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▶ cards are individually customizable: title, text, photo, or even back picture
▶ User friendly interface: you can pick the cards to add
▶ Print Cards: cards can be printed
▶ Under the hood: it is a desktop application

Remember the childhood games with handmade cardboard playing cards? Well, now’s your chance to bring back the feelings of youthful adventures with geneFun’s modern and user-friendly collecting app, JodoCasino!
A unique and innovative casino game with a vast library of interesting and classic games
casino game kids
The app you’ve all been waiting for, and has been making rounds on social media. The standalone app currently contains 16 different games.
A unique formula for kids
JodoCasino was specifically designed for children. It contains interesting game mechanics and a simple but attractive interface. It also includes a colorful selection of card-based games. But why are those features so important?
The game has a robust engine, an unending library of fun game variants, and exciting bonus rounds. The user can enjoy playing at home and also on the go, wherever there is an internet connection.
It features a number of interesting game mechanics:
▶ Challenging
▶ Efficient
▶ Fun
▶ Pretty!
▶ Still under development
▶ Come back soon
▶ We need your feedback!
The game has a traditional and familiar formula. Any game-loving child will enjoy the numerous classics.
Players can choose from among the 2-card hands to build the pack and try to get the highest score.
3-card hands
I’m looking for three of a kind
The player chooses three cards from the cards that are on the table. The hands are not disclosed. The player has to decide which three of them he or she wants to build. It is a mystery if the team will get a high score.
4-card hands
Starting with 3 cards in your hand, you can split them into 2 pairs to make 4 hands.
Built from the bottom
Play the game by clicking on the cards on the bottom and on the stacks. If the player clicks on the correct number of cards, the number is added to the player’s score.
Build the pack
The game continues by building the pack. This is done by selecting a card and clicking on the field.
Card by

GeneFUN! Cards

• More than 100 unique materials with a wide variety of colors to choose from
• Several popular and free fonts
• Automatically switching between Paper 1 and Paper 2
• Designing of your own unique stickers and postcards
• Tons of easy-to-use effects
• Previewing the card with effects
• Some basic actions for cards like flipping, moving, and creating a new card
• Printing on colored paper, stickers, and postcards
• Manual and automatic printing options
• Designing a deck with descriptions, portraits, and fun facts
• Cropping images
• Adding and removing the images
• Adding images, descriptions, and fun facts
• Configuring a whole deck
• Printing one card
User-friendly and modern design
geneFun! Cards is a minimalist and self-explanatory software that needs only two basic steps to use: add a description and portrait, and choose a card number. After doing those steps, you can enjoy the app in full beauty. There are several cards with different actions: flip, move, and create new cards. Furthermore, you can assign them all to hot keys.
Simple design that requires no training
geneFun! Cards is a simple and user-friendly app for creating a deck of cards with any number of cards and for adding the images, the descriptions, and fun facts. You can quickly print the cards with the help of a specialized printer.
A powerful tool for creating new apps
geneFun! Cards’ download size is small, and its installation process is easy and straightforward. Also, it uses only one file per card, which makes it light and easy to manage. In addition, an easily identifiable app icon makes it possible to find it in the desktop in order to use it as a shortcut for certain actions.
The cards can be organized in folders, custom folders, and archive folders. It is also possible to quickly return to the original folder after adding items.
Print customized cards at home
geneFun! Cards offers several possibilities to print in the home or office with any printer.
• Pictured cards: cards with pictures of customized design on the back
• Stickers and postcards: cards with stickers and postcards
• Paper, and colors: cards with stickers printed on colored paper and postcards printed on colored paper
Once you choose the type of print you want, its attributes will be displayed. The option to customize the stickers includes sizing, font, and color.
Choose paper sheets

GeneFUN! Cards Crack+ Activator Free Download

– Cards library:
– create and edit your own cards with the help of a personal library based on the input (birth, marriage, marriage, etc.)
– Personalized:
– create and edit your own information and images
– Sort option:
– Sortable based on the name, birth date or marriage
– Print mode:
– a friendly experience at your fingertips to design and print the cards in a simple way without installing other application
– choose the number of copies of the deck, print on a printer or print on the phone
– Type of copy:
– rotation
– print preview
– Print separately:
– for each card, you can print it on a separate page, like a business card
– PDF card:
– choose the format as PDF file
– Print separately:
– for each card, you can print it on a separate page, like a business card
– Save/PDF card:
– choose the format as PDF file
– no
Android and iOS Apps for
The apps have been created in the same way, following the same principle. The only difference is that they are targeted to smart phones. To create the final result, we used Adobe AIR technology, a tool that is not supported for mobile devices. As a result, in the mobile version you have to manually upload images and adjust texts, as in the desktop version.
geneFun! Cards
Android apps:
– geneFun! Cards Free:
– geneFun! Cards Premium:
– geneFun! Cards Plus:
– geneFun! Cards Pro:
– geneFun! Cards Pro Plus:
iOS apps:
– geneFun! Cards Free:
– geneFun! Cards Premium:
– geneFun! Cards Plus:
– geneFun! Cards Pro:
– geneFun! Cards Pro Plus:
How to remove ads?
Find “ADS OFF ” in the app’s menu. Or, try to reinstall the app.

Hello. My name is Marat, and I’ve decided to introduce myself in order to thank everyone who took the time to send me a message and give me feedback after the release of the version 0.7.0.
If you have any problems, you can contact me, and I’ll try to help as soon as possible.
– Sorry for my English.

What’s New in the GeneFUN! Cards?

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-Wattpad App
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