The FIFA World Cup is back and better than ever this summer, with the updated FIFA World Cup™ video game bringing you the beautiful game from start to finish and giving you a chance to be the ultimate soccer champion. After some initial releases in some of the globe’s top countries, FIFA World Cup™ is finally launching worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on August 2nd with more than 200 national teams in new, enhanced play styles, new team animations, an overall improved broadcast presentation and a new international logo. Building on FIFA World Cup™ 20, FIFA World Cup™ Live Edition will now feature improved gameplay with dynamic tactical changes and over 500 national team tactics, including automated Formation Shifts, specific Key Men, Boosted Tackles, Boosted Interceptions, Outnumbering Attacking Teams and more. FIFA World Cup™ Live Edition will continue to offer Real Player Motion, a new and improved global pitch with thousands of new animations and VAR Referee Calls, all powered by the new Euphoria Engine and enhanced broadcast presentation that will create and manage thousands of detailed VAR interactions. FIFA World Cup™ will feature more than 160 leagues, with the new American Leagues, more than 100 new players, several new stadiums and more. FIFA World Cup™ will also introduce a new career mode, Career Draft, where players build their dream team through skill-based draft skills. Real Player Motion, a new visual presentation, will take viewers behind the scenes to get to know the real people that form the world’s greatest teams. “FIFA World Cup™ is one of the most popular gaming experiences on console and the recent addition of the FIFA World Cup™ franchise on the Nintendo Switch is a testament to the game’s global appeal. We’re excited to bring this world-class experience to both new and existing FIFA World Cup™ fans on all formats,” said David Rutter, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Brand Management, EA SPORTS. “We are committed to bringing compelling and compelling moments that live on across the board with all our major franchises, and FIFA World Cup™ is no exception.” “In the months leading up to the FIFA World Cup™, our fans have been asking for more variety and improvements to FIFA World Cup™ play, and the popularity and fan base of FIFA World Cup™ has proven that our players are eager to deliver on that front. The new gameplay enhancements in


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Introducing HyperMotion Technology,
  • Orbital Radar,
  • FIFA Celebration,
  • Daybreak Brazil,
  • Dynamic Kicks,
  • Premier League Commentary,
  • Watford Player Anthem and much more!


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FIFA, FIFA, FIFA, FIFA, FIFA… what does it all mean? FIFA® is one of the most popular sports franchises of all time, joining the more than 100 million people who play the FIFA Ultimate Team® experience on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. FIFA delivers the most authentic football experience on the planet. Created by the world’s foremost football experts, it offers unprecedented control over the pitch, and over your team. In FIFA, you are on your own. At the heart of FIFA is the Football Intelligence Engine (FIE), a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that feeds on data and analyses the scenarios before providing the best-fit tactics to beat your opponent. It analyzes a player’s current and past performances, and predicts his/her future behaviour. It allows you to work smarter, not harder. It also constantly adapts to your goals and preferences, and is the brain that makes FIFA’s matchday simulations so realistic. Ranked FIFA Ultimate Team Contest Ranked support on Xbox One is not available on PlayStation 4. Xbox Live Gold subscribers can compete and earn Gold status in the Madden NFL Ultimate Team Arena. Compete for team bragging rights with your friends! With an elite-level gaming experience, FIFA 18 marks the biggest, most ambitious soccer game release yet, delivering unsurpassed authenticity. From creating a new animation system that revolutionizes player control to advanced artificial intelligence and dynamic weather effects, it’s the most immersive football game ever made. Download Information: Region Free: Platform xbox1 What can you expect from FIFA Ultimate Team? FIFA Ultimate Team lets you unlock rewards, win legendary cards, trade in-game, and compete in the new 12-vs-12 Ranked Mode. Grab valuable packs and diamonds in order to build your own Ultimate Team with the skills of 1,000 pro players. If you are new to Ultimate Team, or just want to brush up on the rules, check out our FIFA Ultimate Team Gameplay Guide. Features: Authenticity: Discover a playbook worthy of the world’s greatest players. From new animation system, to dynamic weather effects and advanced artificial intelligence, FIFA 18 delivers unmatched authenticity that will have you head-to-head in the competition against other pro gamers around the globe. Intuitive control: PITCH/TURN/SIDE controls allow for the most intuitive gameplay experience, responding to every touch and movement bc9d6d6daa


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Join the pitch in Ultimate Team and bring your boots to pitch with over one million player and club cards to collect, plus coin packs and crafting items to customize your squad. Then use EA SPORTS FIFA Points and FIFA Coins to build your dream squad, unlocking goals, players and more as you progress. FIFA Street FIFA Street Stars FIFA Street Beach Stars – FIFA Street returns with brand new football, street soccer and beachball players. Play in a variety of game modes including the frantic Street Heat mode, where your goal is to get the ball into the net as quickly as possible, and the Career mode, which features new challenges. FIFA Street 2 FIFA Street 2 Soccer Stars FIFA Street Bike Stars – FIFA Street returns for the first time since the 2008 release of FIFA Street. Now, you can take your Street kick around using the new bike mode in an all-new 3-on-3 gameplay mode, with unique bike movement to get past defenders in the air. GRID GRID 2 – The most anticipated racing videogame of the year, features next-generation visuals and gameplay, and makes full use of the new GT technology to deliver action-packed, authentic, fast-paced racing. With the perfect integration of high speed and true-to-life action, GRID 2 provides a unique racing experience. GRID AUTOSPORT – Get ready for more adrenaline-fueled excitement and destruction in GRID AUTOSPORT, featuring next generation graphics, physics and gameplay. You can now experience the thrill of being behind the wheel of more than 150 true-to-life cars, including the Honda NSX GT4 and the 2015 Porsche 911 GT3. GRID BIKES – Drive the GRID BIKES in thrilling races through the streets of the city, meeting all kinds of vehicles, including GRID BIKES and fully customized MotoCars. GRID BIKES features all the iconic vehicles of the GRID franchise, with the most complete and authentic physics of the series! LAVANDULA Lavandula – Lavandula is a game based on the mythical game of basketball. The game is based on cross-platform play and features two teams (from the top players from the NBA and the League Of Legends). LAVANDULA: SCHOOL – Lavandula: School is a basketball-style game for both Windows and Nintendo 3DS. The game was developed based on the rules


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