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LANDS BETWEEN is an innovative action RPG that seamlessly combines new online features and other elements, such as an online multiplayer mode, into a single entertainment experience. In this comprehensive RPG, you’ll be able to enjoy the seamless multiplayer experience while you create and adventure through a large-scale world. The action RPG was first released for the PC in August 2015.


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Features Key:

  • Action RPG
    Fight the land of Nardania and the forces of darkness.

  • Cross-Save
    Work on your save data while offline, or enjoy seamless multiplayer.

  • Play the Land Between Worlds
    Discover both the peaceful world of Nardania and the calm forest of Elronia, the heart of the Elden Ring.
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    Elden Ring Download

    “Rarely do games that are rendered with a high level of quality come together, go my hands. But I’m happy that this came to the journey this time. It’s just like walking through a gallery of Art. And there are many great parts in this game. It’s the perfect game! It’s the “rebirth” of anRPG. A nice place to lose myself into.”





    Thank You to Edge Studios for providing the media and international broadcasting.



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    ■Thank you for all the support!

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    Elden Ring Free For PC

    1. Controls
    (Please do not hold the Wiimote sideways)
    • Wiimote is the camera
    Hit a button to switch between the camera and the character
    • LB and RB are buttons
    Some moves that don’t require button presses are done with the Wiimote
    Use LB to move diagonally
    Use LB button + Wiimote to jump
    Use Wiimote to Attack
    2. Character Progression
    • Equipment
    Equipment is the main element of character progression
    It can be equipped with skills in the Skills menu
    • Skill Tree
    Equip skills to learn new skills and take on new jobs
    New skills are added every time you progress in the game
    • Skills
    Skills are acquired by equipping the right skills
    There are a variety of types of skills such as block, attack, status effect, equip/menu, and others
    Equipping skills is essential to leveling your character
    3. Character Development
    • Muscle
    At the beginning of the game, your character is small, weak, and speedy
    Muscle is calculated and raised in a battle
    The higher the muscle, the stronger your character becomes
    • Stamina
    Stamina is the stamina of a character
    When a monster attacks, there is a certain chance that your character will become fatigued
    After being fatigued, your character will have a lower maximum stamina limit
    When the character’s stamina is below a certain limit, attacks and effects will become slower, depending on the stamina.
    • Combo
    Combo is the number of turns your character takes to finish an action
    When you execute actions with an identical timing and the enemy is defeated by your actions, the combo of that action will increase
    Combo is essential to being fast and attacking effectively
    4. Enemy Progression
    • AI
    AI is an Artificial Intelligence that controls monsters in battles
    In battle, when the game senses an enemy, the monster will be attracted to you
    When it attacks, there is a chance that your character will be hit, and with that attack, it’s attack power and HP will be reduced
    If the attack power or HP reaches a certain level, the game will stop the action
    When the attack reaches a certain damage, it will be guaranteed to be fatal
    When your character’s HP falls to zero, the monster will instantly die
    • Weapon
    Weapons are equipped in the Equipment menu and can be changed at any time.


    What’s new:

    Preorder Item Availability
    *Preorder items may sell out prior to release.

    *Limited Edition Nanosword (steel) – At level 100, the first of its kind in Tarnished Works. Crafted by the legendary Dragon Slayer Mythos.

    *Nano Fang (steel) – Obtained by visiting the Dragon's Fury in Alen 'rem. It is infused with dragon blood, an energy element with the power to destroy the weak. You can boost your intelligence or strength by using this fang.

    *Upgraded Heart Gear (steel) – Crafted by the heart of a legendary warrior, it enhances the effectiveness of Tarnished Swords and daggers.

    *Upgraded Gear (steel) – Crafted by a craftsman and imbued with similar magical properties to those of the Legendary Agility Necklaces.

    Dragon King Falchion (copper) -

    *+8 effects (6 attacks)

    Crafted by the hands of famed gunsmith, the Falchion was once the weapon used by the royal family of the Dragon King. It is an intelligent and highly reactive sword that is unstoppable against a single foe and was made for a single purpose. It requires strength and dexterity to wield it, but it rewards those who master it.

    Gangorina’s Flower (copper) -

    *+4 Effects (2 attacks)

    Crafted by the Dragon King's Fisherwoman and given to her from the Eastern Island. It transforms into a powerful sword as it increases in size after it has absorbed enough strength from its user. It enhances the user's strength and intelligence, and its versatility increases greatly, allowing users to choose the direction of their attack.

    Merciful Sabre (copper) -



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    Rise of Tarnished Lord. Original Author: Tarnished Lord.

    Rise of Tarnished Lord. Original Author: Tarnished Lord.

    Rise of Tarnished Lord. Original Author: Tarnished Lord.

    Like all Elden lords, it is the destiny of Tarnished Lord to be judged by the Idols of Wisdom.

    The Story of Fire Emblem Fates. By: Samritaro. Read in English. LastUpdated on March 9, 2017.
    Ephraim’s banners calling for peace are not enough. Other lords have already begun to rally their armies. The time has come to fight!
    Join in the battle of wits, wisdom, and words in a fight to the death to prove which kingdom will be crowned as the victors.
    Fire Emblem Fates is the name of the upcoming collaboration between Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. It is set to be released in North America and Europe in February 2017.
    Now we would like to bring to your attention the game’s artbook. When it is released, a promotional code will be given by Nintendo and users will be able to download a free version of the artbook in English (PDF).
    If you want to view any of the dates or the code, you can do so by following the link below:

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    In this video, I cover the story of Fire Emblem Fates from the creators of Fire EmblemGaiden, Chiyomaru Shik


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    System Requirements:

    The minimum requirement for this game is the following:
    Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/8/10 and 64 bit OS
    CPU: 3.0 GHz
    RAM: 256MB or higher
    Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
    DirectX: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
    Drivers: Microsoft Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10 with the latest release of the game. Click here for details
    Before you start
    Before playing the game, we advise you to uninstall