A growing industry in motion capture technology has resulted in technologies that not only let players improve their skills, but also allows players to see how they can play better in the game. FIFA team up with WARrington St. Mary’s College to mark the launch of the new and improved FIFA game from EA.EA’s and OptiTrack’s joint-efforts have created a complete football game that aims to capture the thrill and intensity of real-life football matches. By analyzing 5,000 plus real-life movements that include tackles, passing, shooting, and so forth, the Fusion Engine creates gameplay that reflects these real-life movements.AI and C++: NEW & IMPROVEDThe new FIFA player AI is smarter than ever, helping to make interactions between players and the pitch more realistic. Motion capture-powered behaviors will help AI players make decisions on pitch that are better than ever.Tactics and building a cohesive team are key to success. The AI algorithms have been strengthened and optimized to better recognize your tactical plan and help your team shape, adapt and evolve through the course of a match. The network has been reworked to support CPU AI in a much more fluid manner, allowing CPU to play with more faith in its decisions and stop the game from breaking up when AI becomes disorganized.In-game changes will also include more finesse pass options. Tactical AI will now be able to better handle specific tactical situations and responses. For example, when in possession of the ball, players will be able to more readily shift their position or have the ball moved to them using methods such as through-pass.Players will be able to trade passes with their teammates – you might be able to catch them or they might be able to create a through-ball.The AI-controlled opponent player now uses a better jump. They will use less stamina and make it easier for them to keep their stamina in check.The AI opponent player now uses a better jump. They will use less stamina and make it easier for them to keep their stamina in check.The AI goalkeeper now uses a better jump. They will use less stamina and make it easier for them to keep their stamina in check.FIFA Ultimate Team has been given a new user interface and card crafting. A new micro-transaction system is also introduced that allows you to craft your own cards from rare or common cards, with the option to transfer these cards into your Ultimate Team.The new FIFA Ultimate Team will feature a new user interface and


Features Key:

  • New feature set including “AI tech partners,” improved ball physics, “Intelligent speed,” and the “unlock the full game” function on your iOS device.
  • “Intelligent speed,” set in motion by new “Graphic Co-Optimus” tech, makes it easy to upgrade the ball as you drive, as well as carry and pass it. Both connected and single-player games will benefit from this in-game upgrade.
  • “Intelligent Speed” allows you to improve upon your finishing, ball control and passing accuracy, as well as the speed and control of the simulated ball in single-player mode.
  • Up to 4 AI teammates and 3 AI opponents in a goal, plus an AI goalkeeper can potentially play on the pitch in online Onevania matches.


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FIFA works on PC, PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It is a base game that comes with one or more expansion packs (which can be purchased separately) that gives you even more content and gameplay options. EA SPORTS FIFA is available at retail, digitally, in fan experience centres and online.

The FIFA games franchise is fully licensed by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the global governing body for football, and receives support from it.

With the start of every new season, a host of new players and teams join the game, with new game content and functionalities to improve your experience of playing the game. These updates will be pushed out regularly via the game client on all platforms.

FIFA is published by EA Sports. EA Sports is a wholly owned subsidiary of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA), which is an American global interactive entertainment company. EA has more than 300 million registered players and generates more than $2.5 billion in annual revenue.

Key Features


Portable devices

• New features for handheld devices, including new screensavers and game enhancements on Xbox One and PlayStation®4, and a new adaptive touch screen mode for mobile devices.

Refined gameplay

• New gameplay elements such as Defending the Box, Long Balls and Exploit Zone; the ability to make player choices beyond simply passing or shooting; and ground-breaking new controls.

Play Your Way

• Compelling Story Mode, an entirely new way of playing the game; Dynamic Tactics – make your team play your way; and new Mastery Match modes that allow for greater choice and customisation.

Authentic Teams

• All-new national team kits for the 2018 season. FIFA Ultimate Team™ (FUT) also features all-new kits for the Atlanta United™ MLS side and the Manchester City™ FC.

Exclusive Playabilities

Test yourself in GOAL’s Pro Skill Academy, the #1 ranked soccer ladder on Facebook. Play with friends and challenge the entire world with the 21 new FIFA Ultimate Team Ultimate Goals you can unlock. Watch replays of the top goals uploaded by you and your friends and learn from each other.

New Ways to Play the Game

Dynamic Brilliance

• New low resolution modes for enhanced visuals on mobile devices.

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Experience your favourite teams across the world as you take to the pitch with your favourite players. Build the perfect team from more than 6,500 FUT players, including David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. Manage your finances, player ratings, kits, stadium upgrades, all to develop your team and dominate the pitch.

– Pick-Up and Play – Enjoy the simplicity of choosing your favourite game mode to start with a friend or complete with them against the computer.

– Real-Life Skill Testing – Test your FIFA skills in 11 key areas that reflect real football including Passing, Dribbling, Shooting, Ball Control, Strength, and Stamina. Test your accuracy with the new crossbow, and shoot the ball with 7 different types of accuracy.

– New Pro Skills – Jump and control opponents with more agile animations, making this the most exciting FIFA yet.

– Online Quick Play – Play Online or Offline* against your friends in 2 on 2 sessions.

– Online Skill Tests – Featuring 11 exciting new skills, upgrade the pros at your disposal, and see how you measure up against the top of the world.

– New My Career – Watch your career unfold in FIFA 22, and relive the best moments.

– New Career Goals – Experience the many exciting achievements you can unlock during your career.

* Online Quick Play features are only available in most territories.

For the first time ever in the series, FIFA will include the most complete suite of online multiplayer functionality ever in one of the most popular sports games in the world.

The automatic, computer-controlled players in our Online Ranks provide a single online experience for all players across the world, and allows FIFA to introduce complete Player Ranks – starting at FIFA 21.

FIFA Ultimate Team


Rank and unlock new players

Earn coins to buy and build your Ultimate Team

Earn cards to level-up your Ultimate Team

Play with the best players in a single game

BUY packs (or pay with coins if available) to progress from one rank to the next

Win points on the leaderboards to unlock new competitions. Win them and you


What’s new: