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In the Lands Between, people call the Elden Ring Full Crack – the destiny that the gods left behind.

Many people have been awed by its power, and it continues to maintain its domination in the main continent.

Saitou Nyarou, a young man aspiring to become a hero, awakens one day to find himself in the Lands Between. There, on a voyage into the Elden Ring, he joins with the newly-resurrected Spirit Rune (“Spirit”) and saves the world from darkness as the “Elden Lord.”

Elden Rings are hidden throughout the world and can be entered through the Inverted Stones. Multiple Elden Lords can exist, and people can feel their existence even outside of the Inverted Stones.

The main continent, divided into large areas known as “Lands,” is in a state of turmoil. Beyond the Lands Between are the North Lands, where the Spirit Rune is in hiding, and the Far Lands, where monsters and knights roam.

Players can choose to create their own player character, using various weapons, armor, and magic to advance across the Lands. “Story” and “Lobby” modes are available, and a “Quick Play” mode is also available for when you need to spend a little time on a specific character quickly.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • FEATURE 1: A Level System – You Can Choose Your Route
  • FEATURE 2: Create an Elden Lord – Prestigious Elden Battles Between Nilfgaardians
  • FEATURE 3: Engage in All-New PVP Battles and Effectual PvP Trading
  • Join and join in the epic adventure of the Elden Ring with Tarnished!

    Elden Ring features:

    • Feature 1: 5 Classes
    • Feature 2: Asynchronous Multiplayer and Direct Connections
    • Feature 3: A Battle System Featuring Secret Move
    • Feature 4: A System Featuring a Unique Theme Park World “Elden Ring”
    • Feature 5: An Original Ranking System and a Story Trail for Players’ Profiles in the World of Elden Ring
    • Feature 6: A Unique Music System of the World of Elden Ring
    • Feature 7: Various Different Costume Styles and Hair Types
    • Feature 8: A Fashion System with an Equipment System in which you can Customize Your Gear Anytime You Enjoy the City
    • Feature 9: Create Your Own Character and Equip 8400 Skills at Will

    Beautiful dynamic character models and 3D environments of the Lands Between.
    Enjoy an epic adventure of the Lands Between even while you are resting.

    Fight monsters, battle others, and experience Vast World, featuring Overlaying Systems in which you can fight alongside your friends or enemies.



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    “In the end, it seems that the game has a lot of potential.”

    GameSpot [ALL]“It is a fantasy action RPG that does not try to be anything but itself.” [ALL]“If you enjoy the warm and inviting feel of Square Enix’s products, the world is sure to pull you in.” [ALL]

    “At times, it feels as if the game is controlling the player.” [ALL]

    “Far too simplistic to be taken seriously.” [IGN]

    “It’s a game that’s easy to get into, and a good deal of fun to play for 10-20 hours straight.”

    “When you consider the nature of the genre of action-adventures, and how few of them are successful. The risk involved in developing a new game is pretty significant. When you look at the numbers of games that have failed, it’s no wonder most developers are cautious.”

    “It’s easy to get lost in a swan song, especially when you consider some of the choices made by the team that took the huge leap of faith that is this innovative new RPG.”

    “The game does look quite pretty in its relatively simple directions, and at times the visuals are absolutely gorgeous.”

    “The controls and combat are fairly well implemented, and the plot is engaging enough to keep you interested.”

    “It’s obvious that some very talented people worked on this, and the game certainly is attractive. But a lot of effort and creativity goes into a game like this just to reach the bare minimum goal of offering a decent action experience.”

    “If you don’t mind the writing, the character models, and the presentation on this game.”

    “The game works as an RPG more than it works as an action game. There’s a lot to this game, and it does explore a lot of ground in its story and its gameplay. But that


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    The game is one of the many games released to celebrate the Christmas season. I think the producer hasn’t played CoD: Black Ops and thus, are playing up the fantasy angle for commercial purposes.

    I’ve heard of Black Ops and it’s been removed from the store. Shouldn’t a review not be based off something that has been removed? Are you really trying to defend this as you don’t know what it is? Do we really need this nonsense, pls!

    You must be on some kind of drugs of mind to be happy with this trash game( with minimal graphics and some low graphics fps), talk is cheap, Play the game and come back and comment, you can also look at review on

    Just a general observation to let you know that there is a bigger issue with games, it’s that, most games are based on one game( Call of duty, Arkham, etc), and yet, every review was praising the game, when actually, CoD fans cannot wait for next year’s game as it’s too similar to CoD, but Black Ops is identical to Black ops, and yet, every review gave a huge thumbs up to it.

    I have played black ops, and while it had some awesome things in it, I found the fps quite bad, as I recall, it had some problems in stretching your body out, so it looked like your arm was just that short. As you were fully immersed in the battlefield, but, in the gameplay aspect, you would feel like the arm was just the right size. I suppose, that’s why, the graphics were bare..

    My point here is, the graphics were bare, but, were it not for the graphics, the game would have been quite a good buy, but, the game is a disappointment, the game not only failed to keep your attention, but, the game is too similar to CoD/black ops/Assassins creed.

    The only thing I can think of, is the game lacked the 2-3-4 ghost button, that one would learn to love, but, no, the game is bare no bells or whistles, so, I don’t think that can be the reason it’s a disappointment, because, in the past year, game with bare graphics, won the best game of the year award, and 2nd place award.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    *The game is currently available in Japan only.**Available in the West in English with Japanese voice chat.

    This game is inspired by the “Chain Chronicle” series and the “Eko no Kagayaki” series. *

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    Eden Ring – Review

    Eden Ring: A surreal fantasy RPG with gorgeous graphics and an amazing soundtrack.

    A surreal fantasy RPG with gorgeous graphics and an amazing soundtrack.

    A surreal fantasy RPG with gorgeous graphics and an amazing soundtrack.

    Its action doesn’t disappoint and then you see Into the Depths, and you jump off the cliff.

    Whilst some of the depth of this game is lost on me, I do find the verve and joy in chest-swallowing-a-magnificent-iron-maiden immersive.

    So how do you play it? Naturally you get the game to point towards the right buttons – health and mana – and start, and the ring is your company.

    From there you enter the enormous worlds you enter a charm, you get stunned, beastly the lands are, watched black metal ages the completely inedible world.

    It`s not very difficult to pick up in terms of terms, but the recipes are deliberate and should be rewarded to help you develop you own recipe.

    But there`s difficulty in finding those recipes. I love to action RPG in epic fantasy, and Eden Ring feels like a classic fantasy epic for me, but the combat feels simple. Just roll and look for enemies, and beat the hell out of them.

    But this simplicity creates an ingeniously exciting sense of caution.


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Mac OS X 10.7 or later
    Mac OS X 10.7 or later Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory: 8 GB RAM
    8 GB RAM Graphics: 1024MB ATI Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 265 or newer
    1024MB ATI Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 265 or newer DirectX: Version 11
    Version 11 Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    500 MB available space Other: You can also use Apple’s Xcode 4.1 Developer Tools


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