The tech was introduced in FIFA 19 earlier this year. But while it did a good job of turning footballers into a bunch of marionettes, it was woefully inaccurate for certain moves, such as passes.

So this year’s FIFA includes an algorithmic intelligence powered by the same proprietary Physically Based Model Technology that’s used in previous-gen consoles.

The tech is potentially better at simulating the in-game action of footballers and takes into account the dynamics of every player on the pitch, including small muscle movements.

It also is designed to better replicate real-life players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. The algorithm is able to understand their movement patterns and enact new moves, helping them to evade and counter actions.

The creators of the tech, DeepMind, told The Verge that it’s “really a pain to recalibrate the AI for every change. We solved that by using a learning-based approach that massively reduces the number of parameters the AI needs to be tuned for each new game.”

FIFA 22 introduces another very cool feature that lets you play with your friends on your couch. When you set-up a game with a friend, you see a series of “control sticks” that show you how your friend is controlling the action on the pitch, making it easy to coordinate your strategy.

Combining motion capture with a smart AI makes FIFA 22 the best-looking of the bunch. Like the other this year’s FIFA, FIFA 19, the gameplay has been improved, but I’m looking forward to more of the same, if this year’s iteration delivers.

FIFA 20 is getting an overhaul for the new Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 20 was released for Nintendo Switch in February and, as you can probably tell, not very well. It was plagued with major bugs and some disappointing gameplay, but the Nintendo Switch has been so hot that EA saw fit to fix it for the new year.

If you play FIFA 20 on a Nintendo Switch, you will get a patch in 2019 that adds a bunch of new features.

There will be six new stadiums, four new opening moves, new kits, a new ground crew, and the ability to have up to eight friends on-screen at once.

Most of the features are pretty cosmetic, but one of the new opening moves is actually a cool gameplay tweak. The “Goalkeeper Sprint” lets you play five-a-side in goalkeeper battles.


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Refined and optimized controls for clear and accurate on the ball and off the ball movement.
  • New all-new Player Intelligence engine – one of the biggest changes to the game comes with Player Intelligence. Players now make smarter decisions based on context, behavior and all the information they have. This will help characters play in more dynamic ways.
  • Overcooked your friends
  • Analytics – Discover your players’ styles and weaknesses with an all-new Player Analytics mode. With everything you can see in-game mapped to your needs and expectations, you can see how your player stacks up to other players of comparable ability.
  • Refined passing and tackling
  • New animations, more depth to ball control and gameplay to ensure razor-sharp passing and shooting.
  • The Gameface* control system provides more precise ball possession so you can more confidently place passes.
  • A more realistic physics-based Player Impact System, which adds increased responsiveness and control. Whether a players moves are fluid or explosive, you will feel how their actions affect the game in new ways.
  • Refined Ball Physics, creating realistic and more playable dribbles and spins on the ball. The more accurate dribbles and tricks will create more options on the ball.
  • Flexible, responsive and deep Champions League and Europa League competitions
  • In addition to using all the tools already released with the title, such as the Fifa Interactive World Cup, Treble Shot, Maximus Soccer, Speed, Passing and Mastery books and Team Parade, there will be new ways to win on the pitch.


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EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is football at its most complete. Play the most realistic and authentic football experience anywhere, on or off the pitch. Add depth to the most popular digital soccer franchise with gameplay innovations, all-new training features and an improved roster of players that help gamers define the game as it’s never been defined before.

FIFA Ultimate Team™

‘The Journey’ brings an all-new experience to FUT. Journey through a virtual, clockwork timeline, managing a team from players you’ve chosen, all the way to the FIFA World Cup™ Final. Show off your squad to the world, and jump into dynamic matches against friends, all while earning XP to unlock gameplay-changing coins and packs. With new game modes, coaching and gameplay features – plus authentic squad depth and improved accuracy – FIFA Ultimate Team™ has never been more meaningful or fun.

FIFA Mobile™

FIFA Mobile™ takes the core FUT experience to the next level on mobile with easy-to-pick-up, in-game challenges and flashy, big-screen action in its brand-new home.

The LIVE • ONLINE experience of FIFA

FIFA LIVE – featuring improved online services and features – enhances your FIFA experience. The best ways to compete on- and offline with millions of players is simple. Connect and compete with friends in FIFA Ultimate Team™. Track LIVE scores of the biggest games of the season. Enjoy offline gameplay against locally-located players or take on any opponents anywhere in the world. All this is made more compelling with the power of connected TVs, mobile devices and social features.


Combine the FIFA experience with some high-octane management action in EA SPORTS™ FIFA Club™. Build your club from scratch, recruit your star players from around the world, and play online with friends in the world’s biggest club simulation. Unlock new stadiums, score goals and watch your players fulfill their dreams at the club of their dreams.


Kick off your soccer life in FIFA Rivals, a quick play experience that lets you compete in knockout games in a variety of categories. Play against rivals for bragging rights, or join a party to compete with friends.

FIFA on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC features

On PS4, play against up to five players via drop-in multiplayer in FIFA 22.


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The great FIFA Ultimate Team mode is back with a new dynamic Draft and Reserves system. Create an elite team from the players in the game and get them fighting it out in the latest, most realistic formula for virtual football. Challenge friends online and make waves in solo FIFA Ultimate Team.

Adidas The Ultimate League – Build the most attractive or elite squad you can and then test your team’s footballing mettle in the latest version of the FIFA The Ultimate League with a brand new, immersive presentation.

LIVE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER – play with up to 3 friends or clubs online in ranked matches and against the computer for a new party experience with FIFA Ultimate Team.

All new Pro-Football Focus – get closer to the action by watching every pass, kick, tackle and block with a new way of analysing the game. See who’s on top and who’s improving. Download the exclusive FIFA 17 ‘Player Intelligence Report’ and download the Pro-Football Focus ’17’ App to get the most out of your FUT squad.

New Player Discovery _______________________________________________________________________

From FIFA 16 to FIFA 17, we have increased the overall quality of the FUT game experience by making the team selection and manager progression in the game’s in-game menu faster and more intuitive.

FUT Manager’s Intelligence – _______________________________________

FUT Manager’s Intelligence, previously referred to as ‘the Black Box’, is a new tool that builds off the developers’ obsession with player intelligence. It provides a glimpse into how players behave within the game, and presents an enhanced system to better predict performance, especially in the context of transfers.

Here’s an example of how that works. A new manager and his team are searching for a captain. They like a young, exciting talent, but he’s very physically strong. In order for his team to progress, they need a team that can defend as well as attack. Their search will result in them looking for a physical presence that can hold the ball and distribute, and they’ll be attracted to a silky dribbler with fast feet.

When a player comes on the market, FUT Manager’s Intelligence will analyse his movements on the pitch and make suggestions on how he’d improve them. Averages scores can be high or low, and in comparison to a player’s career, so if a player scores well in new situations, you can be confident he can perform well. The idea is to make the manager’s job easier


What’s new:

  • In Career Mode, players with Transfer Target Update will now have their Transfer Cost updated automatically as soon as they are acquired.
  • Head-to-Head Games can now be directly waited for with a new Options screen allowing you to manually choose how long you want to wait for a game of FIFA 22.
  • In-Game: The in-game User Interface has received a modern revamp and several new features, including an updated User Interface, easier row-clicking and dragging, a snap-to-grid option, and a new right-hand panel for Action items.
  • Leaderboards have been added to all Career and Tournament modes to display the position gained since the start of the game, for players and teams.
  • The Insights panel: a new system allowing you to view useful data from within the game, such as Tips and Gameweeks to make the most of your fun FUT matches.
  • Each and every one of your squads have their own card,
  • Long-form Editor: a new tool allowing you to create an entire richly detailed game on the fly. It offers plenty of buttons and dialogs allowing you to add an unmatched amount of depth to your gameplay.
  • Card Gallery: new graphics and in-game animations.


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FIFA brings the beauty and excitement of the game of football to life like never before, featuring all new game modes such as the newly announced Co-op Seasons mode, Online Seasons, new ways to play Ultimate Team, as well as new ways to play like never before. Also back for another year in FIFA 22 is the popular Moments feature.

The Barcelona Experience

Whether you’re watching a game at home, or live streaming a match, the game’s brand new The Barcelona Experience will bring the experience of playing as one of the world’s most iconic sides home. This feature allows you to enter a famous stadium and play through the game’s story, from friendly, to group stages, knockout rounds, and the final. Watch the drama unfold around the legendary Camp Nou as you play classic home or away matches, facing Arsenal, Manchester United or Borussia Dortmund, among others. Also available is the new Barcelona Customise mode, allowing you to completely redesign your favourite player and their kit, or create a totally new look for your team.

New Ways to Play

You have never played FIFA like this before. Whether you play just a few matches with friends online, or sign up to the new Online Seasons mode where you and your friends take on your friends’ selected opponents in FIFA Online, the game is all about the feeling of the game.

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 features a brand-new Squads mode. Re-organized and redesigned to be simpler, Squads is now a key focus area in FIFA. Only the best players make it into your squad. No more tedious and time-consuming setup or management of a team. Starting your career as a rookie, you collect coins to buy new players, and progress through your local level up to the global level. In the global level, you start on a level just like that of your selected country with the possibility to earn more coins in this mode. Squads are separated in leagues based on different leagues on the European continent. Be aware of your level, as you need to upgrade your league to become eligible for the next level. In order to do so, you must beat your current league with your selected team. As you progress in your career, you also have the opportunity to get individual licenses for players – good for you, and potentially for your friends.

This major overhaul of FIFA also means the game is pushing forward the possibilities of the player interaction. Perhaps the most famous example is Off The Ball,


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