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With Insert Learning you have all the power to manage a web page easily by adding notes, embedding links, commenting and highlighting any piece of text.
This extension will allow you to send directly from your web page to the students an email with the notes you have added to a web page.
Do you want to add notes on any article in the web? This is the best way to help you save a lot of time!

and automatic saving, no need to press CTRL+S each time. Then you can easily manage your saving operation. Enjoy!


1. It integrates with any browser and offers an easy and efficient way to mark up, annotate and save notes on any website you are browsing.

2. You can choose to highlight, comment or add a sticky note to any page that you visit.

3. Using Insert Learning can help you save time and hassles.

4. It is very easy to install and it only requires one click to install.

Insert Learning is your best way to avoid being distracted and you can add a note on any website you visit instantly.

Highlight, comment or add a sticky note to a site to make notes on. Press Ctrl+S to save your changes. Save notes as PDF, Word, or any other format.

You can bookmark the notes you are saving and put in to a folder. Easily manage your PDF notes. Share, embed, and read.

Great for any study session, this app allows you to manage your notes, highlights and to draw a user map. Insertlearning – way to avoid distraction and to manage your notes in the course of any study.

It’s very easy to use. Just highlight the text you want to annotate, comment or stick a note, and click Save. This is why we call this the most user-friendly annotation app. Just a simple way to make notes, highlight a text, or add a sticky note. No need to save every page.

You can copy your note into Notepad, Word or any other application without any hassle.

InsertLearning is fully customizable and you can create your own website with just a few clicks.

And it works in any browser with any operating system.

With Insert Learning you can experience a huge change in your studying habits. Thanks to this amazing, user-friendly tool, you can save time, stay focused and achieve the goal you set for yourself.

InsertLearning For Chrome Download

From Studying, To Learning
InsertLearning is a browser add-on that gives teachers more control over the way they present online articles to their students. It is designed with the purpose of making educational content more interactive, collaborative and effective.
Add annotations to online articles for free. It works with any article you use in class. No need to re-write the material and it is completely free.
Teachers can also create discussion groups and take part in the discussions. See the project’s video introduction.
InsertLearning for Chrome is a powerful browser add-on for teachers and students to add annotations, comments and sticky notes to articles on the web.
An integrated tool for teachers
Now, that you’ve seen some of InsertLearning’s features, it’s time to say hello to its main function: it’s an integrated tool for teachers. Imagine yourself saying the name of the new tool you’re launching into your students’ browsers every single day. That’s exactly what we have done with the I-plugin.
And the best part is: you don’t have to change anything, because our software works perfectly with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. So let’s see how to run this incredible educational tool.
InsertLearning for Chrome Installation
After downloading the file, you’ll see the configuration page. The next step is to allow access to your site to I-plugin. To allow I-plugin access to your site, sign in to you account and click on the Settings button in the toolbar.
Afterwards, you will be asked to add I-plugin to your site. You can either do so by typing “” on the address bar or allowing your account access to the site.
Once you’re back to the I-plugin configuration page you will be asked to create a new profile.
InsertLearning for Chrome Configuration
In the next step, you will be shown how to add classes to your profile. Click on the “+” button and select a class. The classes will be configured according to your needs.
InsertLearning for Chrome Configuration
When you’re ready, click on the button. The add-on will show you how to preview the class you have just created.
InsertLearning for Chrome Previewing a class
Once you’re satisfied with the class, click on the “Confirm” button. On the next page, you’ll see all classes that have been created for your account. You can also delete the class

InsertLearning For Chrome Crack [Mac/Win]

InsertLearning is a powerful browser extension that lets you annotate web pages from Google Chrome. You can insert images, videos and even subscribe to web sites to read their content online whenever you want. InsertLearning is a powerful browser extension that lets you annotate web pages from Google Chrome. You can insert images, videos and even subscribe to web sites to read their content online whenever you want. Download Link:

#65 – Make Your Class More Fun With Electronic Games

In this episode we discuss how teachers can make their classes more fun and engaging with the use of Electronic Games.
The basic idea of teaching math with electronic games is, in a nutshell, this: dI made a math game where students eat strawberries to add up the numbers on the screen. They then add up the numbers in the real world while playing the game and they learn about the properties of the number line.
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How To Teach Online Lesson – Lesson 1 with 11 Idea

How To Teach Online Lesson – Lesson 1 with 11 Idea

How To Teach Online Lesson – Lesson 1 with 11 Idea

This video teaches how to teach online lesson through the idea of TED-Ed community.
It was written by MelissaCopen, an educator and TED-Ed Fellow who has a passion for sharing her expertise with others. In her own life, Melissa has found TED-Ed to be a valuable resource to both teach and learn with

What’s New In?

Insertlearning is a browser extension that gives students and teachers more control over their online teaching, allowing them to easily annotate, comment and build lessons from any online article.
*Annotation is part of the link.
*Highlight text and comment with color and image.
*Choose which classes view the comments, notes or answers.
*Share notes directly or to the classroom email.
*Manage courses with multiple subjects.
*Start lessons directly in the browser.
*Create quick notes.
*Create discussion boards.
*Create collaborative assignments.
*Create quizzes.
*Create classroom calendar.
*Create students schedules.
*Manage student profile.
*Understand students actions.
*Add the user name.
*Insert discussion questions.
*Insert slides.
*Attach images or video to discussion posts.
*Share notes with others, family, friends, classmates.
*Import from Google calendar and TeacherSignup

The plugin’s features are certainly extensive, but it’s the customization options that provide teachers with a powerful tool. As you can see, the same add-on covers a wide range of topics. Now, the only question is: do you have the time to update your online classes?
And if you do… well, then, you may as well install InsertLearning right now.

InsertLearning is a browser extension that allows you to insert annotations to any text online. So, if you’re a good teacher or trying to become one, then you know that adapting to today’s medium is crucial. In the present, students and pupils probably spend a lot more time online than teachers do. Now, no one is saying that all school should be moved to the Internet, just that teachers should try to take advantage of the large quantity of information that students assimilate online.
Here we have InsertLearning, a cross-browser extension that aims to give them more control over how they present online content to students. Let’s see how it works.
A versatile add-on
After you install InsertLearning, you will be able to add multiple classes to your profile. This means that only the classes you select may have access to the annotations that you’re about to make. Yes, the extension’s basic function is to help you insert notes over online articles, but make no mistake about it: this one actually offers you useful features.
Firstly, you can

System Requirements For InsertLearning For Chrome:

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Windows OS 8.1/10/8.0/7
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DirectX 11 Video card (ATI/AMD)
17inch or greater screen resolution
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