When you’re in a hurry to find a specific file, you most likely ask the Windows search utility for help. It’s powerful enough to find files in the nick of time, but there are also more reliable alternatives. For instance, Find File Professional is sure to locate anything in a custom path, and lets you perform some additional operations as well. Configure thread control and visual design Before taking Find File Professional for a spin, you need to make sure .NET Framework is installed for proper functionality. Launching the application first brings up the configuration window so you can set general behavior. Among other options, there’s the possibility to adjust thread control for better and faster results, whether or not to index items and to what extent, as well as a set of visual customization options. You can also skip this step and access the options panel another time. The main window might not be much to look at, but its simplicity lets you quickly accommodate. An upper toolbar is there so you can add strings you’re looking for, option to specify location to narrow down results, and whether or not to look in RAM, or to include sub-folders. Fast results and additional tools The first time you initiate the search process can be a bit lengthy, but this is only until indexing is done. Actual results are shown in less than a second, but it would have been useful to see a real time updating list of results as you type. You can search for files according to name, or just specific extensions to find all files of a particular type. When identifying the file of interest, the application lets you bring up the source folder, or launch it directly with the corresponding viewer or editor. In addition, there are several tools you can use to start the Command Prompt at that location, split files in multiple chunks, and even encrypt using a strong password. To sum it up Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Find File Professional is a powerful competitor to the tool Windows puts at your disposal. Sadly, you need to run the application every time you need to perform a search operation, but results are almost instantly delivered, with other options to secure or split detected items.







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Search for files by name and/or extensions as well as in a custom path. You can also perform a detailed location-based search, save the location for future reference, add the results to favorites, and even schedule a task to be executed at a later date. Once you have data on the clipboard, you might have to resort to inserting it into an Excel document or perhaps writing it down in a different way. If you need to use a tiny text editor to quickly gather some data, here’s a nifty free editor you can grab. It’s similar to Notepad but you have the possibility to enter and save in UTF-8, as well as to add markers and footnote in the text so you can reference to specific parts later. Editor GUI The application is not pretty, but it works reliably and offers a lot of settings. Some options have both text and numeric versions so you can decide your preferred appearance. Look and feel You can also set the font, background, and the size of the text area, as well as whether or not to separate text entries with vertical space. To save clipboard data, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the window, then choose a folder where to save the data. The data will be converted into UTF-8 and saved as a plain text. Download: Editor Windows10 comes with a list of handy apps so you can make the most out of its interface. This is a quick guide you can follow to grab a few helpful apps and put them to use right away. As you know, Windows 10 is based on Windows 8.1, so lots of features from the latter version are now available in the former. Also, it’s a known fact that the latest update breaks several apps, so you might want to keep one or two copies of older versions ready. The good thing is that the selection of apps is fairly robust, so if you’re looking for a new app, you’ll be able to find it. Here’s a list of useful apps to check out. MyToolbox.com MyToolbox.com is an online store with small, free and useful utilities. You can get most of them for free so there’s no excuses to install them. They’re just simple applications that you can use to quickly navigate, manage, and modify all of your stuff. Moreover,

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When you search for a file, you need to bring up the whole Windows search application and run it. This is a lot of work, and you can look for any file in the repository with this method, not only the ones stored in the system’s default location. If you, however, want to exclude specific folders, specific file types, or even specific file names from the search result, you can configure that with Find File. Slicing and dicing a file is quick, but the selection process is manual – you have to select each file on the list, one after another, until you’re happy with the result. But Find File – available for both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 – lets you search for any file in the system. You just have to decide what files to exclude and how to define them. User experience may not be perfect, but it’s not necessarily bad. Results are displayed in a small window, but it’s clear what each file is, and you can even select it to open it in an appropriate program. And if you want to know what to do with a file, the program allows you to open it directly with the corresponding application, or take the necessary actions. There’s also an option to create a custom shortcut for quick access, though finding or adding files can be a bit cumbersome with it. How Find File works 1. It’s a lightweight application that can be opened even in PowerShell Find File works as a lightweight application, and can be opened even in PowerShell. You don’t even have to find the AppData folder, which is the default location, as it’s hardcoded. You can, however, use it to locate any file in the whole system (or exclude a particular file or directory). The first time it’s opened, you have to choose your settings, but after that, you can instantly search for any file. To do that, you have to include file names in the search field and specify some parameters. Once you’re happy with the result, select the file you want to open, or press the “Add to List” button. By default, each file is opened in a “Picky” folder, but you can change the location or even have Find File open all folders on the system with a single click. You can even change the file type of each selected file, and exclude some file types, which 2f7fe94e24

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FAST — Find File is the fastest way to search for a file on your computer. POWERFUL — Find File is capable of searching, viewing, and editing multiple file formats. IMMERSIVE — Find File lets you search from any file on your computer and save the search to disk. Find File will search not only in the current directory, but also in all subfolders. FULL-SCREEN — Find File lets you search inside the application you are using. This includes the most recent document. POWERFUL HISTORY — Find File lets you search for files and folders the last 10 times you performed a search. COMMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COM seARCH comand LINE COMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMAND LINE COMMAND LINE COMAND LINE COM Search companion Find File Professional is, as we mentioned before, a simply search utility for Windows, which has it all. And this is fine – the application is all that matters here. The search works really fast, with the option to complete with CTRL+F, search also inside the current file, and even make use of the Command Prompt. Other features offered by Find File Professional include: Organize files (based on name or extensions) Move files Split files into multiple chunks (such as making a zip archive) Encrypt files using strong passwords Convert files to other formats (such as PDF or RTF) Configure search engine to reach items in specific subfolders and RAM In addition, the application comes with a built-in command-line utility as a standalone. So, although it lacks of GUIs, the integrated CLI helps you much more than Windows search utility. However, note that this is not the only file search app for Windows – SmartFile Finder is also among the best. Find File Professional also lets you use other Windows utilities, so if you lack of choice, this application can be a good solution. If you would like to get the full picture, you can download

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OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack 3 Processor: Intel® Core™ i5, AMD Phenom™ II X4, or similar Memory: 2 GB RAM or more Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 7750 or similar, or Intel HD Graphics 2500 or better DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 18 GB available space Screen resolution: 1280×800 or higher Additional Requirements: Internet Connection Gamepad: