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Searle may refer to:

Searle, Georgia
Searle, Illinois, United States
Searle, Indiana
Searle, Iowa
Searle, Mississippi
Searle, North Carolina
Searle, South Carolina
Searle, Texas

Messrs. Searle & Kettle, characters in works by E.F. Benson

Searle School, London, England
Searle High School (disambiguation)
Searle Middle School, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Searle High School (disambiguation)

Searle Rayford (born 1976), American football player and coach

See also
Searle’s, an American department store chain
William Moses Searle (1808–1902), missionary to Australia
Searles (disambiguation)
SearlsPortraits of legendary Brooklynite D’Anthony Pat Thomas are going to the world’s largest digital art museum.

The new museum — Unseen Brooklyn — will display more than 100 images from the late artist’s impressive portfolio. Thomas, the city’s first black filmmaker and a “founding father of hip-hop culture,” died on Aug. 27, 2017.

“I am so excited about this exhibit,” said Francis Williams, the founding director of Unseen Brooklyn. “I’ve wanted to create this museum for so long.”

The series of portraits, which are about 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide, will be on display in three spots throughout the museum. Williams said he’s “been told that some people have tried and failed,” to get permission to create a similar project at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall.

“I am excited to unveil this exhibit in Brooklyn, which will only give him more visibility in New York City and the world,” Williams added.

Williams, who worked as the creative director of the Haitian-American Unity School, has been growing the Unseen Brooklyn project since April 2016. A series of 20 mini-museums, titled “Unseen Brooklyn,” were created by Williams in the past two years to

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