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• Golden Frog – Climber: The story is about an ordinary guy who is all alone and has to be his own hero. It is up to you how to achieve these goals in the story.
• Simogo – Murder the Spree: It is really fun, but also very challenging. It requires a good sense of timing and great observation skills.
• Simogo – Air Fix: It is a simple physics game in which you are in the pilot’s seat of an airplane. All you have to do is to navigate the plane and collect all the points and coins.
• Three Minute Empire: It is a strategy game which you can play on a smart phone or a tablet. You have to build up your country, train your soldiers and fight against other players.
– – Random Game Jolt
✔ Discover new entries in the indie game community
✔ User, game and developer profiles
✔ Discussion forums
✔ Radio
✔ Subscription based (18+ only)
✔ Support –
✔ Privacy –
✔ Remote play
✔ Unlimited play time
✔ Earning money via In-App purchases – Never
✔ More than 200 free games to discover
✔ Rules
✔ Support payments in sweden
✔ No publishing fees
✔ Add new games for free – Everyday
✔ Up to –
✔ No hidden fees
✔ Fast delivery of new games
✔ Compatibility –
✔ Free
✔ No size restriction
✔ Free from annoying ads
✔ Support –
✔ Secure payment by PayPal
✔ No parental limitations
✔ No time limits
✔ Support payments
✔ Support requests and replies in less than 1 day
✔ Support –
✔ Promotions available for developers
✔ A simple interface for everyone
✔ Free updates
✔ Game recommendations based on your play history
✔ Original content for better gaming
✔ Subscription –
✔ Enter your e-mail

What’s New
You’ll never get tired of practicing your long leap
Two new game modes – Free Fall and Remix
Two new character skins – FolkHero and Moonlands
Two new achievements – Improved user-interface
– – Game Presenter

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There are numerous reviews that talk about Game Jolt as an excellent app that is worth your time. The app is loaded with features such as the ability to download, view, and play indie games in a really easy way. The user interface is really simple and straightforward, and it allows you to play games from the apps, sub-categories, and categories.
Games Jolt is a simple way to discover, download, play and manage indie games and also contact other users.
Games Jolt was built with the purpose of providing users with the opportunity to download and play indie games.
It is simple and easy to use, hence can be enjoyed by users of any technical level.
Users can benefit from the forums and also the users created by other people.
It provides a straightforward interface that makes it very easy to play games from the app, the categories, and the sub-categories.
The game selections are continuously updated, making it possible for users to find new games.
It takes some time for the player to access and register.
A need for a bit more control when adding new games or creating a user.
Conversion to other payment methods (paypal, etc.) to make it easier to play the games and enjoy the contents.
If you are looking for a way to discover, download, and play indie games, with the ability to contact users and create your own user, then Games Jolt is a good choice. Whether you want to just use it as a discovery app, or as a more traditional game purchasing and user management tool, you can count on it to work for you.
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My fellow indie developers, this is the update you’ve all been waiting for. It’s been a while. You all know I’ve been working hard on the changes that you want, and after almost 5 months of development I have a solid codebase that I’m happy with. The major change will be that now we can run the program without updating, and after the first update, we’ll be completely native, so you won’t have to muck around in the registry and track down different DLLs any more.

The forums will also be a lot faster. I’ve got it to the point where I can just download the forums from the website and leave it on a regular basis. I was actually amazed at how fast it seemed, I think it was because of a recent thread of mine that prompted a fix for a bug that can keep it stuck fetching data.

At this stage of development, it’s mostly a networking and connectivity thing. If you have a game (or a game engine) that will be using multiplayer, it can talk to the database via a ping and decide if it’s online or offline. If it’s online, it will find other games and connect to them. This also includes the Admin/Moderators when they are online. If you’re offline, it won’t connect. Multiplayer games should support multiplayer at this point, and multiplayer games that need to connect will need to provide all the necessary location information.

New features in this version (as of June 25, 2013):

Pings are now entirely scripted and will be completely reliable, they are also “retry” friendly.

The database has been redesigned so all the old data is still there, just stored in a more centralised fashion, and adding additional data is extremely easy.

The database can also be read from any.NET app.

New forum features:

Clickable emotes

The ability to rate and review posts

Default profile name

Download this version.

What’s New


Windows 7

Windows 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Store apps are now being published to the Windows Store from both VS and XE4.

App Details






3.48 MB


Social Networking Lifestyle

Last updated

August 15, 2017

What’s New in the?

The app lets you discover, download, organize and play indie games. Everything is done with minimal effort and without the need of registration, so you can get immediate access to all the available titles.
Key features:
– Play all the games in your app library.
– Download and install newly released titles.
– Access all the developer’s social network services.
– Follow game developers to keep up-to-date with their news.
– Play arcade, action, platformer and puzzle games on your mobile device.
– Subscribe to Developer Logs and get notified of new updates and new games.
– Play indie games directly in your browser.
– Keep in touch with your friends on social networks.
– Purchase new Indie Games.
– Manage your Indie Game Library and play the games you already own.
– Discover more indie games, read Developer features, compare the latest sales and play trailers.
– Find new friends by playing a game together.
– Get new Indie Game coupons.
– Use game features to track your game progress, saves and achievements.
– Suggest new Indie Games by voting for them.
– Rate games by their quality.
– Follow video game creators on Youtube and find new indie games.
You can download Game Jolt for free on iPhone and iPad.

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System Requirements For Game Jolt:

Windows 7 (64-bit)
AMD Radeon 6850 or equivalent
8 GB
AMD Radeon 6870 or equivalent
16 GB
Minimum system specifications include:
CPU: Intel Core i3-3220 (2.4GHz, 4 cores) or equivalent