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DIPLink Crack Keygen is a free dynamic DNS service. If you have a dynamic IP address at home, you will need a dynamically DNS service to circumvent the problem that your home IP address changes when someone else has it. This is usually something that your ISP gives you. DIPLink checks every 5 minutes the current IP address of your computer. If it changes, DIPLink will generate an HTML link file and ftp it to a designated external web space, e.g. the webspace that you usually get from internet provider (ISP). You can then either have a link from your homepage to the link file or you can register your own domain name and forward it to the link page. If then an http request for your domain name comes in, it will be forwarded to the Link page which resides on your ISP webspace. This will link the request to your home computer where your web server is running.
Key features of “DIPLink”:
■ You can use your own domain name which is not possible with the free dynamic DNS services that are offered on the Internet.
■ The link is fast, usually the surfer will see the link page only for less than a second.
■ It will only run continuously for 24 hours
■ It will only work with a dynamic IP address
If you have some problems with DIPLink, please write a mail to feedback@diplink.org
How to configure DIPLink
Configure DIPLink
For those who don’t have a dynamically changing IP address at home, you need to have a manually configured static IP address, i.e. your Internet provider has given you a static IP address like
In that case, you need to configure the “DIPLink” script in the configuration file for it to check periodically if your static IP address changes.
If you configured DIPLink, this chapter will guide you through a few simple steps of how to use DIPLink to set up your static IP address.
You may want to use the “DIPLink for Mac OSX” version of DIPLink. This is a small application that allows you to configure your DIPLink server (the one running on your PC) and view your dynamic DNS entries.
Install the “DIPLink for Mac OSX” version
You can download the “DIPLink for Mac OSX” version from DIPLink’s homepage.

DIPLink Crack + Free

■ What is DIPLink Torrent Download?
DIPLink is a security-aware Proxy
CGI Script.
DIPLink uses different methods to check for
changes in internet IP address.
Also, the security checks make sure that only
my IP address is used for surfing the Internet.
It automatically creates a new HTML
file containing a link to my website.
I can then “forward” this link to my
website or to any other part of my site.
DIPLink can also be run by a
home/personal server.
If you have a dynamic IP address,
DIPLink will periodically check your IP
address. If it changes, DIPLink will
automatically create a new HTML file
containing a link to your website.
Or, you can have DIPLink check your
web server. This way, everyone who accesses
your web server will see the link!
How does it work?
1. DIPLink automatically checks your IP
or (on)
2. Depending on your Internet
Provider/webspace quota, DIPLink will
start (off) or not (on) after a set amount
of time (like every 10 minutes).
■ IP Address
Get and Set the IP Address of my own
■ Hostname
This will automatically be tested if
someone uses the hostname to access
the internet.
■ User Agent
Test if a program requesting data from
my website.
■ User ID
Check if someone uses my User ID to
access the internet.
■ User Country
Check if a user from a specific
countries accesses my website.
■ Route
Check if a user uses a specific route
to access my website.
3. It blocks hackers from doing
something with my site
4. It hides my identity
or (on)
5. It can “play” with the requests
like all the requests that are done
by a web server which is running on
my own computer.
■ It can show you the who/what/where/why
6. It can track and log all the
requests to my webserver
■ To be able to track and log all the
requests, DIPLink needs the

DIPLink Download

■ DIPLink checks the IP address of your computer.
■ If the IP address has changed, DIPLink generates a web link to the IP address.
■ You can chose the link file location yourself, which may take some time.
■ You can also choose the web space that will receive the web link.
■ You can choose a link file name and a DIPLink forwarder name.
■ You can also set one or more HTML files to be served with your server.
You can choose to have DIPLink disable itself for new IP addresses.
■ DIPLink automatically renews IP addresses if requested.
■ DIPLink will not initiate communication with ISP.
For more information, or to request a license, visit the DIPLink home page:

■ DIPLink is not a back door to your ISP.
■ DIPLink is only a library of IP addresses for which a suitable link page can be generated.
Copyright and Trademarks:
■ DIPLink is Copyright (C) 2001-2002 Markus Hertel.
■ DIPLink is Trademarked (TM) as DIPLink.
■ Any links to DIPLink from your homepage will be replaced by a link to the DIPLink homepage with a free IP check icon.
■ If you want to link to the free DIPLink website, you have to send me an e-mail with the link.
■ DIPLink contains advertisements on the homepage and on the linked page.
The advertisements do not come from “DIPLink” but from Internet Providers of which the author of the page and the DIPLink author does not have any control over the content of the advertisements.You’ve probably played the Half-Life titles by now, and if you haven’t, you’re missing out on a hell of an experience (seriously). But, even if you did play them, maybe you didn’t know about what’s happening in Valve’s sci-fi series all these years. Because of their programming legacy, the Half-Life series is backwards compatible! This means that Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, and Half-Life 2: Episode 3 are all there for you

What’s New In DIPLink?

You can make use of DIPLink to run your own webserver at home with the provided webserver (win32) which is fast. You can use the provided web space (2GB) however it might be limited.
You can make use of DIPLink to register your own domain name with the provided domain name registration service. The link will be generated for you and will be up to 5MB in size.
When you download DIPLink, you will get 2 files:
a: The webserver with a configuration file which will be named after your home pc. It will run continuously for 24 hours. In order to restart the server, you will have to uninstall DIPLink, reboot and then install the webserver again.
b: The webspace assignment file. This will instruct DIPLink to either ftp the generated link to your ISP or to forward the http requests for your domain name directly to your home webserver. You can use this even if you use your own dynamic DNS service.
This is a port scanner/security tester. It will check for open ports on your computer (default: TCP) and on the web server (http/https) on the default port 80. However the HTTP server will not be accessed by the scanner. You can manually enter a port number (e.g. my_port), if you want to test a specific port. If you want to check for open ports on a specific IP (e.g. your server’s IP, IP of one of your DNS names), you can provide the IP address as argument.
You can also run the scanner against a network share, if you have one (e.g. x:\\myfileshare). To check for open ports of a network share, enter \\myfileshare (e.g. x:\myfileshare) as the default port (e.g. my_port) and click the “Scan” button.
The scanner will display a report (text format) which will list the open ports. You can use the provided filters to display a specific type of port (e.g. TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc.). You can use these filters to specify a protocol and a port number. The default filter lists all the open ports.
Please notice, that you need to run the scanner either as administrator or as the same user that is currently logged on to your computer.
Ports are not blocked by the firewall if you are running DIPLink


System Requirements For DIPLink:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack 3
Processor: Intel Core i3-3225 / AMD Phenom II x3 1055T Processor or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460/AMD Radeon HD 5770
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 2 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Additional notes here.
Please ensure your OS is up to date and running the latest graphics drivers!