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* CS6: _www.adobe.com/photoshop/cs6/learn/_.
* Photoshop CS6: _www.tutorialspoint.com/photoshop/_.

Wpap Art Photoshop Action Free Download

Since version 3, users can use the extension “Photoshop Elements Editor” to view all file extensions and choose your app of choice to edit them.

The interface is very similar to the professional version of Photoshop. However, you can’t save as a high quality image format like TIFF, but only JPG and PNG. Photoshop Elements also lacks the pro-level features like multiple nodes.

The following guide covers how to access and work with Photoshop Elements.

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Version Support

The following version is supported:

Image Formats:

All common image formats are available.

3D Modeling:

In the 3D modeler, image formats like KMD and PLY are available.


The Workflow.app editor supports a lot of image formats, but no vector formats.

Basic Interface

The basic interface consists of five main panels.

Toolbar Panel

This is the main panel that contains the buttons for editing.

Layer Panel

The Layer panel allows you to add, remove, and select a layer.

Layers Panel

The Layers Panel provides the status of the selected layers. The button with the eye icon changes the opacity and contents of the selected layer. The button with the hand icon appears only when you have selected an image layer.

Guides Panel

The Guides Panel is used to show horizontal and vertical gridlines.

Path Panel

The Path Panel is used to draw straight lines and shapes.

Effects Panel

The Effects panel is used for the basic formatting or modifying of an image.

View Panel

The View Panel contains a zoom slider and icons for viewing images. This panel has a rectangular shape.

Toolbar: Basic Editing

The following buttons are available in the toolbar. They are labeled with the Photoshop type.


The icon in the leftmost corner of the interface is a magnifying glass. This is used for selection and deselection. When you use the magnifying glass as the anchor point for selection, you can select a part of an image.

Layer Panel: Basic Editing

The Layers Panel has the following basic editing features.

Image Layers:

The image layers are available in the Layers Panel.

Add New Layer:

You can add a new layer.

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The Dodge and Burn tools let you quickly erase or darken an area of an image, or to make an area lighter or brighter.

The Curves tool allows you to adjust the brightness or contrast of an image.
The Gradient tool allows you to create a straight or curved line or stripe in your image.
The Rectangle Selection tool allows you to draw a rectangle and fill it with an existing color or pattern.

The Brush and Pen tools allow you to paint on your image. The Pen tool allows you to create a perfect rectangle or circle, with perfect alignment.
The Reflections tool allows you to create bright spots in an image.
The Select tool allows you to choose pixels in an image and copy them to another area.
The Sharpen tool allows you to improve the clarity of an image.
The Healing brush tool allows you to repair badly-damaged images.
The Adjustment Brush tool allows you to paint on an image and adjust the brightness, contrast, and other settings.
The Blur tool allows you to blur out or sharpen up an image.
The Smudge tool allows you to apply various types of effects to an image.
The Speckle tool allows you to create artificial stars in an image.
The Gradient tool can allow you to create a gradient in an image.
The Gradient tool can be used to create an effect of water rippling on the surface of the image.
The Gradient tool can be used to create a rain effect.
The Healing brush tool allows you to repair damaged or corrupt images.
The Healing brush tool is similar to the Clone Stamp tool but doesn’t replace the damaged pixels. The only way to completely remove damage is to use the Clone Stamp or the Eraser tools.

The Blend modes tool allows you to adjust the intensity of an image.
The Shadow/Highlight tool allows you to darken or lighten the darkest or brightest areas of an image.
The Levels tool allows you to adjust the overall brightness of an image. The Histogram tool allows you to see what colors dominate in an image.
The Posterize tool allows you to change an image to black and white.
The Color Picker tool allows you to select the color of an existing pixel or image.
The Gradient Map tool allows you to turn a gradient into a

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System Requirements:

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Project CARS 2 now requires DirectX 12 to play. You can find more information about the.NET API and how to get started using the DirectX 12 API on the.NET Framework website.