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For De La Soul, the story of an ‘outcast’ rapper making it to the top of the charts is a common one.
And while you can count most hip-hop emulators out of the woods these days, their mission is far from complete. Not so with De La Soul, who made some of the most joyously funky beats of the 1990s. But do hip-hop fans still appreciate their work?
The question is important, because if they do, then it’s finally time for a new generation of De La Soul fans to get on board, and Sankofa is here to answer it.
Inspired by the manga and anime that pre-date ‘it’ by a couple of years, this new offering is immediately recognisable as the work of the group’s Fab 5 Freddy and Posdnous. With this exact same flair as De La’s original, the application here is considerably improved, with fewer flaws and more to offer in the realms of song editing, mixing and mastering.
Create, edit and mix your own music with Mastered De La Soul!
With a long history of original De La Soul music, the Fab 5 Freddy and Posdnous team at Sankofa have evolved the experience for those ‘outcast’ rappers in the household.
This time around, they’ve brought the application to you on Windows, Mac and Linux to give you an even wider experience, enabling you to load and load of music whilst simultaneously recording songs that will fit in perfectly with your dancefloor mix.
Use the cool visual mixer to create custom songs, hot from the beat, and of course the all-important use of bundled and third party effects.
So what are you waiting for? Go get Sankofa now and make your De La Soul experience one to remember.

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From your music computer to your phoneDemisco Joky produces awesome quality MP3 music files. No computer? No problem. With a few simple steps, you can transform your mobile phone into a legitimate music machine.
Or you can use a smartphone or tablet to compose and record all your songs.
Demisco Joky features:
Easy to use and undemanding to use
Mobile Phone feature
Record your music with your phone or smartphone as a traditional recording studio
Five audio formats supported for great quality
Automation for all effects
Record your music in its entirety
Create and mix different styles of music
Quick access to material, settings and a tutorial
No computer needed
A large range of effects
Import and export of all audio formats (wav, mp3, wma, etc.)
MIDI and compatible with most guitar amplifiers.
Basic level
The bottom line:
Demisco Joky is an easy-to-use music app for mixing your songs. It’s great for creating and mixing your music on the go, but it doesn’t have the features that a professional mixer would expect.
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Add effects and record
Seamless transition between sounds
Easily edit and create sounds
Lightweight and user friendly
Supported languages:

Demisco Joky is available on appstore and Google Play. You can find the links here
Some features of Demisco Joky –
• More than 70 Effects and Filters
• Add effects and record
• Seamless transition between sounds
• Easily edit and create sounds
• Interface translation in more than 16 languages
• Accurate time correction
• Option to export to MP3, AAC, AIFF, M4A, WAV and OGG
• When a file is too big it will be split into multiple files
• Connection with iGoogle, Windows Live and other social networks
• Edit Presets: Based on the device’s memory you can adjust the amount of available presets
• Presets of many SoundCloud and Jamendo and other music platform sounds
• Support for mobile streaming
• Record the music of the computer’s default sound or input the files that you want to record
• Launch the audio editor to have your own presets
• Free sound editing: Change the tempo, start and stop the sound, fade in and fade out
• Use the built-in Audio/Video editing:
• Add subtitles: To subtitle of the selected sound
• Fade In: Start the sound slowly and quickly
• Fade Out: End the sound slowly and quickly
• Tap the destination of the sound:
• Repeat the sound: Play the sound for a longer time
• Volume: How loud the sound is
• Change the time: Tempo: Time of the music
• Cut the sound: Your sound will be cut at specific places
• Put volume: Low, normal or high
• Play at specific time: Start, play, stop and loop the sound
• Instant repeat: Play the sound immediately again
• Reverse: Play the sound backwards
• Adjust volume, delay time, play back and repeat time
• Tap the file: It will be automatically stored
• Edit the sound:
• Move the sound: Change the position of the sound
• Move to the end: Move the sound
• Reverse: Play the sound backwards
• Adjust volume, delay time, play back and repeat time
• Save a file: The files will be automatically saved
• Export the sound: Export to the following format
• Change the speed: Reverse the sound
• Change the sound:

What’s New in the?

Record, edit and save your music

Demisco Joky Key Features:

Create music with ease. Drag and drop, mix and edit with the tons of sound effects.

Organize your music and archive it at no cost. The music files you save can be previewed.

Import music files from your computer.

Ease of use. Just press “Add Track” and start mixing.

Choose between various sound effects. When playing back a song or music, the volume of the sound effects can be adjusted at any time.

Take your music live. Start recording the sound with the internal microphone, and export it as a mp3 file.

Create your own soundtracks. Pitch your music, combine multiple songs, edit, and export in any format you want.

Create your own mp3 files. Collect and organize your own “tracks.” Add the following sound effects to your music.

Rate your tracks. Simply star them to place a star next to the song.

Select the right genre for your music. Thanks to the built-in music database.

Ad-free version.

Demisco Joky Version History:

Version 3.2.3

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System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 7 SP1
Intel Quad-Core (i5-3300 or better), i7 or AMD Quad-Core (FX-6300 or better)
DirectX 12 (GeForce 7xx series or better)
4 GB RAM (8 GB or better recommended)
10 GB free space on hard drive
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (GeForce 940MX or better), GTX 980 (GeForce 940MX or better), GTX 1060 (GeForce GTX 960 or better),