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About The Book

I published this book to enlighten you with the valuable insights into the world of real estate investing and why targeting your investments in low investment housing can bring you the ultimate return on investment that is sometimes even better than what people investing in privileged regions of the country earn.

This book is for those of you looking to level up their investment games by clever balancing of risk and investments for greater returns.

What’s inside


Why Real Estate as an Investment Option

Taxes, Stability, and Time


Low Income Housing

Never Late


The Tenant Process

Tenant Selection and Management


How to Choose the Right Property

Helpful Tools


Expanding Your Investment Portfolio

Raising Capital & Doing the Math


Increasing Your Rental Income

Real World Advice

Chapter 1


When we talk about investments, people are on the lookout for the most lucrative options to put their money in. Obviously everyone wants lesser risk and greater returns. Although risk comes attached to every investment prospect, when compared to the money and stock markets, the risk element in real estate is fairly lower. There are basically two main reasons for that:

  1. The real estate prices are generally (unless owing to unforeseen circumstances) increasing.
  2. There is always someone looking for a home, or a bigger better home than the one they are currently living in.

So whether you’re investing in real estate with the purpose of refurbishing and selling the property, or because you wish to rent it out in an attempt to generate regular cash flows from it, the trade is pretty lucrative. However, the lower risk is not the only thing working in favor of real estate investors. There are a bunch of other perks that the industry brings for investors willing to take the risk.

This is probably one of the most attractive features of investing in real estate. For the most part, these investments allow you an almost tax-free growth. The IRS allows for mortgage interest (if you’re paying any) and depreciation deduction on the cash inflows coming from rental properties. This, for most real estate investors means, they don’t have to pay any taxes on the income being generated.

Furthermore, people who invest in rental property can make use of the various tax saving strategies allowed to them like the 1031 exchange, deferred taxes, installment sales, or charitable trust to bring down their overall tax liability. For the most part, the smart investors will opt to wait for incurring capital gains by selling off their rental properties to pay the taxes.



It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or are well into the business but find yourself stuck at the same point – I can help you get through. I compiled this book enlighten real estate investors like you with the valuable insights of real estate investing that I gained after years of operating in the industry.

About the author.

Most investors tend to leave the field too soon simply because they find it difficult to cope with the various aspects involved with real estate investment. They either end up accumulating too much on their plates that becomes difficult to handle, or lack the right guidance to maneuver and settle into this field with ease.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation or aren’t sure about where or how to start – you need someone to show you the way. I can help you.