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leger Audry. 1979. 2015. Basma Veronikis “Guest” (Greek: Γέδου). leger Audry. 1986. 2019Belt on a Blonde

“Belt on a Blonde” is a song written by English singer and songwriter Nick Lowe, and performed by English rock group Def Leppard. The song was released in July 1985 as the fourth single from the album Hysteria. It reached #7 in the UK. In the US, the single only became a hit on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart, peaking at #30. “Belt on a Blonde” also became the only single release from Hysteria outside the United Kingdom.

Background and recording
“Belt on a Blonde” was the first Def Leppard song to be written solely by Nick Lowe. It was the first song cut for the band when they returned from their first American tour. Producers Glen Ballard and Alan McIntrye were impressed with the song and insisted that the song would be the third single, instead of the previously agreed “When Love and Hate Collide”. Also, it was the song that the band wanted to have as their next single after “Pour Some Sugar on Me”.

The song is about Sam Phillips, the owner of Sun Records who was also a recording engineer. The song also mentions Charlie Rich. Charlie Rich was known as a country singer-songwriter but he was also a good blues singer. In fact, he even did a version of Jimmy Reed’s “Mother of Mine” on Sun Records.

The song’s lyrics refer to Chandler and Joey — the one-time lovers of the band’s guitarist, Joe Elliott — who had moved out of Sam Phillips’s house to Texas, a move that, according to Joe Elliott, resulted in the song being written. Chandler and Joey were, however, still living

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