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We are excited to take ‘FIFA’ to the next level. HyperMotion Technology brings actual players’ movements to life on screen, the kind of player physics and behaviour used by the real footballers in our biggest-ever FIFA competition. With the right attention to detail and player reactions, you can experience football like never before.



Create your own tournaments in FIFA Ultimate Team or join in-game tournaments to earn FIFA Points, which can be redeemed for unique and exclusive rewards. Show off your best skills in World Club Battles and compete against your friends for the ultimate bragging rights.

Offline/Online Crossovers

Link together your favourite FIFA modes and play them in offline or online modes. Kick your way through FIFA, FIFA Mobile, FIFA 20, FIFA Ultimate Team, Matchday, Seasons, College game modes, Exhibition and Offline Leagues.

Extensive Online Features

Connect to the EA Sports Club and create your own, private Club to share with friends and players around the world. Access the FIFA Vault to find and play the biggest-ever FIFA competitions. You can also share, stream and watch your live gameplay on Twitch.


Developed in partnership with the world’s best-known movement experts, FIFA 22 brings new Shoot Detection, Face, Ball Touches, and Jump Mechanics, alongside countless smaller enhancements. The game features a host of new, authentic ball behaviours and aerial awareness – delivering a new level of authenticity and awareness.


The ability to turn and head your opponent is a fundamental part of the modern game of football. In FIFA 22, you can fire off accurate short passes, whipped long balls and float-downs with the flick of a flick, whilst feeling more comfortable in every aspect of the game.


You can test your skills and reaction time with the new Agility Meter, which is a real-time measure of how well you can take the ball in and out of tight situations. And if you have a moment to spare, there is an overhauled Ball Screen system, which now tracks every single ball touched by the player and brings significant improvements to passing with the ball, including whiplash, feints, flicks and more.



Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New player movements and ball control options used throughout the game.
  • New features and modes for Ultimate Team: All-Star, where you’ll take the role of a superstar to compete with your friends and FIFA legendary players, FIFA 22 Showcase Mode, available for the first time ever in FIFA, gives you the chance to become a legend in your own right by playing any of the 2013/2014 official FIFA tournaments.
  • New Player models and animations give life to the game’s new player faces.
  • A brand-new Player Intelligence system driven by a new set of physical characteristics based on football dynamics that has a tangible impact on the way players behave on the pitch.
  • Redesigned Clubs and updated Stadiums, Tournaments and improved Connection and Matchday Seasons that accurately reflect the most important seasons in the real world.
  • Xbox SmartGlass support lets players use the new UI as a second screen for tooltips, seasonal content, leaderboards and more.
  • Achievements system that rewards player activity using your in-game FIFA Points with different tiers of in-game rewards including FIFA kit.
  • New off-ball behaviour inspired by the real world that allows the ball to slide as it rolls, for more unpredictable and evasive play.
  • A more dynamic control system allows responsive, tactile action.
  • More on-pitch tactical interactions that increase creativity and range of passing choices for defenders.
  • A new ‘Breathing’ AI system that enhances the player’s reaction times, movement and awareness, resulting in more unpredictable gameplay.
  • New Real-time 3D acceleration system makes for the best matchday atmosphere ever.
  • Hundreds of new, officially licensed player attributes and more than 60 All-Stars from the 2013/2014 season for both Players and Cheats.
  • Start utilizing the new accelerometer system in drills and online challenges to test your skills.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team: More ways to earn FIFA Ultimate Team™: more ways to buy with FIFA Points, more ways to manage your digital team, and more ways to earn rewards to inspire your squad.
  • New Camera Viewer that can be moved side-to-


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    FIFA is an award-winning franchise which has changed the way people play football around the world. More than 80 million players enjoy the authenticity, drama and unpredictability of FIFA’s grassroots-inspired game engine, delivering the most passionate and realistic football experience on any console.

    For the first time ever, you can play with your friends and start a Club from scratch and build the team of your dreams.

    FIFA Ultimate Team

    Over 13 million matches played each year.

    Over 15 million players worldwide.

    In FIFA Ultimate Team, build your very own team from players you’ve drafted from the FUT Draft, or selected from our global Ultimate Team of real-world footballers that you can unlock via gameplay alone. Once your team is complete, you’ll take them online to challenge your friends, and compete in tournaments.

    Goalkeeper Trainer

    Save time and energy by dialing in a goalkeeper’s attributes in the Goalkeeper Trainer. Download and apply one or more of the 16 attributes of a goalkeeper with ease and see how your goalkeeper performs in the game. Goalkeepers can be upgraded with a variety of goalkeeping techniques, suits and pads.

    Customise your goalkeeper’s every matchday action with new dynamic goalkeeping techniques.

    Upgrade the goalkeeper kit and see your goalkeeper play out of the penalty area like never before.

    Unlock and preview goalkeepers on your FIFA Ultimate Team.

    FIFA Social

    Turn on your creativity with more than 140 new gadgets, new Skill Moves and new sounds. With FIFA Social, you can turn on your creativity with more than 140 new gadgets, new Skill Moves and new sounds.

    There is more than one way to play.

    What’s New in FIFA 21?

    A new season of innovation across every mode.

    EA SPORTS and the legends give you the opportunity to become the best in the world. FIFA 21 enhances the best sports video game experience on any platform. First off: Every mode has been overhauled for a deeper experience, delivering a more realistic feel to each training, competitive and creation mode in the game.

    There are three fundamental gameplay improvements, which are reflected across every mode:

    Enhanced ball Physics and New Shape: The ball’s shape has been overhauled to be more lifelike, more stable and more intelligent


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    Earn and manage FUT packs in FIFA 22, which you can redeem to customize your roster and transfer budget. FUT has expanded to include over 500 players, including legends such as Ronaldo and Maradona. Players will also be joined by expertly-created Ultimate Team cards.

    Main Features of FIFA 22

    *Online Pass – Ad-Free – Play together with friends anytime, anywhere. Play as your favorite club, compete against the world, and let your competitive spirit run wild in this online-only game.

    *PES 2018 Patch Notes – Patch 1.07 is available now for players. It features improved AI and ball physics, and new adjustments to the Movement Engine.

    *Game Creator – The FIFA Game Creator offers full support for creating games using in-game footages in FIFA 22.

    *Replay – Speed up the tempo of game play by enjoying a more cinematic and exciting view for replays.

    *Improved Pies – Pies have been improved in FIFA 22. They are now more robust and will last longer.

    *Authenticity – Re-engineered Engine – The authentic engine of FIFA is now re-engineered. New advanced rendering system, updated animations and physics, and enhanced collision avoidance will guarantee players a unique and unpredictable experience on the pitch.

    *Skill Training – Player Performances have been re-worked. The attributes for your favorite player have also been improved.

    *Custom Team Kit – Choose from 50 unique kits that are updated and improved to be more authentic to your favorite club.

    *Real Shirts – Retro style kits and numbers have been introduced to make the game more authentic to your favorite clubs.

    *Real Stadiums – Stadiums have been redesigned for the ULTIMATE experience. The venues will look and feel more realistic with improved shadows and resolutions.

    *FIFA Ultimate Team and Online Pass Mode – FIFA 22 allows you to play online with friends and compete against players from all over the world through the PES 2018 Online Pass Mode.*

    *Improved AI and Player Movement – The AI opponents are stronger and more cunning. They are determined to win, and will stop at nothing to get it. Players also have the new Movement Engine that delivers more accurate and realistic ball flight.*

    *Enhanced Artificial Intelligence – Players’ AI logic has been improved. The game is now much more challenging.

    *Improved Player Movement – Players have new movement techniques, like flicking the ball with greater


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • Live Your Dreams – Live out your dreams as a manager or a player.
    • Match Day – Re-engineer matches and create brand new ways to play.
    • Ultimate Team – Experience the thrill of being part of the best football club on earth.
    • Player Improvements – Completely reimagine your Pro’s experience with new animations, new controls, enhanced aiming, and visual customization.
    • New Pass and Move animations – Now watch your favorite players run, slide, and tackle with new animations.
    • Real Player Performance – Real-World Player Performance gives you even more ways to feel like you’re on the pitch, thanks to authentic player movement from all 22 players in a real-world match.
    • A.I. Updates – Catch up with the latest A.I. improvements in every corner of the pitch.
    • A.I. innovations – AI teammates now understand positioning, so they move and defend when they should.
    • New Player Models – Astonishingly realistic player models that breathe life into our A.I. teams.
    • New Animation Update – A new animation update that brings visual progress in player movement across the pitch, for more realistic gameplay.
    • Additional Ball Physics – A new simulation that increases ball bounce and accuracy for more realistic gameplay.
    • Elite animations – Now play on the highest quality graphics settings to truly experience our latest animations in-game.
    • New broadcast cameras and improved view models – Experience the best mode of viewing football the world has ever seen. Use all of our new broadcast cameras and view models that give the impossible a chance to be possible.


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    FIFA is the original football franchise that lets you play and manage your very own team of footballers, compete in leagues and tournaments, climb the FIFA

    Editor Rating 7.0 FIFA The original football franchise that lets you play and manage your very own team of footballers, compete in leagues and tournaments, climb the FIFA Ratings – Ranked

    What is Ultimate Team?

    Ultimate Team is your chance to assemble the best football club from the world’s best footballers. It’s a fun way to build a great team while drafting in the most accomplished players

    Editor Rating 4.0 Ultimate Team is your chance to assemble the best football club from the world’s best footballers. It’s a fun way to build a great team while drafting in the most accomplished players

    What’s new in FIFA 22?

    • Fix a Season: A new validation system means that players will no longer be released from a Season due to small keyboard or mouse input errors.

    • Legendary Parkas: Create any team and any stadium you want with the new Legendary Parkas template that bestows the team with some extra magical abilities, or you can create your own

    • Expect the Unexpected: Be the referee with improved Heading, Sprint and Tackle controls and powerful Deflect and Aggression controls. Play on new fields like Curva, Field of Play, and Surface

    Effects, and be prepared to be surprised at the changes in the ball’s flight path.

    • New Role Play tools: Player Interaction, Blocking, Tackling, and Interception tools aim to better replicate the real game experience. Players can activate these tools on the fly without any control


    • Enhanced Setup: The Matchday view now allows the user to assign any game to any Home/Away team situation.

    • New Quick-Draw Game feature: Quick-Draw offers an easy way to jump into a Matchday simulation.

    • New mobile HUD with Replay Navigator and Quick Settings: Quick Settings allows the mobile user to see the game-play information they need, and Replay Navigator offers a unique and interactive rewind system.

    • Revamped Listening and Tracking System: The revised Listening and Tracking System allows for quicker play decisions, better ball tracking, and allows the player to control the on-field


    • Responsive Refereeing: The enhanced referee


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