Apart from the download managers that nowadays equip all major Internet browsers, many users prefer to have a specialized utility that can accelerate, organize and schedule their downloads. One of the tools that fit the description and can do even more than that is Fresh Download, an easy to use application that boasts a simple and easy to use interface that will enable you to keep track of all your downloads.
Blends in with your preferred web browser
Fresh Download however is able to work with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and other browsers by monitoring the activity and popping out whenever the user clicks on a new download. Additionally, it tracks clipboard activity, so in case you copy a link, Fresh Download loads almost instantly and can take care of that file for you.
Set downloads to start at a custom date and time
A feature welcomed in any download manager and also present in this application is the scheduler that allows you to set any download to start at a later time. Fresh Download also supports resuming downloads as well as multiple connections so you can get the files you need in the shortest time possible.
A thorough list of customization options
The settings menu is well prepared for numerous customizations so you can change virtually everything from integration, connection, excluded sites and logs up to user interface, site passwords and download completion options.
Fresh Download flirts quite nice with hardware resources and it's safe to say that you computer won't even know that you're running it unless you are downloading large files at very high speeds.
To sum it up
All in all, Fresh Download remains a good alternative to similar software on the market and given the goodies it packs under the hood, this utility can be added to anyone's utility belt. With integration to your preferred web browser, implemented scheduler and abundance of available settings it's safe to say that it's nothing but practical overall.







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Fresh Download is an application that promises to add a new dimension to your downloads. It will automaticaly keep track of your downloads and dispatch them when you request it. You can order up to four downloads at once and limit their start date to today. You can also use the scheduler to control when your downloads start, so you can pick them up at your leisure.
Fresh Download reviews


Installation is very easy. There is a trial version which is a good way to check whether or not you like it. Fresh Download is what you need to keep track of all your files on your computer.

Publisher Comments:
FreshDownload automatically keeps track of all your downloads and dispatches them when you request it. You can order up to four downloads at once and limit their start date to today. You can also use the scheduler to control when your downloads start, so you can pick them up at your leisure.
Fresh Download, the best download manager!

Goes online to add your next download and check the progress of your last one. If you have a problem, or simply wish to check your current download’s progress, you’ll need to have your internet browser’s “online” connection turned on.




Fresh Download Editor’s Review:

– When you have finished downloading files, you can immediately start the next one.
– A notification message will appear in the upper right corner of the screen when you get a new file. You can then continue downloading or check the file’s properties and other relevant information.
– One click to start downloading a new file (when you have downloaded a file or an email attachment, for instance).
– Locate and add new files (remote files, documents) by drag & drop.
– A notice appears when you are online (when you are connected to the internet).
– New files can be added in the system by using drag & drop.
– You can add files from your computer, from your network (computers, shared folders) or even from the Internet.
– You can add either local files (on your computer), remote files (attached files from emails, network shared folders, FTP servers, shared folders, Internet Explorer favorites, etc.) or even new files from an URL (web page).
– Have all your downloading files in a single place.
– Watch live the download progress from the online sites that you are downloading from.

Fresh Download User

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Fresh Download Crack Free Download is a download manager for your personal computer that works in a more or less integrated way with your web browser. Fresh Download is able to download, resume, create progress bars, scan the clipboard for download links, add a customized start time for all download and install the downloads on the latest version of your operating system automatically if required. Fresh Download also supports several web browsers and is able to automatically pause the downloads if it detects a popup window in your web browser. In addition to that, Fresh Download has a scheduler to do the downloading later on. Fresh Download also prevents access to third-party websites if you are behind a firewall that uses a proxy. The user-interface of Fresh Download is very simple and effective.
Key Features:
The download-interface of Fresh Download can be accessed in two ways: either right click on a download link to open the download-options in the right click menu or by pressing the Ctrl+D hotkey combination. If you press the Ctrl+D hotkey, there will appear a window that displays all available download-options in the form of a table. The settings are available to change in the upper corner of the window. You can change the site-speed, retry count, file-format, accept cookies, accept third party, pause, resume, quality, log and start time.
Setting the scheduler:
To set the schedule for download-options, you need to press Alt+S. The scheduler is the way to tell Fresh Download which tasks you want to do after a defined time. The scheduling can be done at the same time as the download, before the download or after. It is also possible to add not only one single task, but many. You can set the tasks for the same time as the download, one after or in between the download tasks. You can also define how many times the task is executed.
Tracking downloads:
There are four possibilities to track the download-options: either from a URL or by file name (by clicking), from the clipboard (if you paste a link), from a file name (by Ctrl+D) or with a command-line (if you run the program from the command line). All actions to download download-options are started in a certain time interval, adjustable via the timer-settings. For example, if you are on a download-URL and press Ctrl+D, the download will start within one minute after the last download-URL is visited.
Connecting the web browser:

Fresh Download

Fresh Download is a simple and easy to use download manager that monitors each one of your downloads and accelerates them when you need it the most. Download your big files in just a few mouse clicks and never worry again about the slow speed of your Internet connection. Download manages can be set to automatically start downloads at a chosen time and also resume partial downloads to save on time. Download manages can make use of several connections (Firefox plugin only) and manage unlimited number of downloads. Any download can be set to start at a certain date and time or left untouched if you need to have it download for later. You can also set the program to automatically check for updates. Should you have any problem or question regarding the performance of the program, its settings or any other, you can contact us by email, use the support page or visit the forum.Karelian language

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What’s New In Fresh Download?

The Fresh Download program is a utility that lets you monitor and control your downloads on the Internet at anytime and anywhere.
This tool will help you to manage your downloads and keep track of all your download links. It’s a very simple, easy-to-use and automatic program.
With it you can set a schedule for when you want your download to start and other parameters that you can decide such as connection type and speed.
Fresh Download Features:
– Free Download Manager
– DMA Wrapper
– Multi-Downloader
– Speed Booster
– Daily and Weekly Backups
– Support for URLs and Clipboard
– Two-Way Open Proxy
– Integrates with Your Favorite Browser
– Script Support
– Scheduler
– Manual Download Operation
– Multiple Download support
– Auto-Downloads (Resume)
– Auto-Downloads (Recover)
– Auto-Cancel
– Auto-Delete
– Auto-Delete Old Files
– Auto-Hide
– Log File Cleaner
– Autorun.inf Detection
– Auto-Duplicate files
– Scheduler
– Connection Type
– Speed Control
– Stop the Download and Remove
– Port Selection
– Excluded Sites
– Log Files
– Advanced Settings
– User Interface
– Website Password
– Auto-Select Download Website
– Connection Type
– Resume
– Auto-Cancel and Download
– Support for URLs and Clipboard
– Excluded Sites
– Auto-Start
– Connection Type
– Automatic Download
– Speed Booster
– Max Speed
– Connections
– Auto-Confirm a Download
– Speed Control
– Auto-Rename
– Auto-Delete
– Auto-Delete Old Files
– Database Updater
– Website Password
– Skins
– Crash Handler
– Anti-Virus Scan
– Start and Delete
– Script Support
– Schedule
– Database Updater
– Host List
– Site Password
– Auto-Delete
– Easy Backups
– Blacklist
– Limit Download Speed
– Triggers
– Support Auto-Start
– Automatic Login
– Double Updater
– User Interface
– Add Site
– Auto-Start
– Rate Report
– Security Scan
– New Version Check
– Refreshes a Site List
– Minimum File Size
– Maximum File Size
– Number Of Downloads
– Cookies
– Excluded Files
– Auto

System Requirements For Fresh Download:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 or above
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 (2.66GHz) or equivalent
Memory: 2GB of RAM
Graphics: 1280×800 resolution with a 128 MB Video Memory graphics card
Hard Disk: 20 GB available space
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection with a minimum speed of 256Kbps
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
OS: Windows 7 SP1