Read on for more about the gameplay enhancements, and how it impacts gameplay.

Context: Motion capture capture allows us to reproduce the player’s real movements accurately, while also allowing players to control them with greater freedom in action-based modes. Combined with the powerful physics engine of FIFA 22, we are able to create realistic play styles, and create more believable matches.

The evolution of the “player mimic” technology in FIFA 18 made it possible to play a match in real-life, with full-on action. EA SPORTS’ goal with motion capture technology is to increase the level of detail and realism, improve the AI, and provide the most realistic experience possible.


• JOGGING – Players that jog on and off the ball, or on and off the pitch, will be more lively and responsive.

• ON-BALL DRIBBLING & GOALKICKING – Goalkeepers will now attempt to block shots on goal accurately, with enhanced accuracy in the save system.

• GOALKICKING & CLOSEST CONFIDENCE – Realistic goalkeeping will provide more security and goalkeepers will be more confident in their ability to get themselves out of tight situations.

• ATTACK AND DEFENCE – The accuracy of the player movement is improved in attack and defence to provide more realistic results, allowing players to control play even more effectively.

• DEVELOPMENT – The systems designed to develop players and create consistency and match difficulty in the game are improved to give you more options in the form of tactics and game modes.


• POTENTIAL – AI players now move the ball with intelligence to create greater chances. It is now possible to see the players’ body language while anticipating where the ball will be heading.

• REGULARIZATION – When defending from the back and with the ball, the defensive players will now know where they will be defending, how their defenders will be positioned, and where they will be running back to.

The greater level of depth and maturity of players’ actions – from picking out a pass to clever and effective decision-making – creates a more realistic experience. Players will now know where to go with the ball if they receive it, with a game-like overall feel.


1. The Player Mimic


Features Key:

  • Live an authentic experience: A new bevy of authentic, full-motion animations capture the movement of the player on the field, even when standing still; goalkeeper movement is adapted based on the angle and position of the ball in the goal.
  • A data-driven engine powered by Game Day Technology: Propelling gameplay that is more immersive than ever, the game engine adapts to your performance throughout the match to set up the action as you move.
  • Instant Authenticity: Skilled players move in ways specific to their exact position on the field, allowing players to feel the game even when they are in the opposition goal. Pass the ball using any kind of foot and flick a through-ball with your head and the ball will hit the post, not the opponent.
  • Data Science: leveraging EA SPORTS Cloud and Research, FIFA 22 will feature 10 times the data that players have ever had access to.
  • Console optimization: New rendering techniques and a new physics engine utilize the latest systems available on gaming consoles. For the first time, FIFA brings you console-like graphics on a next-gen platform. FIFA Pro Clubs also take advantage of EA SPORTS Ignite and it enables players to join a managed league with other members in their country.
  • Player Jump: For the first time, play as a player on the world’s best players – or in your memory.
    • Create the next Ronaldo – take full control of a player from youth into his early career
    • Create the next Messi – step into the boots of Lionel Messi, or the boots of any other player on the field
    • Switch to your memory of any player


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Introducing PSAV2

Football on the road – change the way you play with PSAV2

Themes – TV and cinematics bring every match to life

EA SPORTS™ Fifa 22 Free Download is a football (soccer) videogame based on Electronic Arts’ FIFA franchise and developed by EA Canada. It was released on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Windows PC on Tuesday, June 12th, 2016.

Fifa 22 Cracked 2022 Latest Version Review – PS4, Xbox One & PC

FIFA 22 – Beyond the Pitch Review – 7.5 (out of 10)

Welcome to the second of our reviews for 2016, this time looking at the Xbox One, PS4 and PC release of FIFA 22. Already announced to feature a completely different take on players, this game brings a host of new features, with the PSAV2 artificial intelligence (AI) and new AI tactics all designed to make the game easier to play and more enjoyable.

The game is actually a couple of years old now in terms of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, and only just launched on PC, but EA have just given us a complete rundown of everything that’s new in the latest instalment of the game and I’ve been able to play it for myself over the last couple of days.

We’ll also be bringing you a free trial to EA Access on Xbox One so you can try it out before you buy it.


Hugely important to the game is its new AI. Instead of relying on the old tic-tac-toe board that every other Fifa game seems to use, the AI in FIFA has its own AI system called PSAV2. Based on every tactic that an opposition team will use and the formation they play in, the AI decides which players to control and when to control them, moving them around the pitch and getting the best out of them to help play to their strengths.

“Any passing game, the PSAV2 makes you think about each player on the pitch,” EA’s lead gameplay producer Matt Prior told me when I spoke to him at E3 last week, and when you play the game you can see exactly what he means.

“When a player is receiving the ball, you can see all the players around the area and if you can see someone behind who is being tracked, you can move them to either run


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FUT is the popular Ultimate Team mode from FIFA 15 and returns bigger and better with a host of new features, loads of new cards, and super exciting rewards. It’s a player owned format, where you build your dream team from more than 900 real and legendary players, use tactical expertise to create a balanced team, fight to dominate your opponents on the pitch and in the Transfermarket, earn cards and manage your squad.

Play now or be the first to get your hands on the FIFA 25 Football Ultimate Edition.

FIFA 25 Football is being developed exclusively for the Xbox One X with many of the highest-end visual and gameplay features in the next-generation console, including Xbox One X Enhanced inFamous: First Light and Battlefield 1, 4K video playback, High Dynamic Range (HDR) support and more. Set to release on Xbox One and Windows 10, FIFA 25 Football is included with Xbox Game Pass for 12 months. Xbox Game Pass members can get FIFA 25 Football as part of a monthly membership subscription for $19.99 USD, or as a one-month access trial by signing up at

The future is brighter than ever for the club of your dreams.

Stay up to date on EA SPORTS FIFA 25 on Xbox One.

For all the latest information on FIFA, keep it tuned to Xbox Wire.

*Regional availability varies per region.Christopher Shaw’s tweet to the one and only Alice Coyle (@acheron33)

After seemingly challenging himself to break the world record in attaining the highest score in Halo 5, Chris Shaw finally moved on to something a little more important, which was, you know, improving his score in Halo Reach. As he put it in the now deleted tweet which he claims was a joke, “I don’t want to be half way to my Reach score by the time Reach comes out”.

That was back in May, so it’s now been nearly three months since you last saw this amazing video of a man setting a new record in Halo Reach.

So what’s happened? Well, he’s been busy apparently, with someone going as far as to setup an account and “flirt” with Chris, assuming the tweet is real.

Either way, Chris, you’re better than most of the folk I know (Samurai was the one exception :P).


What’s new in Fifa 22: