Stay tuned to IGN UK for more from EA Play, including new FIFA gameplay. For all the latest from EA Play 2017, be sure to check out our live stream of the press conference with Eurogamer, IGN and other top media. of the chain the product is disconnected at the end of the run. This means that the cutting of product from the carrier chain can be carried out manually and the product can be transferred to an intermediate cutting machine. This is generally carried out once per piece of sheet product. In order to avoid impact damage to the articles being unwound from the carrier chain, the carrier chain is generally cut by means of a circular knife. The circular knife is rotated in a direction opposite to that of the flight of the product. The cutting can be carried out using a fixed rotating knife or a blade that is movable with respect to the carrier chain. The cut may be smooth or have nicks or notches formed in the edge of the cutting plane. The removal of the product from the carrier chain must generally be carried out manually and the removal mechanism must be made to secure the product. The carrier may be fed to a cutting machine manually or automatically. Automatic mechanisms include those where a take-away carriage transfers the product to a cutting machine and returns a new carrier chain to the carrier conveyor. Automatic mechanisms also include those where the linear cutter moves along the carrier chain and engages the product. In this case there is no take-away carriage. The take-away carriage is required when the circular knife is fixed or when the circular knife is movable with respect to the carrier chain. A major disadvantage of the known processes and apparatuses for cutting or tearing sheet product from a carrier chain is that either the amount of tear or cut is limited by the linear dimension of the carrier chain, that is to say the cut or tear can not be made either before or after the desired tear or cut, or the tear or cut is made from one end of the carrier chain to the other end. This is a particular disadvantage when the length of the carrier chain is not limited, as it generally is not the case in the production of packing tape, for example. A further major disadvantage of the known processes and apparatuses for cutting or tearing sheet product from a carrier chain is that only a limited number of cuts or tears can be made before the product has to be transferred from the carrier chain, that is to say a tear or cut has to be made after or before the desired tear or cut is


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  • Live out your dreams as a manager or a player in FIFA 2022* as you create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions
  • Broader spectrum of goals in FIFA 2022
  • Dynamic tactical set-up means new ways to play on all surfaces
  • More intuitive dribble controls for increased player skill and control
  • New motion capture technology that brings in-world motion to life on and off the pitch
  • Unprecedented set of online achievements to unlock, including the new FIFA World Cup
  • Improved Skill Games and semi-pro modes for complete player control
  • MyClub, the new virtual currency that unlocks FIFA Points and more
  • Improved Everything Ratings System that gives your players more individual progression, control and input for victory
  • Compete on any 3D environment including Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 and PC
  • Additional feature set inspired by the real World Cup for deepest player involvement
  • Innovative edge-of-your-seat bursts captured in the Broadcast* Cutscenes
  • Full in-game commentary with authentic commentary
  • Player-to-player Zoom in and out Referee View


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FIFA is a football simulator, a genre of video game that originated in the late 1970s with classics such as CyberDynast and The Journeyman Project. FIFA is the world’s leading esports franchise, with over 225 million players around the world. The FIFA franchise has sold over 200 million units and is one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. The FIFA franchise also holds the Guinness World Record for the most games sold (228 as of 2015). My FIFA Experience My FIFA Experience is the official video blog from FIFA, featuring exclusive content, behind the scenes looks and access to the latest from the EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 development team. It also includes weekly segments profiling other FIFA 20 players on the Pro Clubs, including AllTheBestFIFA. Find your favourite players and compete against them on the best FIFA servers! Enjoy all the latest news, features, updates and tips from the FIFA team.Catch up with #MyFIFA, interact with your favourite FIFA players, and share your FIFA moments. Watch all the latest videos from the FIFA World Cup and Pro Clubs, as well as exclusive exclusives.The FIFA World Cup is nearly upon us and that means it is time for another edition of #MyFIFA. Each week, enjoy a new video from your favourite FIFA World Cup-winning players, including Cristiano Ronaldo. All the latest information, news and features can be found here. See you next week! This week’s edition of #MyFIFA features an interview with the four former FIFA World Cup-winning captains that will join David Seaman on the BBC’s coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™. Check out the five questions below: In your view, which was the best World Cup and why?Chris Waddle The 1982 World Cup was my first and it remains my fondest memory from football. It was eight of us from Ipswich Town sitting around the dinner table at the Hotel Tropicana in Guadalajara on our way to Russia. Seeing any of the Great Britain squad before then was just a dream but having four on the plane to Moscow was unbelievable.I will never forget that feeling when Alan Ball scored to send us through to the second round. We still had to beat Argentina to secure a place in the final, but as a group we were there or bust at that point. For me it was the feeling of elation that came when we first clocked that brilliant strike by Steve Archibald. I loved that bc9d6d6daa


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Career Mode – Play a game of football anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. Take control of more than 200 of the world’s best players as you create your own personalised squad and compete in your own challenges against the world’s best players. Community Seasons Mode – Test your soccer skills against the world’s best players and clubs in real competitions across a season of real world matches. Create your own team from players from 11 different leagues and compete in 5 different game modes. Ultimate Team Coins – Acquire the skills of the world’s elite players by buying them in FIFA Ultimate Team. Play along with your favourite stars of the past and present in an extensive collection of cards, and then build a team of the greatest players to gain the upper hand in real competitions, including The Champions League. New Player Paths – Build your customised journey as you work your way through various game modes to unlock more player classes and create your own Player Path. New Player Paths – Welcome to the Transfer Market. As a new manager, you’ll begin with the basics of building your squad, and slowly increase your influence on the transfer market to help you with your club’s progression. But one step at a time. First of all, you need to learn how to build your player base. Train the players in your own stadium, add depth to your squad with new additions from the Scouting Network and deliver them to the Training Ground to get them ready for the pitch. From there, you’ll need to build your stadium. Take a look at the current offers in the community section to begin and once you have an offer that you like, you can make a deal. Negotiate with your rivals to make the best possible deal. And once you’re done building your stadium, you need to be able to handle the stress of being a manager. Find some fans to cheer you on at home and away games. Earn their trust and start making money by keeping them happy. If you can handle the pressure of managing and making money, you’re in! FRANCHISE HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE Watch and take part as José Mourinho brings his Portugal side to face England in the FIFA 2018 Puskás Memorial Trophy. See how he uses set-pieces to give his team the advantage and test your skills with your favourite clubs and players by practising from the stands at six different locations. And if you’


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