There was a time when disk space was as valuable as can get. Nowadays, disk drives are capable of storing large amounts of data, so free space should no longer be a concern. However, compression tools are still used and can greatly decrease file size, as well as keep them protected form malicious applications.
When it comes to decompressing documents, it can take some time, but if the right applications are used, such as ExtractNow, time is on your side.
Simple interface and quick deployment
Deploying the application only takes a matter of seconds, coming in a light package and even a portable version you can easily carry around on a removable storage device. The interface is plain and simple, with no shiny elements, only including necessary buttons.
Amazing processing speed
The application's core function is to give you the possibility to extract nearly any type of archive format in the blink of an eye. Having this said, it performed flawlessly during our tests, doing a much better job than its powerful competitors.
Easily add desired archives
Adding an archive to be processed is easily done by dragging desired elements over the main window, with them displayed in a list along with info regarding name, status and progress. In addition, the application lets you add a context menu entry for enhanced ease of access.
Thorough list of configurable settings
Hitting the “Settings” button gives you the possibility to configure a considerable amount of options. From the feature mentioned above, to destination related activities, password management, files to be excluded, thread priority and even file association.
Handling most used archive formats
The amount of system resources used is not something to worry about, as the clever development lets it cleverly handle CPU to provide the result as fast as it can. Another interesting feature is the breathtaking amount of files it can be associated with, making it a worthy tool for environments having to work with archives on a daily routine.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that ExtractNow manages to get its job flawlessly done and incredibly fast. The only downside is that no report is displayed when tasks are done, but this is a minor issue it can be overlooked because of the ease of use and amount of formats it can handle.







ExtractNow Crack [Win/Mac]

ExtractNow allows you to extract most popular archives, such as RAR, ZIP, GZ, TAR, ACE and more. Moreover, the program lets you put the focus on the most frequently used applications in the field of document processing.

Download ExtractNow 2.4.1
ExtractNow™ is a utility for extracting archives (backup, file and disk images, compressed files, archives created by various applications) on Windows. It is an easy to use and all-in-one utility that provides powerful and fast extraction, with minimal system resources utilization.

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There are multiple programs that you can use to encrypt and protect your valuable documents. But, when it comes to extracting the encrypted archive in new format, there is no such tool that is capable of doing it. This is where cryptomator, the best tool, comes into the picture.
If you are after the best tool that can extract large encrypted archives, then you can go ahead with cryptomator.
What is Cryptomator?
Cryptomator is a total solution for document encryption and archiving software. This package not only encrypts your documents, but also creates them in the new format and finally exports it to the desired location.
Features of Cryptomator
This tool offers you the following:
Extraction of latest encrypted documents, files and archives
It provides the facility to launch the application as administrator which will allow you to access all the hidden, locked and encrypted documents or the files.
Support for multiple formats
It is a multi-platform ready application that will read different encrypted documents, files and archives.
All in one archive encryption tool
It is a single program that has a capability of creating various archives. All the selected files are compressed and encrypted in various ways.

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ExtractNow was designed to help everyone who wants to use small and highly compressed files easily and quickly. Its unique system lets you extract almost any type of file in a matter of seconds. Download it now and see for yourself what we are talking about!


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ExtractNow [Mac/Win]

ExtractNow is a tool that will help you to easily extract and
protect most popular archive formats. Its interface is very easy to
use. Just drag selected items over the window and see the difference
in a matter of seconds.
Key Features:

• Simple interface

• Extremely light application

• Pre-configured archiving types and contextual menu

• Support for batch extraction

• Supports decompression of almost any type of archive

• Fast and stable

• Support for multiple archive formats

• Splits archives into.tar.bz2,.zip,.tar.gz,,.gz,.tar,.bz2 and even.exe

• Handles huge amounts of files in the blink of an eye

• Intuitive interface

• Can be installed on removable storage devices

A popular simple to use application capable of extracting over 250 archive formats. Creating your own archive is also a simple matter of moving around the various fields of information. If you don’t have many files to extract, it will take only a matter of seconds.
What’s new in this version:

Added “Show progress”

Checked archive compression methods

Fixed regular expression

Fixed some bugs

Updated help

Mac OSX Compatible


In my opinion

It’s just that simple..

Jul 05, 2018

Camilo Correia



In my opinion

This is a very simple and useful app!

Jul 15, 2018

david yamaguchi



In my opinion

In my opinion, it is very simple, but the best part is that you can extract almost any archive and makes it simple.

Jul 15, 2018

david yamaguchi



In my opinion

In my opinion, it is very simple, but the best part is that you can extract almost any archive and makes it simple.

Jul 15, 2018

david yamaguchi



In my opinion

In my opinion, it is very simple, but the best part is that you can extract almost any archive and makes it simple.

Jul 15, 2018


What’s New in the?

ExtractNow is a powerful program that is capable of analyzing and extracting contents from almost any type of archive format. It works flawlessly and efficiently on the processors capable of processing it on a native level. Without slowing down in any way, it offers a streamlined and user-friendly interface, easy to use and configurable. With ExtractNow, you’ll be able to extract important files from the archive without having to know the technique behind.

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System Requirements For ExtractNow:

Windows PC / Windows Mobile
iPhone/iPod touch
Android Devices
Download the latest version from the Java 2D Pipeline’s Github account:
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