Free ACT Practice Test is a reliable tool that enables you to prepare for the ACT examination, by practicing with reading and science questions. The application allows you to simulate the exam experience, by offering you several answer options, as well as a countdown timer, which can adapt based on the number of questions.
Practice for ACT examination
The ACT exam is a standard test for high school achievement and college admissions in the United States. The test implies a series of questions from various fields, such as English language grammar, reading, mathematics and science, with several grades of difficulty. The application allows you to practice with these domains, while offering you a limited number of questions.
The main screen displays the question selection, allowing you to choose any of the four categories, as well as determine the number of questions. Thus, the total number of queries is 95, divided into 25 English questions, 30 for mathematics usage, 20 for reading and 20 for science. The questions cannot be updated or changed.
Exam simulation on your desktop
Each question in Free ACT Practice Test features several answer options, out of which only one is the correct one. You need to select the desired option, then click Next to move on to the next question or Finish, in order to end the exam simulation. The test automatically ends when the countdown timer reaches zero.
The timer is adapted to the number of questions and can range from 20 to 95 minutes, allocating maximum one minute per question. When the exam is finished, you can view the assessment sheet, which indicates the correct, wrong or not attempted answers.
Calculating the final score
Each time the exam ends, Free ACT Practice Test can automatically calculate your final score, based on the answers you chose. The correct answers for each question are also indicated, in a separate column and the application can also count the number of correct/wrong/not attempted answers.









Free ACT Practice Test License Key Full Download [32|64bit]

Free ACT Practice Test is the perfect application for those who want to practice with the ACT exam. The application is easy to use, while allowing you to practice with a limited number of questions from the four domains: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science.

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“The Practice Test by BonusBuddy is the best study tool you can use to prepare for tests like the ACT and SAT. The Practice Test provides a great number of different types of questions to help you better understand the kinds of questions that will appear on the actual test. The Practice Test also has separate sections for each of the four areas of the test, giving you a better idea of the kind of questions that will be asked in each section of the test.”

The ACT is a testing program offered by CollegeBoard which is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of students in over 80 college entrance exams around the globe. The four tests offered in the ACT are English, mathematics, reading and science. The free test offered by eCampus is a practice test exclusively for English section and consists of 100 questions, in which you need to select the correct answer. The test is divided into four sections, namely Reading, English, Mathematics and Science, and comprises a total of 200 questions, each with four variations of difficulty levels. Moreover, you can set both the number of questions to be attempted and the time to be spent to answer each question.

The Free practice test offered by Online Prep Academy is designed to help students with subject preparation for various standardized tests, including SAT, PSAT, ACT, and ISEE. The test is available in a desktop version only and offers a simulated test experience that includes a countdown timer, the ability to repeat questions, and the test even evaluates the student’s performance, calculating the number of incorrect and correct responses to give a total score at the end. The test enables students to practice for the different types of questions found in the actual test.

According to the official website of the ACT, the test is designed to help students assess their knowledge and skills in different areas. The test is divided into four separate sections: English, mathematics, reading, and science.

Free ACT Practice Test Download [Win/Mac]

ACT Exam Simulator is an application that simulates the experience of sitting the ACT exam. It is the perfect tool to test your preparation with reading, English and math questions, as well as practice your scores with the correct answers and percentage. The application allows you to simulate the exam experience, by offering you several answer options, as well as a countdown timer, which can adapt based on the number of questions.
In the main screen, you will be able to select the ACT subject, as well as choose the number of questions. The questions are not editable, however, you can exclude or include questions. For each question, there are several answer choices with one being correct. You will be able to score your performance, as well as see whether you answered all or not, with the correct answer displayed at the bottom of the screen.
It will take less than two minutes to complete the test, and the timer will automatically end when the test is finished.


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Free ACT Practice Test

IMPORTANT: This app is free, however some game items can be purchased in-game for real money. You can prevent this app from connecting to the internet by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s setting.

Take the ACT exam on the go!
Free ACT Practice Test is a complete and standalone solution for a practicing the test experience, without the need of a computer. You can take the test anywhere and at any time, and using this application, even when it doesn’t have a network connection.
✔ Complete simulation experience (The app will not be activated on your mobile device)
✔ Practice all four domains: math, English, reading and science (two options per domain)
✔ Countdown timer to the test (the number of questions is adaptively determined)
✔ Several answer options for each question (the right one is highlighted in green)
✔ Several options to specify the number of questions for each option
✔ Option to register or use your user account (through Facebook or Google+)
✔ Option to schedule the test at a future date (based on your schedule)
✔ Option to start the test from last attempt (if already activated)
✔ Option to exit the simulation immediately (no time limit)
✔ Option to save the simulation results (if activated)
✔ Option to reset the test after each attempt (if activated)
✔ Option to score for both attempted and not attempted questions
✔ Option to verify the assessment sheet after the test
✔ Option to store the assessment (if activated)
✔ Option to return to the main screen when the test ends
✔ Option to access the cheat sheet of definitions
✔ Option to read the help section
Free ACT Practice Test app FAQs:
Free ACT Practice Test app supports the following features:
Is the test paper like the real one?
Yes. Free ACT Practice Test allows you to simulate the test experience as the real one.
Free ACT Practice Test App English Practice TestQ:

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What’s New in the Free ACT Practice Test?

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System Requirements For Free ACT Practice Test:

1. You have an Nvidia Graphics card with at least 2GB of video RAM.
2. An internet connection (13 Mbps+ recommended).
3. Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3
4. 2 GB RAM
5. 2GB Hard Drive Space
6. 1280×720 screen resolution
7. Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or higher
Install instructions:
If you have not yet installed the game, it is recommended that you install the game while running