This year, each player on the pitch can now experience the game from a first-person perspective. In addition, players can see a full 360-degree view of the pitch from a single camera angle from their player’s perspective. The graphics are also improved with a more detailed player model, a field of view that allows players to move as they would in real life, and physics that now reflect the speed of the ball when going through the air.

The “perspective” feature will feature best-in-class player models that change appearance based on the position players occupy on the pitch. For example, midfielders have a more detailed stance, while goalkeepers will show their clothing labels more prominently. The new “unanimated” player models are more lifelike compared to those found in FIFA 21.

Once again, the cover athlete is Cristiano Ronaldo and is featured in the official trailer below, which sees the 5-time World Player of the Year showing off his signature moves in a new edition of “Triple Threat,” debuting in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 24th, and on Nintendo Switch on September 29th.

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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Official confirmation of FIFA 2012.
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FIFA is the world’s #1 most popular sports videogame franchise. For the first time ever, the signature gameplay of the FIFA series has been evolved to revolutionize the way videogames are played. With groundbreaking first-of-their-kind innovations in AI, gameplay and 360-degree locomotion, FIFA will have players immersed in the game just as they are in the stadium.

Key features:

– Innovative AI: Break down the line and use the power of the crowd, stars and chemistry to draw opponents out of their shells and turn the game on its head.

– Groundbreaking AI: Viewers and players alike will be able to pick up on the subtle cues in the way that EA’s acclaimed AI reacts to the action on the pitch.

– Innovative Player Interactions: Take on the challenge and become the hero of the next goal with your friends. Or, advance your career by holding off on pouncing on attackers until the perfect moment.

– Innovative Player Trajectories: As always, the most talented are the ones who go where the game gives them to go. In FIFA 22, every player can be played in an enhanced, 360-degree environment from multiple camera angles and advanced movement input.

– Innovative Player Intelligence: Create your perfect strategy on the pitch or out of it. Make your teammates smarter than they’ve ever been.

– Use and Explore: Take on opponents in unprecedented ways, with a gamut of new skills and abilities like corner kicks, offsides, off the ball goals, corner shots and more. And with player goalkeepers delivering dynamic saves, your tactics will always have the element of surprise.

– The World’s Best Player Moves: The FIFA franchise has spent two decades developing the movements of the world’s top players, and FIFA 22 will deliver the most authentic and fluid moves ever.

– The Best Game Engine: Take the action from the pitch to your couch with a more immersive, powerful, and realistic game engine than ever before.

– Master League, Cup and Tournament modes: Become the Champions League champion, the champion of your country, or the best of the best in the world.

– Career Mode: Create a team, manage every aspect of the club from scouting to negotiating contracts, and build them up from grass-roots to one of the world’s elite.

– Ultimate Team: Collect and evolve over 25 real-world players from around the world into the


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Ultimate Team (UT) combines the real-life strategy of building and managing your very own squad of the world’s greatest players to create a team of your own, which you can take to the pitch and manage in real-time. The gameplay of UT takes place in two distinct phases: the growing phase and the playing phase. During the growing phase, you take daily training sessions and complete some minor tasks, before progressing to the playing phase where you compete in a series of matches. As you win or lose, so you gain or lose experience points. Gain enough experience points and you will be promoted to the next level: Squad Level. Gain enough more points and you will earn a rating, which determines whether you will rise up or fall down in the global player rankings.


FUT Champions – Compete against all your favourite past and present Club World Champions, including Chelsea, Juventus, AC Milan, FC Bayern München, and Manchester United

The Journey – Share your passions and pursuits with the club you build and lead in the ultimate fantasy playground

Stadium Mastery – Take charge of the design, construction and management of your very own stadium to dominate on the pitch

New Player Creation – Create your dream Player from scratch and build your very own unique path through the game

MASSIVE REAL-TIME CLUB WORLD – Earn your way up from the lowest division and be crowned League Champion at the elite level of club soccer

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VOICES OF THE GAME – Master the art of tactics with a new guide-based tutor and coaching system, or go it alone as you control the game as the manager, and ultimately decide who wins and who loses

FIFA’s very own Los Angeles Galaxy have announced a new partnership with EA SPORTS, which is not only exclusive for the Galaxy in the US but globally in Europe and the Middle East.

The club has already attained a sponsorship deal with EA SPORTS. Now, the L.A. Galaxy and EA SPORTS have established a long-term partnership that will see the club logo and name appearing on FIFA in the US, in Europe, and across the Middle East.

The partnership is the first time that a club has been named


What’s new in Fifa 22: