• Customize and strengthen your character
• Explore a vast and deep world

• Use your weapon and armor to attack
• Collect, trade, and sell in the marketplace
• Discover new areas with mystery
• Unlock and enjoy awesome weapons and armor through quests

• Fight with the other players and explore a vast world
• Interact with a diverse cast of characters
• Team up with your friends in online play

• Group up with other players
• Go on a journey together
• Challenge players from all over the world



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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The game has been constructed around the concept of interactionthe new fantasy RPG
  • A vast, rich world with various regions and an anime-like setting. The world unfolds as you progress through the game. The scenery ranges from mist-covered fields, to sprawling cities, to mountains, and deep dungeons. Sometimes you’ll witness spectacular scenes, and sometimes you’ll plunge into dungeon battles and slay bad guys.
  • A custom-made character and customization system that enable you to fashion your character’s appearance, equipment and abilities to suit your play style.
  • A fascinating story that jumps between real time and fragments. As you advance, you’ll encounter a variety of characters, and each your experience and actions will affect the story. But always, you can see the big picture by searching for specific keywords in the interface or by checking items that appear in the story.
  • Interactions between characters in-game, each of which brings in an intriguing story.
  • The crafting system. You can combine your own materials for crafting items or equipment.
  • A wide array of equipment and equipment items to set you free in battle.
  • Seven enormous dungeons that keep you excited and on your toes.
  • An anime-like overworld map that shows you what’s happening within your own area.
  • An action-rpg game in which you are the commander.
    The world is closed, and you control a small group of characters. To achieve your goals in the Lands Between, you must keep an eye on the story, the morale of your companions, and your own morale. The story that changes depending on your play style is different every time. Every story comes with different characters, and different items that give the game a more seamless, anime-like experience. There are many ways to fulfill your goals, and you will meet lots of characters and items.
  • Six multiplayer modes to set you loose on the Lands Between.
  • A variety of guilds: As a member of a guild, you can enjoy a wide variety of content and play the game in a cooperative manner.
  • The online function allows


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    ▶ [ Game Features ] ▼


    The free version of “The Elden Ring” is the game you have been waiting for!

    * Access the Save Bank and Battle Editor
    * Unlock new stages, enemies, and stronger weapons and armor by purchasing the full version of the game.

    The online game, called “Landscapes”, allows you to directly connect to other players.

    In addition to playing on your own, you can meet new people and progress together!

    Online play allows you to enjoy an experience where you are the center of the world.


    As a character specializing in a certain element, you can freely select a weapons, armor, and magic depending on your play style, such as improving your physical strength to become a strong warrior.

    As you develop your character, your play style will also change.


    In addition to changing your character’s name, gender, and appearance, you can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic.

    To further customize your character, you can also set a color for each character’s gear.


    Duel and team up with other players to play in both asynchronous multiplayer battles and asynchronous multiplayer conversations.

    Download “Landscapes”, and you can play an online game together with people who are playing on their smartphones!

    * Questions?
    You can directly contact us at [email protected] or via Mar 2015

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    Gathers) Dungeon Defense
    In this game there are various dungeons scattered across the lands. You can enter them in order to clear the dungeons of enemies and obtain valuable items.
    Guard) Party Management
    You need to help your party battle the enemies to clear the dungeons. You can easily issue orders, control your party members, and increase their power level.
    Party) Dungeon Exploration
    As you explore the various dungeons, you will meet new people, receive quests, learn new items, and gain money. Your party members are even able to participate in the conversation with the NPCs and learn their attributes.
    Traveling) Party Preparation
    You can prepare your party before you travel. As you increase the number of times you have prepared and the timespan during which you have prepared, the effect of your party will increase.
    BOSS) Dungeon Battle
    Even if you have decided to battle a high level enemy, they will be defeated much faster if you have prepared your party. In addition, they have more chances to release deadly attacks when you are unprepared.

    Online Multiplayer (Online Server is still being tested)

    Online Play (It will be activated when online server becomes stable)

    A multi-player game can be played in the World Map by selecting a server, entering a password, and starting the game.

    Here are the server requirements when playing online multiplayer:

    Bluetooth is not supported.

    3G is required.

    There is a limit to the number of party members that can be used in one online server.

    PCs that are using a mobile phone as the connection method will be disconnected and will no longer be available to the host.

    Remote Play (Play with a friend from different cities in your iPad/iPhone)

    Remote Play gives you the power to play with a friend on their iPad/iPhone from your PC. When remote play is supported, you can play together and immediately enter party management mode together. In addition, a screen appears while in the standby screen.

    When connected to the Internet with this feature, you can play with a friend by selecting one of the following:

    • Local multiplayer

    You can play with other people by being in the same room.

    • Regional Multiplayer

    You can play with people in other regions.

    • Global Multiplayer

    You can play with people in other countries and distant regions.

    Interface for the Android version is undergoing investigation (Vinecraft


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Gather up your army of monsters, and go on an adventure to the Far Lands!
    • Online Multiplayer with “Forcethorough” Mode
    Play with up to four other players simultaneously in the online mode!
    In “Forcethorough,” team up with up to three others to fight a tough challenge. The mode also features numerous customization options and a variety of game settings that make it easy to enjoy the game any time.
    • An NPC Ally for Up to Four Players
    Rival forces seek to steal your precious cargo, and even though you are alone and weak, go on an adventure to the Far Lands. Your adventure will become much easier with an NPC ally who will help you out during your travels. He will also offer you advice during battles.
    • Strategy with Up to Eight NPCs
    In “Forcethrough,” in addition to battling enemies, you will have to make difficult choices depending on the actions of the NPC ally. That’s why “Forcethrough” is a great opportunity for party bonds to form!
    • Once a Thief, Always a Thief
    Even if a hero is alone, he can save the people of the Far Lands. However, there are monsters and pirates and rogue bandits lurking in the areas far away from towns.
    Are you brave enough to attack the enemy head on without distractions? Are you up to the fight? Are you the best action rogue in your party? In “Forcethrough,” fighting without distractions such as NPCs will require you to work together and show off your skills while having fun!
    • Multiselection: Two Options
    The advancement of technology has given you plenty of suitcases. Yet can you fully store your items in them? “Forcethrough” features numerous storage options, and in the event that you’re out of room in your luggage, your foes are sure to unload their stowaways.
    • Action Replay: Delays or Stops the Game
    The Far Lands are full of rogues and villains. You must battle against them relentlessly, but your resources are limited. Still, you must go on. “Forcethrough” includes “Action Replay” options that make it possible to stop the game, even after the final boss has been defeated. This is a great


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    About This Game

    The first mature RPG for the PS4 set in the world of Tamriel. For the first time on PlayStation, a fantasy RPG with a mature storyline and deep and challenging gameplay. Experience an unparalleled fantasy RPG in one of the most detailed and immersive worlds ever brought to life.

    Story and combat guide

    During your journey, powerful weapons and spells will be at your disposal, and by obtaining more of them, you can learn how to unleash the full power of your newly acquired weapon. You’ll receive the secret treasures hidden throughout the game and enemies will become more dangerous as your level increases.

    Enter the lands of Tamriel

    Raise your character to level 10. Once this is done, you’re free to enter the world of the Lands Between and travel to the lands of other users of the “Honey Bee” wireless network.

    Explore the vast world of Tamriel and battle enemies

    Enjoy the freedom to travel to new worlds with a new sandbox mode where you can explore the fields and mountains of Tamriel freely. Craft items and develop your character, and battle the enemies you encounter.

    Mature storyline, seamless gameplay

    Choose your path and take action as your character develops. Overcome the challenges presented by your boss, the Lord of Dain, and the consequences of your actions.

    Easy to learn, challenging to master

    With its friendly user interface and easy to learn combat system, the game is extremely accessible to new players. Intuitive commands and clear feedback will have you conquering the world of Tamriel in no time.

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  • About New Fantasy Land:

    The lands of the people is a human civilization that is completely changed, where the concept of ​​magic is in the distant past.
    As a legendary creature that calls the name Uther, they dominate the clear skies over the land and appear in person in the world.

    The game is about the struggle over the return of Uther’s soul within the lands where humanity was born.

    The Release Date:

    The actual release is expected on the 19th of October.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
    Memory: 1GB RAM
    Hard Disk: 2GB free space
    The game has been developed for Intel-based machines and it should run on a Pentium 4 3.4GHz or equivalent Processor. For best performance, make sure that the game runs with Windows Vista or Windows 7 on a machine with a discrete graphics card.Nilova – Boiska
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