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DESEO(2013)DVDRip XviD(Mexico) 48 · romeo and juliet movie hindi full llongel lila navi song compilation mp3 download jhaddo lekha chidiya kholo new naukri hindi · Desires SD – The Oneness.Midfielder cum Businessman Kumar Sangakkara has said that he is one of the lucky guys to be playing cricket after his father’s foot injuries. He has announced this in a recent interview with Zee Sports, while describing that his father’s injuries have improved over the time. “To give a taste of what cricket’s like with my father,” Sangakkara said. “He’s made an incredible recovery.” Sangakkara is a career high-class batsman as well as a really good captain. He has been working as a Pepsi seller and supporting his family for long time. He also took coaching course of youth cricket as well. Talking about the way to make the transition from cricket to business field, he said that his main focus is on the knowledge and experience he has gained. “Maybe I was lucky; I had a choice,” he said. “I could have easily chosen another career in which there was less pressure, I could have chosen to become a cop, a politician. “But I went another way, as it has always been a dream of mine to become a business man.” “A chance came up and I took it and that’s how I ended up doing what I did,” he continued. “There are many other guys who, even after playing cricket for a long time, choose to stay within the cricket fraternity. But that’s not what my parents wanted for me. “I saw the change of mindset in my father, who was previously one of the best fielders in Sri Lanka. He became a bit of an observer who didn’t want to do anything that might distract him from his recovery, which was a huge challenge for him.” Sangakkara said that he still holds a passion for cricket and that he misses cricket dearly. He also said that he feels that he is lucky to have had the opportunity to experience cricket and to be able to spend some time

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