Password Recovery Software For LeapFTP is a an application designed to help users easily recover any of their lost or forgotten passwords for the LeapFTP client.
Losing a password for a FTP server means that users can no longer access the files that they have saved on that server, which can become not only annoying, but which can also affect users' work and efficiency.
With the help of Password Recovery Software For LeapFTP, however, users can retrieve any o their lost of forgotten passwords with only several mouse clicks, without having to get through complicated password recovery processes.
The program has been designed with increased ease-of-use in mind, which makes it suitable for all kinds of users, including those who do not posses advanced computer skills.
To get started, users need to install the recovery tool on the same computer on which they have the LeapFTP application up and running, as they will need to operate both programs in order to successfully retrieve their lost password.
After installation, users need to launch LeapFTP, and then to select the Sites Manager option from the Sites menu. On the Sites Manager window that automatically opens, users need to select the server they want to recover their password for.
On the right-side of the Sites Manager window, users need to click on the General tab, and to locate the Password field there.
To recover their password, users need to open the Password Recovery Software For LeapFTP next, and then to drag the lens on top of the aforementioned Password field (which should be located right beneath the Username).
All of the characters that form the password will be automatically displayed on the main window of Password Recovery Software For LeapFTP, on the Password Text field. The tool can retrieve passwords regardless of whether they include numbers, letters, or special characters by simply following the aforementioned steps.







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Very easy to resize image. Resizing is just drag-and-drop. You can adjust the Image Width, Image Height, Thumbnail Width, Thumbnail Height and several other useful options.
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You can download and use Xilisoft PowerPoint to WMV Converterfor free.
Main features of Xilisoft PowerPoint to WMV Converter:
* Convert PowerPoint files to WMV, MP4, AVI, FLV and SWF files, and more.
* The output videos are high-quality.
* You can set your own video or image as wallpaper.
* Preserving the original file quality
* Provides multiple formatting options and customizable options.
* Supports batch conversion
Xilisoft PowerPoint to WMV Converter works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. So, you don’t have to worry about compatibility.
Xilisoft PowerPoint to WMV Converter can convert PowerPoint files to various video formats and also convert video files to PowerPoint with a simple click.
Furthermore, you can free download and use Xilisoft PowerPoint to WMV Converter. Now, you can enjoy other programs more easily.
Very easy to resize image. Resizing is just drag-and-drop. You can adjust the Image Width, Image Height, Thumbnail Width, Thumbnail Height and several other useful options.
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StreamFuzzyStreamFuzzy is a desktop application for easy audio conversion and creation of audio mashups (mixing).
It allows merging different audio files/tracks into one, based on audio similarity criteria (determined by a user). Such tasks can be divided into two categories:
* Equal-volume audio: StreamFuzzy plays your input audio file/tracks and your input audio file/tracks and generates output audio files. In most cases output audio files retain their original volume. The new output audio files can replace the original input audio files, or the volume of the new files can be dynamically changed by StreamFuzzy, based on the relative volume of the input audio files.
* Audio mashup: StreamFuzzy plays audio from a combination of sources and then generates output audio files. The output audio files inherit the volume of input audio files/tracks. Such a process can only take place for equal-volume audio. For audio mashups, it is possible to choose different audio files/tracks from

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Ever send an e-mail that you were not happy about and wished that you could have changed it to be better? There are many different ways to do this. Here are a few simple tips to help get you started.
Changes to other e-mail clients, such as Gmail, can be done more easily by exporting the HTML version of the e-mail and then import it into the new mail client.
Resend/Resubmit E-Mail
Most e-mail servers will include options to resend or resubmit a message.
Cloud Email Repair
In Gmail, you can submit the email for repair in the message itself by selecting “Mark as NSF”. Alternatively, use the F4 option to zoom into the message and then click “Fix” to send it to Gmail for repair. You can then read the message to verify it has been fixed. (Source: Gmail Help)
E-mail software such as MailWizz, MailChecker, Mail-Ease-Editor, etc. will enable you to change the e-mail address so that it looks like it belongs to someone else.
Text Message Message Delete
Text messages can be deleted from your phone. Many people will text message away rather than dealing with the annoyance of deleting an e-mail.
Set E-mail to Just “Work” E-mail
Change your e-mail settings to just work e-mail and then turn off your personal e-mail inbox. That way, you’ll only be receiving e-mails from people you work with, like your boss, colleagues, etc.
Start Using Mailing Lists
Use mailing lists to communicate with a large number of people at once. Also use mailing lists if you want to receive specific types of messages:
News: If you want to know of new posts to popular blogs, news sites, your e-mail client, etc. use a mailing list.
Announcements: For important announcements, release notes, etc. using a mailing list is a good idea.
When using a mailing list, you will need to use the Search feature.
Hide and Don’t Hide E-mails From Unknown Recipients
When using a mailing list, you can choose to not appear in unknown sender’s message lists.
Definitely Define and Manage Unwanted E-mails

