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You can use Photoshop with just a mouse and keyboard; however, other software is also popular for manipulating image data. Apple iPhoto/Aperture, which ships as part of Apple’s iLife suite, also is a popular and easy-to-use application that can create and edit images. Apple offers a free 30-day trial for the iPhoto/Aperture suite.

Editing Photos

Much of the basic photo manipulation that you do after taking photos involves editing. You may have to adjust the white balance and color saturation, set the brightness, contrast, and exposure levels, and so on. You can also crop, rotate, combine or split photos into multiple images, and sharpen or straighten images.

What really counts is the time spent on just editing photos rather than the time spent taking new photos.

Don’t get carried away with Photoshop if you’re not a skilled graphic designer. There are countless photo-editing programs available. Many are free, some are only available as shareware, and some are available in a subscription model (like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements). If you’re even moderately competent and diligent with photo editing software, you will be able to fine-tune a photograph without spending hours on it.

Keep these basic photo editing tips in mind when editing photos:

Double-click your thumbnail photo to see the little preview window, which is probably the first thing that you ever see when you double-click the photo in the Organizer window (see the earlier section “Organizing the photos in the Organizer” for more information about opening the Organizer window).

Choose Edit⇒Modify⇒Enhance⇒Adjust Lighting, or press Alt+E on the keyboard to see a dialog box. With this dialog box open, choose Filter⇒Graduated Filter⇒Adjust Lighting. Adjust the Exposure slider. Take a look at the other sliders for a better look at the different types of adjustments.

You can use the Edit⇒Preset Manager dialog box (Windows) or Photoshop⇒Presets (Mac) to preview and change how a preset will edit a photo. Again, keep these steps in mind: Choose Filter⇒Change the style⇒Preset⇒Preview or Edit⇒Presets⇒Change the style⇒Preset⇒Load, and then choose the preset you want to apply.


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Latest Photoshop features can be found in the Photoshop CS6 version which is found in all popular version of Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 is a powerful tool which can be used by both beginner and professional photographers.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 has all the features of the professional edition and several features exclusive to it.

You will find features like non-destructive editing tools, RAW support, image editing filters, and many others here. This post will cover the features which help you create a high-quality image.

1. Tool Retouch

In Photoshop, the tools for retouching are called strokes. Photoshop Elements does not have strokes so you must use editing tools instead. The editing tools in Photoshop can be expensive and cost you thousands of dollars. However, not all of them are expensive. You may have old cameras which offer a wide range of editing tools.

You can use tools like the blur tool to clean or clear up old retouched images. You can also use the healing brush or paint bucket to create new layers on the image.

Tool Retouch

2. Isolate

Isolate is another incredible retouching tool in Photoshop CC. It is a tool which works like the clone stamp for editing new areas. The purpose of the tool is to erase or remove unwanted areas from an image.

It allows you to make new areas or replace selected areas with the new areas from another area of the image.


3. Content Aware

Content-aware tools allow you to select certain areas of an image and alter them with the rest of the image. This is a great tool for photo editing. You can use the tool to edit out unwanted objects and replace them with the objects of your preference.

This tool allows you to erase objects with different colors. The brightness and the contrast of the object must match that of the background so that the result is not noticeable.

Content Aware

4. Magic Wand

Magic Wand is another amazing tool in Photoshop. It is an incredible tool for retouching or painting photos. It is a great tool for photo editing and photo enhancement.

With the help of this tool, you can erase unwanted objects and replace them with new desired objects. You can easily select the objects and refine the selection to do any retouching.

Magic Wand

5. Quick Mask

Quick Mask is one of the best image retouch

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* **Eraser** : You can use the Eraser tool to erase unwanted objects or areas from the image. It’s also useful for painting certain areas of the image or masking areas you don’t want to paint.

You can go beyond the supplied toolset, however. You can even create your own custom brushes and pens.

What’s New in the?


AngularJS CDK select required for dynamic select

i am fairly new to angular js.
I have a page which has select and text box.
The values in the textbox are stored in a array when the user navigates to the page.
i want the user to be able to select an item from the list and if the list doesn’t have the desired item the select box should be required.
am i able to do this using angularjs cdk select?


Yes, you can make use of the @required and the associated cdkLayout and cdkList.
For example:


Selected: {{selectedItem}}

Required: {{required}}



Here, myList is an array and selectedItem is the item that the user must select.
Whenever the number of items in the list is greater than zero (sizeOf>0), we enable the add button.
Otherwise, we disable the add button.

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