.
Note that the links are constantly being updated.
As you can see in the image above, there’s an entry that says “Daily links for your morning links” or something similar.
If you click on that entry, you can see an image.
Next to that image is a list of different websites in the morning links category.

This is yet another aspect that makes Uzbl really nice. The user interface has several useful built-

System Requirements For Date:

Supported: Windows 10, Windows 7 (SP1), Windows Vista (SP2) and XP (SP3)
Properties: Can be used for both remote and local administrators
Limited Features: Safe Scripting, good remote management
Cons: No advanced scripting, can only be used with a keyboard and mouse
2. LogMeIn Pro
Key Features: No feature list, too many features.
Description: Built for education, remote access, small businesses, web-based UIs and mobility.