FTPGetter Professional 2022

FTPGetter Professional is an FTP/SFTP client that allows you to easily download and upload files to personal websites. It is wrapped in a user-friendly interface and comes loaded with intuitive options that should be helpful to all types of users. These include automatic tasks and email notifications.
Create multiple profiles and customize settings
The interface of the software application is made from a regular frame with a clear-cut structure, where you can create multiple profiles with different settings for various purposes when transferring files.
You can begin by setting up a connection to a specific server via FTP, FTP or FTP with SSL/TLS, and either apply default settings or modify them. For example, you can establish a proxy configuration for connecting to the Internet, as well as tinker with SSL/TLS, bandwidth options, connection retry attempts, or server timezone offset, among others.
Set recurring jobs and activate message alerts
It is possible to automate recurring tasks and specify the frequency for execution, indicate a job for automatic execution before connecting or disconnecting, activate email notifications with file attachments if a connection was failed or lost, as well as export profiles and import them later or on another computer running FTPGetter Professional.
You can also switch to another UI language, integrate an icon in the system tray area for quick access, examine log details with any errors, associate FTPGetter Professional with.css,.ini,.js or.txt files, use the Windows default editor for specific file types or resort to a different one, and so on.
Evaluation and conclusion
The tool didn’t put a strain on the machine’s performance in our evaluation, thanks to the fact that it needed low CPU and memory to work properly. No error dialogs popped up, and FTPGetter Professional didn’t freeze or crash.
Taking into account its generous and advanced set of options and configuration settings, this software utility should meet the requirements of most users looking for a reliable FTP/SFTP client.
Key features
FTP client with options for secure and standard connections;
Simple and intuitive operation in both Windows and web interface;
Provides handy options for managing connections and files;
Cloud-based storage service for saving files without any installation;
Advanced conditional execution of tasks based on system errors, network disconnections and other conditions.
FTPGetter Professional can be configured in a wide range of settings and is especially handy for users who need to download files from a remote location on a regular basis.
In order

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Tool to easily download and upload files
Simple, easy to use and fast
You can download files from nearly any FTP, SFTP or WebDAV server
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FTPGetter Professional With License Key

FTPGetter Professional is a simple FTP/SFTP client for Windows operating systems that lets you download, upload, and transfer files from and to FTP, FTP with SSL/TLS, FTPS servers, as well as SFTP servers. This FTP client allows you to easily download and upload files to personal websites, convenient for both users with no technical skills and those who are accustomed to administering online accounts and websites.

FTPGetter Professional’s settings dialog includes various options, including automatic tasks for transferring files, logging, testing, uploading and downloading, activating task notifications, and more. You can also set up multiple profiles to use for various purposes, as well as customize settings such as bandwidth, connection timeout, proxy, user name/password, and more.
FTPGetter Professional’s FTP profile is based on a frame, which contains sub-frames that work like tabs. Users can create multiple profiles and modify the settings that are common for all of them, such as the folder path, server name, FTP protocol, user name/password, port, ftp password, and so on. You can save the settings for all the profiles in the predefined locations; when saving files, the path can be specified.
FTPGetter Professional version is a single executable setup file that installs the FTP client. Once you’ve downloaded the application, just run it from your Windows Start menu. The application will begin to work immediately.
One of the best features of the software utility is the ability to switch between various profiles and modify their settings. So, for example, you can use the “WebTransfer Profile” to transfer files over the Internet. In addition, you can also specify the folder path, file name, and other settings when creating your FTP profile.
Installation and uninstalling the software application is a matter of a few clicks. Once the installation is complete, you can just double-click the application’s executable file to run it and transfer files as desired. No further action is needed.
FTPGetter Professional Key Features:

FTPGetter Professional supports FTP, FTP with SSL/TLS, and FTP over secure sockets layer (SFTP).
It is possible to transfer files locally, to multiple computers, or to websites.
It supports multiple-users accounts.
Customize settings via the built-in settings dialog.
Create profiles for files to be transferred.
You can set up automatic tasks for transferring files.
It is

What’s New In FTPGetter Professional?

FTPGetter Professional is a reliable FTP/SFTP client. It supports all web-enabled clients, so you can connect to FTP servers or SFTP repositories with any browser or FTP program using this utility. The software application helps you to easily transfer files from one computer to another one. It has a neat interface, which will be easy to learn. You can start the program from the desktop or in the Start menu, as well as connect to FTP servers or SFTP repositories quickly and easily.
The software application offers a large number of features that you can use to transfer files as well as create and manage profiles. The program doesn’t require a firewall or proxy to transfer files and doesn’t increase the CPU load. There are two ways to transfer files, using the “remote” function or the “import” one. The “import” function provides an easy and intuitive interface for transferring files. You just connect the FTP or SFTP server, import your profile and start the transfer process. The program makes every effort to transfer files as fast as possible. It supports files of any type, doesn’t need any administrative privileges and doesn’t modify the Windows registry. A small icon in the system tray helps you to check the current state of the connection and the transfer.
FTPGetter Professional – step by step:
1. Add account for an SFTP server
1.1. Add new account for SFTP server
Add new account to SFTP server
2. Open connection
2.1. Open connection to new FTP server
Open connection to FTP/SFTP server
3. Send and receive files
3.1. Send files
3.2. Receive files
3.3. Download files
3.4. Upload files
4. View log details
View log details
5. Activate email notifications
Activate email notifications
6. Create new profile
Create new profile
6.1. Create new profile
Create new profile
7. Delete files
Delete files
7.1. Delete files
Delete files
8. Switch to another UI language
Switch to another UI language
8.1. Switch to another UI language
Switch to another UI language
9. Connect FTP server
Connect FTP server
9.1. Connect FTP server
Connect FTP server
10. Create and manage profiles
Create and manage profiles
10.1. Create and manage profiles
Create and manage profiles
11. Manage settings
Manage settings


System Requirements For FTPGetter Professional:

* Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
* Intel Pentium Dual Core
* DirectX 9
* Internet connection
* 1024×768 screen resolution
* 4GB HDD space
* Backing up game files to a USB drive
Install instructions:
1. Download the game files from the link above
2. Burn the game to a DVD.
3. Insert the DVD into the DVD-Drive of your PC.
4. Launch the game from the