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7 Must-Have Microsoft Office Add-ins and Other Tools for Your New Office 365

Are you getting ready for a new year? You might be considering how you’re going to upgrade your Office 365 subscription to the newest Office suite and other resources. This year Office 365 is going to be released with the ability to edit and create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in native mobile formats such as Swift, Android, and more. Have you heard that you can now work with Office 365 on Android or iPad?
What if you could edit and work with those documents on the go? Wouldn’t it be easier to collaborate on documents and turn your ideas into reality with the ability to edit documents offline?
Well, as an Office 365 subscriber, you can already access, edit, and view Office documents, however, to really enhance your productivity, you’ll have to use these extra Office tools. Below are some must-have Office add-ins for Office 365 that will truly make your life easier.
1. Zeitgeist
Zeitgeist is an add-in for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
In particular, Zeitgeist helps you track down information. You can create file-specific tags to track down files, as well as edit tags. Additionally, you can add notes to individual files, and rate a document.
Zeitgeist is made available to Office 365 members, and is completely free.
You can download it here:
2. Smart Lookup
Smart Lookup is a powerful word search add-in for Office 365.
This add-in is one of the only add-ins that works with more than 500,000 word search engines, and you can search any document in the cloud. This should make finding your data so much easier, and the ability to search the cloud means that you can do your most important work from anywhere, with access to your files from any device.
In addition, Smart Lookup will remember your personal data and color-coded the search results.
For more information on this nifty add-in, visit:

What’s New In?

Image Resize Description:
* Optimized for XP/2000/Vista/2008/7
* Optimized for XP/2000/Vista/2008/7
* WmPhotoResize is the best software tool for resizing photos in just minutes.
You just drag&drop a small folder of photos to open up the application and select the photos you wish to resize. Then, your photos will be automatically resized to the Windows image viewers (“thumbnail”, “normal” or “fit”).
It even includes a “mouse-over function” allowing you to select a photo while still running the program.
A quick preview will then appear and the process will be finished automatically.
* The program will generate the same results in every case.
* All your photos are resized while preserving their EXIF information.
* Generate thumbnails using your EXIF data (image number, title, location)
* A full-screen preview function
* It can also resize any image files you can view
Also includes a batch resize function
* Works on 100% of the Windows operating systems
* Works on all photo files types: JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF and TIFF
* Automatic JPEG/BMP extraction function (if only BMP files are selected)
* Requires Microsoft Image Resize (part of the Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/2008/7 operating systems)
* The user has full control over the result. For example: choose the size of the output image (from 600*400 to 1024*768 for example)
* You can also choose to use multiple output sizes (for example: 480*320 and 640*480)
* You can manage output quality (low to high)
* You can change the format of output files (BMP, JPEG, GIF)
* You can also change the size of the output images (from 300*300 to 700*400)
* You can change the margins (from 0 to 50 pixels)
* You can also choose the size of the output thumbnail (between 50*50 and 600*400 pixels)
* You can also choose the rotation (between 0 and 360 degrees)
Also includes a full-screen resizing mode
* Enables you to resize any Windows image viewer (GDI+ or API)
* Includes a full-screen preview function
* Option to enable/disable the mouse-

System Requirements For Image Resize:

Multiplayer capable server
LAN, or
On-line are all
Extract the mapset(s) from the main folder of the application onto the Steam.
Activate the application from the Steam after that double click on this game on Steam.
A Installer will be started automatically.
Click next and the installer will be completed.
Click next again to go to the next screen.