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1) Tarnished Swordsman

*In the “Online” battle mode, players who have the same nickname on game servers can all be on the same “server” even when they are playing the game at different times. So, even when you are not playing the game, you will still be able to get involved and be able to battle alongside other players.

2) Mobility and Mounting:

The player can move around freely around the field and the player can freely mount the player’s horse.

3) Basic Instructions:

*The player can purchase the equipment by gaining experience points. The strength of equipment can be enhanced at a craftsman.

4) Battle:

*Players fight against an NPC while a leader gives instructions from a camera angle.

5) Equipment:

*The character is equipped with a variety of weapons and armor.

6) Square-Enix

*Square-Enix, Inc. is a very famous company of the video game business. From the creation of The Final Fantasy series, they have made many famous video games. Other games that they have developed include the Trauma Center series and the High School DxD series.

7) Fantasy World:

“The Lands Between


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Brave
    Battle a variety of monsters in a single instance or go through multiple instances in the Travel World.
  • Manly and Dangerous
    Explore the vast adventure areas freely and take part in the online battles.
  • Party System
    Party up with friends or strangers to form a party, and forge an unstoppable team.
  • Class System
    Take on missions with class-based characters, and use over 30 special skills to take advantage of your allies and enemies.
    Equip with the best weapons and armor, create a party with the strongest heroes, and proceed with the weakest heroes to protect the weak.
  • Choice and Consequence
    A fresh new adventure where you will make choices and determine the fate of the Lands Between through the choices you make.
  • Hand-Made by Monte Cook Games
    Monte Cook Games, and Monte Cook Games’ line of games has steadily progressed as a company from their time in the Whitecaps game of the 90s.
  • Cutting-edge digital creations
    The best elements of the tabletop classics combined with the best elements of the digital experience, creating an adventure that is both like and unlike anything else on the market.
  • Assault System: ()

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    STORY: ★★★★★ Tarnished Soul
    Overall it’s quite fun.
    Cinematics in this game are very well done.
    I recommend this game.
    GAME PLAY: ★★★★ Tarnished Soul
    A huge game to play online.
    So many things to do.
    The game itself becomes very fresh once you reach level 50.
    There are quests that can be cleared after level 50.
    They become harder and more exciting.
    And I also recommend this game.
    Online play.
    Difficulty change according to how you fight.
    It’s the best thing.
    And there are many people playing right now.
    It really feels like a community.
    If you can play this game, you will get a unique experience.
    The combat is very fun.
    It’s fun to play in different worlds.
    Game world’s design is very nice.
    Graphics are very nice.
    Expansions are great.
    I recommend this game.
    GAME SOUND: ★★★★ Tarnished Soul
    It’s nice and clear.
    Sound effects are very good.
    There are many effects that were added.
    I recommend this game.
    GAME CONTROL: ★★★★ Tarnished Soul
    I play it with a mouse and keyboard.
    It’s a little bit difficult to operate some things.
    But once you get used to the game, you will get used to it.
    It’s an action RPG.
    There are many conversations.
    There are many battles.
    And there are many characters to meet and talk to.
    If you play action games, then you will get a unique experience.
    And there are many background music.
    And it’s very good.
    I recommend this game.

    Story: ★★★ Tarnished Soul
    It’s an epic story, so it’s very good.
    It’s very fun to play in the story.
    GAME PLAY: ★★★★
    It’s a very complex game, and it’s very fun.
    It’s really a good game.
    If you really love RPGs, you will also like this game.
    It’s a story with a new feeling.
    At first, I felt very confused, but I think that’s part of the appeal of this game.
    And it has many characters with very good voice acting.
    It also has great visuals.


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    Enjoy the creations of the three legendary creators who worked on Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest XI.
    The legendary creator Tetsuya Nomura.
    The legendary creator Hironobu Sakaguchi.
    The legendary creator Shintaro Takai.
    The legendary creator Yuji Horii.
    The legendary composer Hitoshi Sakimoto.
    Enjoy the creation by the team that is in charge of the newest FINAL FANTASY series.
    ■ IMAGE
    Do you want to become an Elden Lord?
    Players can create their own customized character, and will take on the role of Tarnished, a criminal who has suffered a life of exploitation.
    Players can freely enjoy various types of character class, battle types, and battle strategies.
    In addition, players can freely visit map areas while enjoying the unique environments, rules, and characters found only in the world of Elden.
    With exhilarating combat in this easy-to-understand method, players can free themselves from the routine that is being defined by the first RPG of the new age.
    Enjoy the creation of the three legendary creators who worked on FINAL FANTASY XV and DRAGON QUEST XI.
    From time to time, gamers can play with other players through online play, which can be used as an alternative to playing with others online.
    By connecting to the digital version of the game server, players can experience the features of the online version of the game through various scenarios.
    In addition, by viewing the actions of other players on the world map, you can watch the actions of those around you with ease.
    ■ Asynchronous Online Play
    In asynchronous online play, different players on different servers can act at the same time.
    Asynchronous online play allows players to experience the thrill of the action going on in the game server.
    ■ Conveyance
    Through conveyance, players can freely move from a map area to another, and travel to that area in a short period of time.
    For this, the game will generate a variety of maps by reflecting the actions in the world, and conveyance can be used to advance through the story.
    Players can travel in one of five types of conveyance: battle, world map, town hall, bag, and exchange.
    ■ Travel map


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The Far West Isle is a new fantasy action RPG that uses customized equipment to create a world that changes dynamically as your battle experience grows. Featuring a vast world that is seamlessly connected, this action game provides a range of challenges and a high sense of accomplishment. Rivalries will also emerge among players using the system.
    On top of that, you can freely mix and match weapons, armor, and magic according to your play style. There are no limitations on the weapons and armor, and you can freely develop the character that you create through an adaptive leveling system, which will be reflected in your appearance and fight capabilities.
    The Lands Between is a world where several themes such as myths, culture, magic, and legends are combined into an intriguing mix.

    Character Scenario
    Ascendancy Upgrade
    Hero’s Mission
    Hero’s Cloak
    Discreet Gossip
    EXP Boost
    Lustful Desire
    Knife of Vigrid
    Chivalric Orders
    Adventurer’s Company
    Maiden’s Peach
    Uncle’s Favorite
    On the Ledge
    Hero’s Mission
    Hero’s Cloak
    King’s Roster
    Knife of Vigrid
    Chivalric Orders
    Adventurer’s Company
    Maiden’s Peach
    Uncle’s Favorite
    First Encounter
    Chivalric Orders
    Adventurer’s Company
    Maiden’s Peach
    Uncle’s Favorite

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    The Wind Waker
    Let’s Be Together Tonight!
    Below the Limit
    She Gets the Best
    Pokemon Master Birthday Celebration


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