The game features a variety of combat styles, such as action, turn-based, and action-RPG. When you journey into the world of the Lands Between, your destiny awaits!
• A Variety of Combat Styles
A style of combat where the player seeks to put the best moves in response to the commands of an avatar. Action-RPG can be considered either 3D or 2D.
A style of combat with a single turn as the unit turns around to face the enemy in preparation for combat.
An action battle where combat depends on the click of the mouse.
If you do not have enough stamina to continue fighting, you will automatically lose in this type of battle.
Rise, Tarnished!
Rise, Tarnished! is an action-RPG based on the popular fantasy novel “World End Economica”.
The narrative of “World End Economica” was turned into an anime serial in 2003. The anime is currently being released in Japan.
The game features a myriad of battle scenarios, as well as characters such as the heroine of the novel, “Mimongriff”. In “Rise, Tarnished!”, you can freely choose from among a variety of weapons, armor, and magic.
Defeat countless enemies in order to enjoy an adventure as powerful as the Lands Between.

Unlocking the Full Game
1. Complete Requirements by acquiring 10 Battle Medals.
2. Complete the Abyss Cycle quest.
3. Acquire ‘Za Rakkan no Aki Bashō’
4. Acquire ‘The World End Economica’
5. Acquire ‘Diao Yu Duan Gong’
6. Acquire all the skills and be able to purchase the various items.

The stories told within the game are the products of the author’s imagination, and no infringement to the rights of any of the contributing writers is intended. It is not the responsibility of this page, the game, or the website to establish the truth or validity of any content included within.
Website and game content are copyrighted to their respective owners. This website and game are for entertainment purposes only. No profit is intended.


— The use of the word “battle” does not imply that a combat is actually taking place, and shall not be understood as such.
— The game




Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Offering numerous playable races
  • Unlimited character customization and creation
  • A dynamic story full of memorable fantasy drama
  • Diverse, open-world game with many dungeons and expansion quests
  • Flexible weapon characteristics
  • Fight various bosses to acquire new special abilities
  • Action RPGs with smooth controls and operations
  • Different types of map
  • High battle atmosphere
  • Variety of development paths
  • Sneak up to eavesdrop info with the opportunity for thieves
  • Settled-feeling online co-operative play
  • Playable races with different characteristics
  • Class system with customizable classes
  • Bards, Calumny and Radiance system
  • Dynamic conversations that expand the storyline
  • Variety of skills for combat and close-quarters combat
  • Explore various unique dungeons
  • New features every four days
  • User Interface Features:

    • Attractive UI with legendary lighting
    • Easy-to-see controls
    • High-quality character, weapon, and item graphics
    • A success meter for action RPGs
    • High-quality music and clear voice
    • A variety of different classes
    • Special community features by the community
    • Variety of communication methods by characteristic
    • Embedded OSK and high-quality subtitles
    • Support for not many OS
    • Moving and jumping by different tactics

    Also included are the Narrator program, Episode I's campaign, and an offline version of the story map.

    To install GSAP, follow these simple steps.

    1. Install the latest version of Flash Player
    2. <


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      (2 Reviews)

      You can expect the Easter Eggs to be on the next 2 DLC episodes.


      (17 Reviews)

      Rick and Morty: The Telltale Series – The Riven Empire (Episode 2)

      Welcome to the Riven Empire, a desolate planet where a civilization lives in constant fear of the enigmatic Ghost People, which have the ability to possess others in their sleep and curse them with visions of Hell. In order to survive, the people of the Riven Empire build complex machines in order to help them dream, but the scientist who invented this tech quickly realized that he could also weaponize it. Now, the most powerful people in Riven Empire live at the top of their game, while everyone else lives in constant fear of their nightmares. It’s up to the player to become a member of the ruling class and help them achieve their goal to become the most powerful people in the Riven Empire.

      Rick and Morty: The Telltale Series – The Riven Empire (Episode 2)

      Welcome to the Riven Empire, a desolate planet where a civilization lives in constant fear of the enigmatic Ghost People, which have the ability to possess others in their sleep and curse them with visions of Hell. In order to survive, the people of the Riven Empire build complex machines in order to help them dream, but the scientist who invented this tech quickly realized that he could also weaponize


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      • No random maps, large scale battles in dungeons, or waiting for another player. Play against players from all over the world!
      • Detailed combat: Over 50 skills with diverse battle effects, the variety of tactics you can use can reach 4.0!
      • Advanced class system: Level-up your character through class-specific training and development, develop your own play style.
      • Customize your character: Equip weapons, armor, and magic.
      • A wide variety of equipment and skills. At least 10 weapons, and one of more than 130 types of weapons. Equip armor and increase the stats of your character.
      • A wide variety of magic, from “heal” and “dispel” to death-causing spells.
      • Original story, with topics from classic fantasy: travel across the lands, and explore dungeons.

      ■ The items in the game are different from those of other Fantasy Action RPGs. Their customization is a key part of gameplay.

      Due to the popularity of _Gargoyle_, the item level system and the stat changes after equipping with Gargoyle items have been improved.

      The items in the game are different from those of other Fantasy Action RPGs. They have unique abilities that allow you to customize your gear.

      Travel to every corner of the vast map and fight with enemies that differ according to each region.

      Use your class-specific skills to unleash an overwhelming battle power!

      ■ A New Approach to Cheating

      There are cheat apps and plugins, but we didn’t want you to have to install any of them.

      We designed _Elden Ring_ so you can play the game entirely online without the need to install any other programs.

      The game has 10+ years of game development experience, and its safety has been verified.

      Whether you play for free, or for real money, you can play the game in total comfort.

      ■ A Connection to the World

      Gather your friends together and battle together.

      Or connect with other players from all over the world and experience the feeling of playing an RPG together.

      ■ Global Chat

      Our global chat lets you have real-time conversations with people from all over the world.

      Whether you’re communicating with your guild leader or your character’s party, it’s fun!

      ■ High-Resolution Graphics

      The game is designed in high-resolution graphics, with crisp details.


      What’s new:

      Note: The platforms mentioned above are ones that are accessible during the specification period for this title, and are subject to change.


      Game Design Division
      Chaos;Child Development Division

      Hussain Uddin

      Muhammad Hussain Uddin () is a politician and a member of the 2018 Bangladesh Awami League government. He is the Member of Parliament from Dhaka-18. He is the only Muslim Cabinet minister in the Awami League government.

      Early life
      Uddin was born on 3 February 1985 in under Rankehhat Thana, Dhaka.

      Uddin served as the Chief Whip of the Bangladesh Awami League. He is the Secretary of BC Haider.


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      I have two random.png images,

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      System Requirements For Elden Ring:

      • Windows 7/8/10, 10.5 or later (64-bit) with a minimum of 1 GB of RAM.
      • Internet connection (optional).
      • Controller and Joy-Con (optional).
      • USB keyboard (USB 2.0 or later).
      • Headset (audio output is not required).
      • Sound card (audio output is not required).
      • Joy-Con cable.
      • AC adapter (Japan: 85 W / US: 12 V).