Below we look at how this technology is used in FIFA 22 to enhance game play, and give you the details and insight you need to know when your favorite team is using it.

What is the HyperMotion Technology in FIFA 22?

HyperMotion Technology powers a number of features of FIFA 22, and there are four types: Real Player Motion, Real Player Motion Absorption, Real Player Movements and Real Player Movements Absorption.

Real Player Motion (in FIFA and FIFA Mobile)

Real Player Motion is the basis of the player model in FIFA and is used to physically model all on-field player actions. It creates realistic movement through the interaction between player physics and the physics engine.

For example, tackling a player in the Real Player Motion mode creates the physical collision with the player and will provide realistic movement. If the collision is not adequate for your playstyle, you can tweak the physics to make it more realistic, such as by adjusting the player’s momentum speed for better tackling or reducing the player’s speed to match other players. If you play with Real Player Motion off, the standard player physics will be used.

Real Player Absorption

Real Player Absorption is when real players are absorbing the physics. This means that the players absorb any collisions with the ball, or similar collisions with the wall or the goalkeeper, and so the player will still move towards the ball, but the ball’s physics will take priority. It isn’t possible to distinguish between Real Player Motion and Real Player Absorption in the game, or in the match stats.

Bugs related to Real Player Absorption are being fixed.

Real Player Movements

Real Player Movements is when the player plays FIFA, and you can use the movement tools (or the Player Functions under the Control Pad) to give the player movement.

In the game, the players are given two types of movement: Sprint and Tidy Up.


Sprint allows the player to sprint forward, which is useful if the player is trapped in midfield without much room to move. When sprinting, player will remain on the line and only gain speed. Note that any sprint action will be logged in the stats.

Sprinting also triggers the standard and replacement physics, but because the player is sprinting, the physics won’t be able to catch up.



Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 Gameplay receives an enhanced physics engine and enhanced animations. You will feel alive, react and compete on the pitch with every movement on the fly.
  • In “Move” and “Attack”, it’s never been easier to seamlessly switch between players – as these two modes have received brand new skill-based controls.
  • You can now freely pass the ball in your opponent’s penalty area.
  • New Low Pressure system gives you the player movement you need, whether you play for an organized side or have a chaotic side that needs a quick counter-attack.
  • Have a go in the “FIFA Creator” mode, where your main FIFA Player avatar will be created from scratch so you can design it as you please.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team receive many new options and new items that you will find in no other FIFA game.
  • The “Add-ons” mode allows you to add new functionalities to your game, which is activated by connecting a Custom Controller – featuring functions such as reversals, direction changes and multi-axis triggers – to your console and download from the PlayStation Store.
  • A new coaching system provides players the correct guidance to help them improve their main play style.
  • All-new finite sprint and leap animations have been added to give players more realistic movements and animations when controlling them.
  • Over 300 new skills have been included, with the players creating more attacking and defensive movements. Make every pass how you want, now the ball no longer rebounds.


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